Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This Year Will Be Different (just like last year)

My fellow tankers, thank you for your generous support and help. I wish you low lag, high WN7 and no RNG moments. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas.

Regards PlazmaKeks.

PS I wont post anything today, too drunk :)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

8.10 White Damaged Tracks

If the tracks are off, they display in white color. Much easier to spot tracked tanks.

8.10 All Fog Removing Mods

8.10 Prudenter Tank Icons By ZAQSTER


- Q: “What’s the point of waiting for the start of the battle for 2 minutes?” A: “a) putting a team together b) loading of the map for those, who have worse computer than you”
- responsibility of clans for the behavior of their members won’t be implemented (SS: as in, automatically punishing the clan is a member misbehaves)
- apparently the current aiming system is sufficient for the game (SS: some player was asking about more complicated system, like non-linear aiming times over distances)
- there was no hidden vehicle nerf (SS: in 8.10 apparently)
- there was actually a TD based on the IS-4 hull planned, there was also a TD planned on the WZ-111 hull (not 113 though)
- 122mm HE shells from D-25 do less HE damage than 120mm US shells because of the “construction of the shell” (SS: this is probably true – when researching various guns, one of the data required is the amount of filling of the HE shells, which probably means this is taken into account)
- generally, SerB is satisfied with the way HE shells work
- there is no turret armor behind the IS-4 mantlet
- it’s possible that when the multiturret mechanism is implemented, you will be able to fire with the high caliber machineguns (like the 12,7mm AAMG on the top of some vehicles for example), but SerB adds that it will do you little good

Saturday, December 28, 2013

8.10 Simple Tank Icon By LaeX

8.10 Violet Sniper Scope By ZAQSTER

Skin VK7201

8.10 Colored Tanks Icons By Mixaver


- Q: “How the hell are the guns of tier 8 and 9 German Waffentr├Ągers balanced” (SS: as in, physically – so the vehicle doesn’t tip over when firing) A: “You’d have to ask engineer Hans”
- Q: “So, if the guns aren’t balanced, how the hell do you aim that thing when the hull is even a bit tilted?” A: “You’d have to ask gunner Fritz”
- historically, Chi-Ri had four types of suspensions planned: two models of Hara suspension, the Bugatti suspension and something called “blocked torsion bar” suspension. Two of those will be implemented on various hulls and we’ll think about the other two too

8.10 Soulza's Tank Icons

8.10 Automatic Fire Extinguisher By Soulza

Automatic fire extinguisher mod for WoT very useful modification allows you to save time and money (silver). Of course now you can buy automatic fire extinguisher for 20,000 silver, but why spend money when you can make automatic fire extinguisher out of the ordinary. This saves money, and it works much earlier automatic. That is, you still save HP and if you're lucky, all modules will remain intact. This provides a significant advantage over other players, and this is what we want. This modification changes the script of the game so that when the fire as soon as the first tank will lose health points normal work and eliminates fire extinguisher.

Although this may be considered illegal by some it has not been banned due to the fact it has never been released ...AS OF YET

it would be difficult to trace that you are using it anyway


8.10 Soulza's Hybrid Gun Sight's

Friday, December 27, 2013


- SerB states regarding old (0 battle) accounts occupying “nice” names that there most likely will be a system, that will be renaming them automatically
- apparently SerB doesn’t think that the IS-6 competition will create a flood of IS-6 tanks, like it happened with Type 59 before
- there will be all three map types (desert, summer and winter) for lowtier tanks
- Q: “How much smaller are the tanks in game than they are in real life?” A: “That depends on your screen. On a 20 meter cinema screen, it would be roughly 1:1″
- the average life span of a tank in WoT battle is cca 4 minutes, for a plane in WoWp it is cca 2 minutes, as for the classes – the longest lifespan belongs to arty, the shortest – hightier scouts
- Wargaming participating in/sponsoring the Tank Biathlon? “Not even PR department deals with such stuff, that would be GR (Government Relations) department, which is even further from the development department than PR”
- turretless tanks will not have apparently anything flying off during an ammo rack explosion
- there is no plan to hand out 2-3 perk crews in connection with historical battles, you will have to grind them yourselves
- Storm adds regarding the War Thunder damage model that something like was tested some months ago internally for World of Tanks, the tests did not yield good results (“without perspective”), but states that even such a damage model will find its fans
- historical battles will have the same game mechanics as random battles (SS: eg. no hardcore mode or oneshots)

Epic win MT's

Death To Seal Clubbers! Oh Wait...

RNG: No Comments #14.


- there is no difference in server-client communication regardless of what class of vehicle you are playing (SS: some RU player is complaining that he gets lags only when playing arty)
- the fact 15mm BESA doesn’t have gold ammo is intentional
- 128mm on RhB WT can fully rotate because that’s how it was historically mounted
- apparently, decals of penetrations and ricochets will not be improved in the HD client, as “they are pretty even now”

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Great European Random #9

Epic Win TD's

8.10 - Object 430

Hacking Your Compressed Textures

I got a lot of comments on compressed textures not working on some systems. As I said before, after AHuMex stopped his project no one came even close of doing it that good. So we are stuck with these (not so perfect) ones.

Usual suspects for game crashing or hanging in the load screen:
1. Unupdated DirectX.
2. Graphic engine needs to be setup to STANDARD and setting to LOW (everything).
3. Unupdated drivers (yes, I know it's f**** obvious)

If all that fails there is a solution posted by player TheChase.

8.10 Hit Zones GoHa.ru


- all the servers altogether (RU, EU, ASIA, US) should be able to handle 1.500.000 players at the same time (Russian cluster only wouldn’t be able to handle such an amount)
- KwK 44/2 for Panther (Ausf.F) will not be implemented, as there are no significant differences in performance from the KwK 42
- it’s theoretically possible Panther Ausf.F hull will be the stock hull for Panther II
- there were no “secret” changes in camo and spotting mechanism in 0.8.10
- Japanese tanks are “not more stealthy than acceptable”
- when assigning camo factor to a tank, both the approach where it is assigned manually and the method where it is assigned automatically based on the vehicle size are used
- SerB doesn’t like the fact SU-76 and T-70 can’t meet Tigers in battle (to be historically appropriate), but says he can’t do anything about that
- vehicle reliability will not be introduced into WoT. SerB: “Masochists can migrate to other games”
- planned server-side replay will be one replay for all the battle members, eg. you’ll be able to see the entire battle from anyone’s POV
- Crusader arty (5.5in) is doing fine statistically
- players not understanding the exact mechanism of how much XP you gain for what? “How terrible…”
- the fact you can rightclick-look around in sniper mode in a tank and you can’t in a TD is due to the fact players got confused when the view resetted to the TD firing arc
- dust raised by gun blast wave and other such effects are already implemented into the gun firing camo loss
- Q: “Why does IS have -6 depression and KV-1S -8 depression for 122mm gun, when both turrets are practically identical?” A: “How terrible, we should change it to -3 for both”
- Q: “Do the developers know about the disconnects from server?” A: “*surprised* What? We have servers?! Use your brain a little. If you have one.”


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

8.10 Vertical Tech Tree

8.10 Base Hangar To Premium

Remodeling FCM50t


- the fact tier 10 arty sometimes gets balanced against tier 10 heavies is considered normal according to Storm
- developers do like patch 8.10
- there have been no (SS: intended) changes in MM in patch 8.10

- M26E4 Super Pershing will be buffed, but not in the next patch
- Top tier TD’s will be rebalanced very soon, but how exactly is secret for now. It’s possible all top tier vehicles will be reviewed and rebalanced
- in 9.0 there will be no new tanks whatsoever, apart from possibly one premium tank (which one is secret for now)

8.10 Japan Tanks Alternative Skins

Skin IS-6 Anime

Skin E-50 Anime

8.10 6th Sense Spotted

Skin VK3002(DB) Anime

Remodeling Leopard 1 Anime


- Q: “Why is the way radio works in game unrealistic?” A: “Because burning gasoline is not gushing from your screen either”
- the way radios work won’t be changed
- RhB WT rear turret armor is zero – a player was complaining about some low damage hit, SerB: “How terrible”
- the fact Intuition perk can be triggered by switching shell types before the battle begins is fine: “It doesn’t hurt anyone”
- Q: “Why can’t I get more ignore list slots for 100 idiots?” A (SerB): “Tell me, who are those 99 idiots (apart from you of course) you are talking about?”

Tank Inspector

8.10 Berlin - Victory Day Garage

8.10 Silent Battle Match Timer By Locastan

As my older thread has been archived, I posted it again:
For all those annoyed by the ticking clock sound when the Match starts.
Get rid of it with my Mod here:
Silenced timer clock:

NOTE: Do NOT add this to res_mods but overwrite the files in res\audio\ with this mod (using mod-enabler or per hand backing up orignials ofc.). The res_mods seems buggy with audio mods as all you can hear then is the modded files while the rest is muted, if you do not include all audio files. 

8.10 J1mB0's Crosshair Mod