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World of Tanks - ASAP 10 With Mikhail Zhivets.

Patch 8.6 Preview

T110E5 Pool's Medal...


- there was a tank SerB wanted to implement, but couldn't (it wouldn't fit) - Object 167M with D-83 122mm gun
- Soviet gun rebalance was scrapped (SS: there was a plan to increase Soviet penetration to Chinese levels)
- Chrysler TV-8 in the game? "We don't smoke need that."
- there will be something like dynamic objects on the maps with the implementation of client physics
- in connection with common premium account for WoWp and WoT, SerB states that it will be impossible to run those two games at the same time ("you don't have 4 hands anyway, or?")
- it's not planned to inform the person, who sent the ingame complaint about its result
- StuG III with derp HEAT nerfed too much? "Don't play StuG III with derp HEAT"
- SU-26 nerfed too much? "Don't play SU-26"
- gold ammo nerfed too much? "Don't use gold ammo"
(SS: judging from the trollanswers, I guess we can be fairly easy they don't consider these things overnerfed)
- 25 percent RNG on pen and damage won't be reduced
- Durchbruchswagen didn't appear in the new Leopard branch because devs decided not to make it
- according to Storm, publishing (implementing into the game) 3D model armor schematics was not done yet because it's complicated to implement
- according to Storm, all the maps and modes have same chance of "dropping" (SS: player was complaining that Siegfried Line encounter drops way too often)
- the fact that when the dynamic camera is on, tank barrel "swinging" gets turned on too automatically is intentional
- current Scripts mod series (SS: whatever that is) can't run on 0.8.6, according to Storm that's normal for every patch that messes with game mechanics
- the removal of French premium arty from the 0.8.6 test is intentional, as it is not yet decided whether it will be removed from sales
- according to Storm, dynamic camera on Object 268 is working fine
- 0.9.0 will be even bigger than 0.8.6
- there will be a new article on 0.8.6 camo mechanics by Storm
- besides the XL spall liner, there are no further plans to improve Maus/E-100 survivability against arty
- the 10vs10 arty battles on supertest won't apparently happen on public server, as under some circumstances the cap is removed (like when the queue is full of arty)
- it's possible some (specific) HEAT shells have different ricochet value than the default 80 degrees

Accidentally Sold My Type 59

Arty Nerf

Moments of tanks #20

Thursday, May 30, 2013

T21 Gameplay Review

Magic Bush FCM 50t


- there will be more Soviet tanks implemented in general (SS: possibly one medium and one more heavy branch at least)
- the first game SerB ever played was "Skeet shooting" from 1974 on BESM-6
- eventually, shells will be able to penetrate a whole tank and damage targets behind it
- Prokhorovka in game doesn't have to resemble the real Prokhorovka: "There are many Prokhorovkas in the world"
- SerB doesn't care about the "In development" portal section
- SerB spends one hour or two per day on forums
- SerB answering, whether he saw the War Thunder tanks: "We've seen it. I'll see, what will exactly be in the game. And when."
- historical battles won't come anytime soon
- SerB on War Thunder: "We - unlike competition - actually heavily prefer cybersport, that's already a done decision. And 'historical battle mode' like the competition has - with MiG 15 over Stalingrad - doesn't make us happy in particular. To do this right is very difficult."
- SerB on War Thunder realism: "The same damage system (as in WT) on tanks - so that a tank will be detracked and won't move for another half an hour? And if you get hit in the gun - that's it, you won't shoot until it is fixed on the base? No, we don't need such a mess. Very few people want it that way in fact - see how few players play the "realistic battles" in War Thunder." 
- SerB does drink tea and does smoke
- it's possible British arty will have HESH shells
- various nations don't have to have similiar light tank branches
- US full light tank line will most likely happen, Soviets don't have enough vehicles for a full line yet
- there is no plan to allow light tanks to be taken as "free slots" in Clanwars (SS: as in each team would have a few extra slots exclusively for light tank scouts)
- SerB expects that in 0.8.6 the scouts will remain roughly the same, arty will have more hard time hitting them, so their number might rise
- Q: "Is this your reaction to the fact that Gamebox is countersuing World of Tanks?" (SS: the Chinese company that made the WoT copy)

A: "No comment :)"
- not all the maps that were developed made it to the game, some didn't pass the tests
- according to SerB, the map rotation works okay
- the minor arty name changes (Object 212 to Object 212A) are apparently for historical reasons
- in 0.8.6, arty shell trajectory will remain the same despite arty velocity nerfs
- it's possible, but not yet sure, that arty might be the top tank of the team
- there will be new soundtrack implemented into the game, but not many tracks
- British artillery is practically ready
- Sexton I was delayed because the devs need to implement and balance the tier 10 arties first
- T71 model fix (SS: currently, T71 is not historical, it's a mashup of two various projects) doesn't have a priority atm
- special effects such as rain and snow will eventually come
- press-accounts can choose which map they want to play, they can also disable maps from rotation
- various times of the day during battles will be implemented (SS: dusk, dawn, noon etc...), but they won't be tied to real time
- there most likely won't be more maps for new players (tier 1-2), it would be too complicated for newbies
- arty shell velocity was nerfed, because the devs feel it's too easy to shoot moving and maneuvering targets
- the idea to reduce terrain passability when the tracks are damaged was never considered

Hidden Tags In WoT Screenies


This is how Wargaming identified the supertest leakers (amongst other ways that is). Each screenshot, made by the WoT engine (by pressing Printscreen) will have these tags (they are revealed by fiddling with HUE):

These tags reveal, who made the screenie. This is a gif, linking to how the screen looks when filtered thru proper photoshop techniques:

This is also how one of the 0.8.5 supertest leakers has been identified (see above picture). But there is a way around it. Apart from the obvious taking pictures of your screen with a camera (a method used for early leaks if you remember), you can also use 3rd party program such as FRAPS - in such a case, no watermark tags appear on the screenshots.

Custom Skin For T26E4 SuperPerhing

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


- the reason why the new XL spall liner will be changed from large to XL only after it gets removed from a tank and put to your depot is that the XL one will be heavier and under certain circumstances (stock tank for example), by leaving it on the vehicle it could actually overload the suspension (eg. the vehicle weight would be bigger than suspension allowance)
- spall liner will be removed from tanks even if the suspension has enough capacity to allow it
- all the tanks of all the nations have the same shell distribution within the aim circle (SS: well, apart from arties in 0.8.6 that is)
- France has a superheavy tank candidate, China doesn't
- French "monster" tanks á la TOG II will be implemented (SS: Char FCM etc.)
- SerB sees the possibility of tanks with twin-linked D-25T on tier 9 - as for the issue that the pen is too low for such a tier, he states it's possible for such a tank to fire HE, or to fight medium tanks
- additional equipment and consumables? "If there is such a thing planned, I will tell you"
- the MTLS tankette twin-linked 37mm doesn't work with a twin-linked gun mechanism in game, it simply acts as a single gun firing very fast, in the case of autocannons it doesn't matter according to SerB, but two big guns would have to work differently
- the twin-linked guns are just an option at this point, there is no guarantee such tanks will come, the main issue is to develop the recoil mechanism, how the guns will fire (one at a time?) etc.
- the 0.8.6 shell velocity nerf doesn't mean the range will be nerfed too, devs will simply change the gravity acceleration
- crew skills for gold won't come
- tests will show, whether the E-25 will be on tier 7 or 6
- 0.8.6 test will last at least a few weeks
- balance weight of vehicle doesn't depend on its configuration (stock/elite)
- apparently, there are some references to GAZ-74b in the game files. According to SerB, it's a Soviet self-propelled gun (tank destroyer), basically not yet implemented, a predecessor (first version) of SU-85B, its model was not yet implemented
- the tank damage model (client-side physics) will possibly include equipment such as boxes, machineguns or logs getting ripped off by enemy fire from the tank, devs are working on that
- Q: "Will we see realistic simulated environment like destructible bridges?" A: "Yea, how about a 25kg heavy Wii joystick to simulate reloading the IS-2 shells?"
- change of MM weight won't be displayed in official patchnotes
- Caernarvon won't recieve the Centurion 105mm, it would be too OP
- the system for more reward for potential damage will be implemented

Ferdinand or JagdPanther II? - Part 1

Epic Win MT

Type 59 7787 DMG

IS - 2 7414 DMG

How Much Money Is Making Wargaming

Just figured you may find this useful as theres been many comments about which server makes Wargaming the most money etc. 

I found Wargamings annual Financial Statements for 2012 which are listed on the Cryprus stock exchange here:

Now not sure how the other servers are or how much they know about this but in the financial statements it shows a breakdown of revenue by region. I'll include my posts on the NA forum which got moved to offtopic which breaks it down a little.

The 2012 reported revenue for Wargaming was broken down in the following way in their Annual
Report. (Was in Euros, changed it to U.S funds and made it simple to read)

Overall Revenue 281 million,  Broken down into..

168.9 million -  Russian Server
  70.0 million - European server
  39.7 million - U.S Server
    2.4 million - Sea Server

Now compare that to active players closer to the time of the report (Pulled Dec 01, 2012)

3,034,756 - Russian Server
   845,528 - European server
   195,340 - U.S Server
     62,225 - Sea Server

That means that that for the average active player they made roughly the following per month..
  $4.64 - Russian Server
  $6.90 - European server
$16.94 - U.S Server
  $3.21 - Sea Server

So it supports them saying American's spend more, which it clearly shows per active user, just the American server has 1/15th of the active users they have on the Russian server. The bulk of the revenue is still the Russian servers due to the extremely high active user count.

As for the numbers the revenue numbers are directly from the report itself. 

For the active users I just pulled the active users for the week of Dec 1, 2012. WoT-News gives that info by week and I picked a week near the end of the period just to see. So they are not exact by any means, so instead of $16 for the American server it could be $15 or whatever, the percent difference between the 3 areas should be pretty much the same however.

How Will Gun Precision Be Increased In Patch 8.6

The official 0.8.6 public test will start this Thursday (May 30th)

From player Taifuuni, a demonstration of how the new dispersion in 0.8.6 will look like:

Edit: to prevent confusion, disregard the "scales", they don't represent the circle size, but sigma deviation. Unless you really want to bother with statistics, consider them two same circles.




- SerB has roughly 50 vehicles in his garage and it takes him 5 seconds to sort thru it
- 5.1 sound is not yet implemented into the new sound engine, but it is planned, along with the 7.1 sound
- echoes from distant explosion/cannon fire (for example in valleys) will be implemented eventually
- better sorting of the archievements will be implemented eventually, but it has very low priority
- some vehicles have AAMG and some don't (resp. Type 58 doesn't have it), because "machinegun model consists of too many model details (SS: SerB said specifically "triangles", I am pretty sure there is an English term for what he meant: is it "vectors"?)
- the E-100 turret was moved in 0.8.6 30cm forwards, because it's historical
- German E-10 ingame will be implemented as a TD, not LT
- SerB doesn't consider the "In development" section necessery
- arty won't recieve bigger firing angle than 45 degrees (SS: a player was asking, whether it is possible to implement the arty to be able to hit a certain target using two different trajectories - one for below 45 degrees and one for above 45 degrees elevation)
- according to SerB, the best account protection is using your brain, for example not using "password1234" as your password
- fog of war was considered for random battles, but it won't be implemented for now, same goes for companies
- Q: "SerB, how is it possible you have so many battles played, yet your effectivity sucks?" A: "That's because I prefer to improve in real world and to only have fun and relax in the virtual one. Which is something I recommend to you too."
- according to SerB, there are no server-side cheats (SS: for example someone advertised a cheat for instant aiming)
- SerB was banned only once in WoT, it was a trolling from someone
- it's possible that the T69 gold ammo (300 pen) penetration will be nerfed (despite the fact SerB claims that the 300 pen is historical)
- the crew national voices might still appear
- the E-100 turret move forward does not mean improved depression or elevation
- SerB is playing the VK4502 Ausf.B (30k XP left to Maus) and is happy with its gameplay
- historically, ST-I shouldn't even have the M62-T2 gun, eg. it's pointless to compare its ROF to IS-8 (SerB is joking about replacing the gun with the historical D-30)
- it's generally possible the ST-II (ST-I with twin-linked D-30) will be introduced, because the twin-linked gun mechanism is easier to introduce than for example multiturret mechanism. However don't think it will simply have double ROF, that would be way too OP. Another historical option would apparently be two D-10T guns.
- SerB is thinking (SS: but only thinking, no panic!) about removing the top IS-4 gun (because it's unhistorical) and buffing the shells of the other one.

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World War II - TANKS!

One of  the best documentaries on tank warfare during WW II.

Comet heartbreak...



- tracers weren't removed because the players were complaining about the "Star Wars blaster effects", this has nothing to do with the real reason (SS: which was the fact they got hacked)
- the new sound system (crew comments) will come in two versions: long and short one. Long one means that the commander will talk to you in whole sentences ("The engine caught fire because it was hit") - this is mostly for the newbies, so they know what's happening and why. Short one will only say everything in one or two words ("Fire"). The players will be able to enable the shortened system in game settings.
- linear XP requirement for more perks was scrapped, because it's bad for average players, XP requirements for skills/perks won't be reduced
- gear changes sound will be implemented

Remodeling T-44 (two models)

It's time to strap on our man pants and drive our tanks like we've got a pair!

Remodeling Marder II

Remodeling Pz I Ausf C

Remodeling Grille

Remodeling Universal Carrier QF2

Remodeling IS-6

Remodeling Pz IV Ausf GH

Remodeling T50/2

Remodeling T-50

Saturday, May 25, 2013


- according to Storm, test server shouldn't be as overloaded as it was in 0.8.5
- 10 percent T10 profitability increase was SerB's idea
- Chinese WZ-111 premium heavy won't be introduced to EU server, because such a tank is already in the regular heavy branch
- if you have Object 212 unlocked from S-51, it doesn't mean you will have the SU-14 unlocked too in 0.8.6
- 0.8.6 camo net won't be tied to various vehicle types
- tracers are removed for re-work
- 0.8.6 won't bring other new vehicles, apart from the arties and the premium Excelsior
- the 10 percent T10 profitability buff is tied partially to the pen reduction
- Credit arty costs in 0.8.6 will be roughly equal to TD costs:

900k  - T6
1400k - T7
2500k - T8
3500k - T9
6100k - T10

- in 0.8.6 it is possible for tier 10 arty to end up as team's top vehicle
- according the SerB, the short guns from the thirties were short because the engineers didn't know yet how to deal with recoil, and because HE performance was more important anyway
- there will be no interplayer auction in the game
- in 0.8.6, Wargaming (!) fixed the Nvidia interface crash, after its release even those who experience crashes can use latest Nvidia drivers
- it's not known whether post-battle statistics in replays and ingame reload timer will come in 2013
- it's possible a function will be implemented into the game to shoot as soon as the gun is reloaded (there is a mod allowing that currently)
- new French tanks won't come by the time the French celebrate the Bastille day (SS: July 14th)

- ingame version of "noobmeter" (XVM) is still planned, but not soon
- large and XL spall liners will have different prices, the player won't be able to choose between them
- M6A2E1 ("the Alien") income won't be buffed
- the spall liner might be buffed to also reduce the crit chance of crew and modules, but not in 0.8.6
- the XL spall liner was not meant for ALL the vehicles about certain weight, the weight there is just an indicator
- it seems that new Nvidia drivers FINALLY fixed the interface crashing bug

China Type 112

Tier: 8
MM balance weight: 48
HP: 1 550
Hull armor: 120/80/60
Turret armor: 240/130/60
Speed limit: 45/15
Penetration: 175/300/61
Damage: 390/390/465
Rate of fire: 5
Accuracy: 0.46
Aim time: 3.1
View range: 380
Signal range: 600
Weight: 45 725
Price: 12 250
Elevation arc: -6..+17

112 and IS-6 comparison

The Chinese has:


+ Better aiming time (3.1 vs 3.4)
+ Better accuracy on the move (0.21 vs 0.23)
+ Better turret traverse speed (26 vs 24)
+ Better standard AP shell movement speed (900m/s vs 790m/s)
+ Far superior premium shell - 300mm penetration HEAT vs 217mm penetration APCR
+ Higher shell capacity (45 vs 30)

- Whopping 0.3 seconds longer reload (12 seconds instead of 11.7 - whopping 117DPM drop)
- Whopping 3 degrees worse max elevation (+17 degrees instead of +20 degrees, depression stays the same).


+ Higher top speed (45km/h vs 35km/h)
- Slightly worse HP/ton ratio (12,69hp/ton vs 13.67hp/ton), however
+ Better braking force (46000 vs 39500), and
+ Much better terrain resistance (1/1.1/2.2 vs 1.2/1.5/2.3), so
Eventually, it's faster AND more agile than IS-6 everywhere except maybe softest surfaces

+ Better view range (380m vs 350m)
+ Better radio range (who cares honestly)
+ Lower chance roll on immediate on-hit engine combustion (0.12 vs 0.15)

- Lower module health (Engine being the biggest difference, 260 vs IS-6s 370, other modules ~10% difference - 200hp ammoracks vs 220hp ammoracks).

To this, add, the armor.

Frontally, the 112 has thicker upper glacis (120mm vs 100mm) with no (90mm and 80mm) weakspots on it, unlike IS-6. It has significantly weaker power glacis (80mm) and it's a viable weakspot, but it's small and low placed.

The turret has 240mm thick front with 240mm thick mantlet, which has 150mm thick armor layered under most of it's thickness (so a big part of the front of the turret is 390mm thick). IS-6's front turret is entirely 150mm thick with two cupolas as well (albeit smaller). IS-6's mantlet is 150mm thick, and has less overlap with the turret than the 112's mantlet.

All in all, 112 has significantly better frontal armor than IS-6.

Lastly, IS-6 has better side and back armor, all around 100mm, with some good sloping, and with 30mm falseboard. 112 has 80mm all around with less sloped space (which will still definitely ding something here and there) and with less space covered with falseboard, along with 60mm butt.

Now, let me point out IS-6 is currently statistically the best performing tier 8 premium heavy, when player skill levels get taken into account (

If they release this vehicle as it is, it will utterly dominate other tier 8s, premiums or not. It has very few disadvantages over already greatly successful IS-6, while boasting hefty advantages.

All we can do is pray that WG didn't skip their morning vodka and this thing will receive a SERIOUS nerf, before it gets offered openly. I for one think that it could still be good tank with 3,5RPM instead of it's current 5RPM. That's how fucking good it looks like, so far.

Teamwork #5 - 13 Kills... T9 tanks!

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FCM50t (hybrid tank) - Is The Rarity Justified?

VK 30.02 D Gameplay - TROLL HARD!


- Storm on removing the tracers in 0.8.6: all the tracers for all the vehicles in all the cases (spotted/unspotted) (with the exception of arty, both spotted and unspotted) will be disabled, in the arty "satellite" view, the area in which the arty player can see the tracers of enemy unspotted arty will be reduced (SS: harder counterartillery)
- the subcaliber/HEAT nerf will affect also the vehicles, that use subcaliber shells as silver ammo (hightier meds)
- the upcoming profitability buff of hightier tanks won't apply on tier 8 premium vehicles
- vehicles that are getting XP buff (arty, TD) won't get a retroactive XP refund for crew XP lost because of the earlier low XP modifier
- the current information policy (SS: patch notes available in advance as it is now) will continue for the following patches
- new Nvidia 320.18 drivers weren't tested by WG yet
- it's "impossible" to impelement functional (even coaxial) MG's (SS: that would work the way guns do)
- AA tanks with twin-linked weapons won't most likely appear in the game
- apparently, multi-rocket launchers such as Katyusha (tracked) won't appear in the game
- tracers aren't taken down to make them better visible
- the hull modules won't come in 2013 and they won't be exclusive for TD's only apparently
- devs are still considering to implement the option to disable your least favourite maps

And a few answers from Storm from his blog:

- currently, the bushes (which sometimes reduce FPS for some players) are still not optimized
- devs are still discussing making your stats hideable so XVM and other such mods won't see your winrate and other stats
- Sexton I won't come to the store in 0.8.6, more tests in the new arty system are needed
- test server capacity will be improved, but only slightly (the previously announced increase in test server capacity in 8.5 was cancelled for some reasons)
- the T-50-2 / MT-25 switch is planned for 0.8.7
- lowtier premium tanks will have their income also buffed
- the new XL spall liner for superheavies will be cca 1,5 ton heavier than the current large one
- anti-aliasing is slowly being worked on
- it's possible the spall liner will also be buffed by reducing the chance of module/crew damage
- the sound gameengine is completely new, it's not the old one, only rewritten
- the name changes for French tanks are little things, such as the dots in the German patch
- there will be no "Art of War"-like competition for 8.6
- E-10 TD will come too (later)