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- SerB states that the “Stalinec” inscription was removed based on the demand from EU server
- Object 430U can’t replace the IS-7 as tier 10 heavy (SS: no idea what was the point of asking such a thing)
- there is another candidates for tier 10 heavy, which has roughly the same characteristics as AMX50B, minus the autoloader – it’s the second heavy French branch T10, SerB states it has an okay frontal armor, but paper-thin sides- SerB states that a casette (SS: as in a “clip” of) 150mm shells weights 150-200kg, but noone drags that around by hand (SS: as in, there were mechanisms for that, such as cranks)
- in game terms, there will be no difference between the casette loading of German top tier TD’s, and (for example) French drum autoloaders
- in next 6 months, French Char 2C superheavy won’t be added
- according to SerB, it’s not realistic to put any KV-series tank on tier 10
- there was a case when SerB was sorry that he has to put a tank out as premium and not as a part of a branch – this was the case of Löwe, as SerB states this tank has upgrade potential
- TOG 1 will most likely not appear as a premium vehicle
- premium tanks with more guns (as in, you can choose a gun) will not be implemented

- the rumors about KV-1S with 122mm gun being made a T7 premium are false (categorical answer)
- Q: “Why is the MM bad? If you don’t answer, I will go on a meeting with you and will ask a LOT of questions!” A: “Oh, we’re so afraid now. Thank you for amusing us.”

- WoWp: other nations than Soviets will get ground assault planes, one of them will be the Junkers Ju-87 Stuka with 37mm guns, small bombers (such as Su-2, Pe-2) are not planned for now
- ingame mission and event interface: “when it’s done it’s done”
- the thickest frontal armor the developer encountered from projects was one French project with 400mm frontal armor, it won’t appear in the game (SerB states that the sides of this project are very weakly armored)
- crew portrait customizer (selectable different hair, eyes, mouth etc.) is not planned
- SerB states that if Japan wasn’t nuked, O-I tanks might have appeared in real life
- developers won’t publish official tank winrate stats
- the internal module layout has no influence on the damage they take from fire (SS: for example, if ammo rack is situated close to the engine, it doesn’t have a bigger chance of getting damaged than other modules)
- it’s possible that when the new chat system gets implemented, you’ll be able to chat with people, who are playing WoWp from your WoT client (account unification)
- SerB states that Jagdpanzer E-75 is a complete fake, not based on reality unlike the E-50M (SS: not really, see earlier articles)
- E-100 doesn’t have the alternative Maus turret for a game reason: to reduce the amount of grinding you’d need to unlock it, the same applies for Maus and its alternative turrets
- Henschel E-100 turret is a complete fake (SS: yes, it is, probably one of the most popular fakes out there)
- the fact 128mm Maus and E-100 guns don’t have muzzle brakes is historical
- WG lawyers are dealing with various WOT clones (specifically the Ground War Tanks version)
- SerB states that basically the tank gun (the module) is a solid object (can be hit) with no clipping enabled
- the new chat will use standard Jabber protocols, so it’s possible it will be possible to chat thru another Jabber client in the future
- Object 167M (improved T-62A) will not be implemented
- gold will be ever returned only if the tank in question is changed drastically
- the T-34-1, T-34-2 and T-34-3 projects were Chinese self-made projects to make a tank analogical to T-54 within Chinese possibilities. Later, when the Soviets helped China with the production of T-54 copies, these projects were obsolete and were discontinued
- despite the fact that the ingame IS-7 is nerfed a lot compared to the real life IS-7, there is no tank that could replace it
- the beach edge (where the water washes over the sand, not the water itself) in World of Tanks has the same terrain passability as the beach itself
And, some interesting info from Overlord:
- the update 0.8.8 and 0.9.0 will be “monstrous”
- 0.8.8 will be mostly “technical patch” (SS: as in, not content, but features)
- Overlord things that “the contents of 8.8 will be gradually revealed starting mid August and right until the end of the month.”
- regading artillery: “Arty won’t be the same as before 8.6. That’s for sure. We are monitoring the situation right now. Everything is possible. Including rebalance.”
- regarding the arty being the top tiers in battles: “MMing fix is likely to arrive for 8.8″
- there going to be a minor update for live servers quite soon (SS: see 0.8.7 test 3)
- bigger maps are now not being worked on
- Overlord on E-25: “It was a tough decision whether the tank was going to be tier 6 or 7. Balancing guys voted for the latter.”
- Japanese tanks will come in 2014
- Q: “What is the next big thing after physics?” A: “In-game quests, cybersport, reshuffled CWs historical battles, garage battles”
- 8.8 will bring Superpershing changes
- On 8.8 Soviet line: “8.8 is going to be functional/feature update. There going to be 5 Soviet tanks to research afaik, tier 6-10″

Skin Indien Panzer

Skin Tiger

Skin Bishop

Skin E-25

Strange Story Of A Turret

Tskhinvali, Georgia. In August 8, 2008 a group of Russian-Ossetian soldiers brewed up three Georgian tanks. One of them was practically torn to pieces after the detonation.On the picture above is the place of the explosion.

The torn off turrent of the tank flew several dozens of meters, broke through the canopy of the building and got stuck in the porch.

This is the picture dated 2010.

The building has been recently reconstructed but the turret has been preserved to remember the war days.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Skin T49

Youtube Dream Team mk II - Part 1

Teamwork #7 - E-75 Crucial Contribution with Ik and Zaonce


- it looks like the T92 will not be the tier 8 American light tank after all
- SerB wasn’t the WG vice-president in the beginning, he got promoted from the position of lead game designer
- after the chat is reworked, the clanmembers will apparently recieve the status of a “friend”, when it comes to the question, whether you can recieve a whisper (PM) from them or not

- after 8.7 the MM is working fine, according to SerB
- SerB on historical battles: “Correctly made historical mode is somewhat complicated. We are working on that. Wait for announcements, there will be tests of some of its elements (including those, that will not be most likely implemented in the end, but most of the players want them, because they don’t know how will they look in the game)”
- the chance to set the already burning tank on fire again is technically the same, of course it’s a bit different with destroyed fueltanks (it’s easier to do that once they are damaged), but that’s not a process based on probability
- Object 416 will be balanced “as usual”
- the tier 9 new Soviet med branch problem is caused by general lack of data, not only the drawings
- it’s possible that the Israeli centurion (Sho’t Kal) did fire HESH rounds in real life (SS: this is not related to WoT, player asked because of some movie)
- Nuclear-powered tanks (such as the TV-8) will not be implemented into the game
- FV4202 is doing fine statistically
- Germans did experiment with uranium penetrators in real life (SS: but not depleted uranium, simply uranium, it was a program to compensate for the lack of tungsten)
- when a gun damages a module (with the “damage to modules” being a hidden stat), this damage is also subjected to +/-25 RNG (SS: in other words, damage to modules is known to be roughly equal to gun caliber, so a 100mm gun does 100 damage to module HP, but this 100 damage in reality is 75-125)
- it’s possible that the WoWp tier 1 airplanes will also come with 100 percent crew in the future
- WG has a special deparment, that tracks the economy situation in the game (for example the game being too overflooded with silver due to too generous awards)
- the aforementioned department also makes sure that there is no inflation in the game at all
- there will be some training room filter re-work (to make looking for training rooms easier), “it’s done when it’s done”
- E-100 150mm gun uses HEAT shells and not subcaliber ones, because the barrel is not long enough for subcaliber shells (SS: subcaliber penetrators, being smaller from definition, are easier to influence by outside environment need longer barrel to reach higher velocities to be accurate enough, otherwise they fly all over the place)
- the crew member uniform pictures will not be changed (SS: as in, Bundeswehr uniforms looked different than Wehrmacht ones)
- LTP means “Legkij Tank Provornova – Provornov’s light tank” – it’s named after its designer
- IS-7 is not underpowered according to SerB
- the reason the SU-85B has worse depression than SU-76 despite the chassis being the same is the gun (SS: the breech, being larger, often interferes with that)
- there might be special rewards (“high level content”) also for players not playing CW’s, but it won’t be “for free” (as in, easy to get)
- SerB states it’s virtually impossible to create a game where planes and tanks fight each other on one map, he states that even War Thunder developers, who initially promised such a thing, are slowly and silently backing down from that concept (SS: actually, the question was about WoT players being able to play against War Thunder players, but I think SerB got confused and answered something else)
- Separate server for training, with everything for free and 0 costs of repairs? “And what’s in it for us? :)” (SS: Storm answered, not SerB)

Icons By Treeger

15th birthday of WG - 12 august

Gift light tank, price 850 gold.

Monday, July 29, 2013


- T-50 did recieve better MM spread in 0.8.7
- T-50-2 was an imbalanced moped
- T57 Heavy and Foch 155 will be nerfed, but not too soon
- the devs decided to nerf KV-1S, but are choosing how to do that
- Maus and IS-7 are doing fine statistically, Tiger (H) will get a buff
- Superpershing will not recieve a maneuverability and mobility buff
- AMX50B might be buffed
- Dickermax is fine, it won’t receieve bigger amount of ammo
- TDs will not be nerfed when it comes to damage
- the Soviet branch patch (8.8) will look like this:
T6 – A-43
T7 – A-44
T8 – Object 416
T9 – see below
T10 – Object 430
Explanation: Veider actually apparently said that tier 9 will be Object 140 (SS: as I predicted earlier), but it won’t – SerB denied that and said tier 9 will be some rear-turret variant of Object 430. As a result, 0.8.8 SOviet branch will most likely come without its top tiers. Object 430U might come as a heavy tank as the top of its own branch
- There will be two prems: Chinese heavy 112 (still imbalanced, it’s being balanced currently) and Chinese medium T-34-3
- The T-44-122 will be a Soviet medium tank of tier 7 or 8, might come for supertesters in 0.8.8
- announced Japanese medium tank won’t come in 0.8.8
- second German TD line will start with Marder III on tier 3 or 4, Sturer Emil will have the 128mm gun, its top tiers will have casette autoloaders
- E-10 TD won’t be implemented due to the devs not wanting to implement the lowering suspension mechanism
- T-35 is already modelled, waiting for the multiturret mechanism
- second branch of French TD’s is found, but it has been postponed, it has low priority for now
- Chinese TD’s and arty branches are not yet found completely, works on them have not begun yet
- prem arty will be of no higher tier than 5-6
- it’s possible there will be official WG mod portal
- there will be no more “free” T34-style premium tanks
- Havok physics: bending antennas, animations of house destruction and explosions, it’s pretty but it doesn’t affect gameplay, players will be able to enable it, if they have GTX-470 level or better graphics cards
- it’s not 100 percent sure the Japanese will come this year
- EU tree will come after the Japanese
- big maps and teams (30vs30) are being worked on, but they face some serious issues
- devs are actively working on new gameplay modes
- in “cases, that are interesting for WG”, WG cooperates with mod-makers
- other projects based on Tiger chassis, apart from Sturmtiger and Bergetiger? “Rammtiger” (SS: just… google it :) )
- WG plans for whole next year won’t most likely be published (“because you, dear players, could drown us accidentally in your tears, if anything gets delayed”)
- Highway and Port colors too much off? “Don’t play Highway and Port”

- the E-25 proves to be very popular on RU server to the point that players are afraid of Type59-style flood
- despite some of the ingame tanks had a smoothbore historically, this won’t be implemented, as the smoothbore versions belong to a different tank generation already
- developers don’t care if the players negrep them on forums, they won’t change their policies because of whine: “Players will begin to control the game development only if they buy enough Wargaming shares to control the company and join the Board of directors”
- multicore support? “When it’s done it’s done”
- SerB likes the way how the camouflage skill works, as for sixth sense – he’s fine with it, for now
- there will be no special server in Kazakhstan (SS: very important info)
- it’s possible the KV with autoloader will appear as a premium tank, but not guaranteed – and not planned for now
- patch 8.6 was financially very successful for Wargaming (SS: oh well, so much for the OMGARTYGOTNERFEDIQUIT whiners and Czech forum community)
- WoT Tweaker is not only not supported by WG, it has been actively removed from RU forums (SerB states that he has the same computer for WoT he had 4 years ago when he started working on WoT and he doesn’t need WoT Tweaker, he also suggests that if you want better computer, go get a part time job isntead of playing like he did when he didn’t have enough money)
- apparently, Centurion top and stock gun weights are just fine
- Q: “Will you make the game as cool as War Thunder”? A: “No, we don’t want to be so cool as to sell pwnage for money. It’s simply not profitable.”
- KV-85 and KV-1S have been unified into one tank in World of Tanks
- Sixth Sense won’t be touched anytime soon
- SerB states that when it comes to rocket projectiles, they will have either a HE or HEAT warhead
- the fate of Taiwanese tanks has already be decided, otherwise “no comment” (SS: at least one will come as a premium) – developers did check the Taiwanese branch, but it didn’t work
- Soviet light tanks projects with combined armor and gun capable of launching missiles from the 60′s are too new to be implemented into the game
- it’s theoretically possible in a random battle for one team to have tier 10 tanks as top and the other tier 8 for example: if the battle takes too long to form (for example early morning, when there are very few players), MM basically disregards the rule that both teams should have their top 3 tanks of the same tier and other rules too
- for now, captured tanks won’t be implemented
- some of the “more odd” captured tanks (such as KV-2-88, KV-2-150, T-37-75) will be implemented

Max FarPlane Mod 8.7

Info Panel 8.7 (English Version)

Colorblind Map Edge Mod

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TOG II Helo Carrier

Texture Compression 8.7 By AHuMex

Update on the old post. This version is for 8.7. Enjoy.

A lot of people have the same problem - old computer or fable laptop. So, can WoT work on something that is not top notch PC machine? The answer is YES. This little program will compress your game textures to 25% or to 3%. At 25% you will get at least 50% higher frame rate, at 5% at least 70%. At 25% compression the game looks the same, at 3% it looks bad but you can play WoT even on a netbook with Atom processor.

Compression on 25%:

Compression on 3%:

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

Download Link 1 contains the compressor to 25%, download link 2 contains the 3% compressor. Download the compression that you think will work best for you. Unzip and copy to "World_of_Tanks\res\packages\" double click on "AHuMex_poVitter_autoinstall_0.8.7_only.bat". Command Prompt window will open and the compression will start. This will take about 5-15 minutes. After the Command Prompt window closes by itself restart the computer and play...

Since update 8.6 alot of people had problems with game crashing after compresssion. One of the most common reasons was unupdated DirectX.


- skill MM? “For hundred and first time: I don’t want that”
- are you losing because of your team? “Don’t play team games”
- “Asian tree” with Israel, Egypt and such: “Israel and Egypt in one tree? Hm.”
- Tiran Ti-67 (SS: Israeli modified T-55 with 105mm L7), despite fitting the game criteria, apparently won’t be implemented, because there’s nowhere to put it properly

- SerB states that the limit for implementing tanks is not defined by a year, but by tank generation (SS: current unofficial limit is 1969)
- you will be able to use your WoT account for WoWs too
- what will there be in 0.8.8 instead of Soviet meds? “Will tell later.”
- tracks externam module model does have an armor value, this armor value however is just a number, the surface doesn’t count as “smooth”, the track armor doesn’t increase with angle and it can’t ricochet. This was done so, because modelling detailed suspension was impossible and modelling the tracks and suspension as flat surface was deemed incorrect
- the MM throws you on the one and the same map whole weekend? “How terrible…”
- Lehvaslaiho’s Medal action on RU server during an event being a propagation of fascism? “And imagine, there are german tanks in the game! And they continue to destroy our vehicles!”
- 112 in the game? “When it’s done it’s done”
- Swamp/Komarin returns? “When it’s done it’s done”
- SerB confirms: the Soviet medium branch has issues with the tier 9, the Object430U will NOT be in it
- so far, there are no tanks planned, that would start from KV-13 (it’s gonna stay a dead end)
- the new Soviet medium branch (when it’s implemented) will most likely start from the tier 5 T-34
- there are no hightier transitions from branch to branch planned (for example Tiger II leading to Jagdtiger, T-54 to SU-122-54 etc.), because the devs don’t want the players to just switch from branch to another on high tier (gameplay reasons: switching to a vehicle that plays completely differently)
- WoWp will have the same post-battle statistic as WoT (like detailed crits etc)
- sealclubbers with 4 perk crews on tier 1 imbalancing the game? “How terrible”
- terrain passability (hidden) parameter does influence things such as maximum speed reachable on that respective terrain, or the turnrate
- newly unlocked tanks do have “preferential MM” – they end up on top of the team more often. However, if you put such a tank in a platoon with a normal MM (elite) tank, this rule gets ignored. Furthermore, if you platoon two newly unlocked tanks, the effect lasts, but it is not multiplied
- Foch 155 overpowered? “Play Foch 155″
- Wargaming does have a psychologist employed, who identifies negative gaming moments. It’s called “User experience department”.
- Soviet tanks with autoloaders? “Not anytime soon, but there was a KV project from 1944 with an autoloader” (as a premium tank candidate)
- KV-13 too underpowered ATM? “How terrible…”
- Q: “Can you tell the players about the tank planned on the 15th birthday of Wargaming?” A: “Oooh, you want to give us a tank for our birthday? We want!!!111″
- after the Japanese tree, the combined EU tree is planned, but it’s not yet sure
- no plans to introduce an autoloaded gun on the Jagdpanther, because there are not enough data on that
- Q: “Will there be German vehicles with autoloaders?” A: “Hehe…” (SS: second German TD line will have autoloaders)
- apparently, Maus, E-100 and Jpz E-100 are doing fine statistically
- gameplay changed too much after the arty nerf? “How terrible…”
- there will be a global remodelling of the vehicles, that was announced earlier – with alternative models/differently armored hulls, it will be more like “hull with more armor = less speed” and vice versa
- daily player statistics in game? “Only if there’s time”
- some spawn points (the place where your tank is when the battle starts) are reserved for certain vehicle types, like TD and arty
- premium arty vehicles are on hold for now (SS: as in, no more new prem arties won’t be introduced)
- it’s theoretically possible KV-1S will be transferred to tier 5 with its historical gun (eg. will lose the 122mm), but DEFINITELY not anytime soon
- Durchbruchswagen? “When it’s done it’s done”
- there will be no special server for bad players
- Chinese and Japanese documents, used to make tanks, were translated to Russian/English by partners, not by WG
- Jagdpanther II won’t get a second inscription slot, as some graphical parts it (the junk hanging on it?) prevents that
- SerB confirmed that there will be some sort of “gift” tank for 15th anniversary, but he did troll a lot around, making fun of beggars and whiners, who asked about it
- so far there are no plans to introduce tankettes to the game, because balancing them is complicated
- it’s possible some mods will be implemented into the game at some point, but SerB doesn’t consider this really necessery
- dynamic tank characteristics in the garage are not implemented yet, because the developers didn’t simply get to do it yet, but SerB states they might do it now (no guarantees tho)
- tier 8 premium tanks driven by new players straight away a problem? “How terrible…”
- lowtier Soviet tanks (T-12, T-24) will come, but not anytime soon
- it’s technically not possible to make a mechanism, that would automatially stop the tank in game in case of player disconnect
- SerB doesn’t think that the cost of automatic (gold) fire extinguisher is too high
- premium SU-85I tank destroyer? “When it’s done it’s done”
- it’s possible that the T-44 might get a new hull module (when it’s implemented) with T-54 suspension
- no plans to change the Indienpanzer mantlet apparently
- as an ingame E-100 (DPS) equivalent, there was a Soviet project of the IS-7 tank with the BL-10, but this will NOT be implemented
- no WG branch/tree (consisting of fake tanks, made up by Wargaming) is planned
- SerB confirmed that there will be no higher tiers than 10 – increasing the limit for tier 10 will also not happen (SS: as in, implementing comparatively stronger vehicles to tier 10)
- it’s possible that historical battles will consist of tanks only produced in high numbers (no prototypes á la Dicker Max, although they fought as well), but it’s not sure
- your nickname will be blocked for all the WG projects, sharing the same account (WoT, WoWs, WoWp), but not for those that don’t (Blitz, Xbox)
- nickname cleanup is not planned – for now (SS: as in some of the desirable nicknames belong to empty account, that never played a single battle and were registered 3 years ago)
- T14 premium tank is doing fine statistically
- it’s possible that a tank gets buffed even if its stats aren’t that bad, it just is not nice to play (happened to VK3001P a few months after release)
- it’s also possible for a tank to be bad statistics-wise, but it improves in time without any buffs by itself (KV-1 after its split)
- there aren’t companies for each tier, because the 2 tier difference is just fine and the developers don’t want to split the players into even smaller groups
- Japanese heavy branch tier 4 and 5 gap won’t be filled with “Wargaming inventions” (fake tanks) – if nothing is found, nothing gets implemented
- it’s not yet sure, how big the patch 0.9.0 will be
- British superheavy 100 (1XX) series tanks will be introduced, if someone finds any data on them (SS: some say it’s just a hoax tbh)
- wheeled vehicles are not being worked on atm
- a Taiwanese branch was considered, Chinese partners wouldn’t be against it (in their eyes, Taiwan is “theirs” – a “renegade province”), but in the end, not enough adequate vehicles were found
- automatic server selection simply selects the server with lowest ping, but the mechanism to evaluate also “ping jitter” will not be implemented anytime soon (SS: not sure I understand it correctly, but it’s a way of measure how stable the ping is, whether it jumps a lot)

Saturday, July 27, 2013


- apparently, in 9.0 patch, chat will be reworked to another format on a separate server
- the ST-B1 (tier 10 medium tank) will carry a 105mm L7 clone
- the Waffenträger E-100 is already modelled
- Swamp and Komarin haven’t been re-introduced to the game, because there are other more pressing matters to attend to
- current stage Bigworld engine is capable of handling bigger battles than 15vs15, but 15vs15 is the optimal format, when it comes to server load, any other number will increase the server-resource-per-tank ratio
- Steam system and achievements support is not planned “for variety of reasons”, which won’t be disclosed
- Wargaming now owns the complete Master of Orion franchise, including planet and race names, SerB “will see”, whether WG will cooperate with famous Russian scifi author Sergei Lyukanenko (SS: he wrote for example the Night Watch book – never liked it tbh)
- atm, the developers are mostly satisfied with how the arty is now statistically
- there are no plans to allow any of the things you can currently buy only for gold to be buyable for silver (SS: 100 percent crew retraining, premium tanks, permanent camos etc.)
- separate Italian tree? “Won’t come out for now, when it comes out, I will tell you” (SS: the answer is intentionally left ambiguous, it’s not clear whether it will come out – but later, or whether there are no plans atm for such a thing)
- SerB doesn’t see it as a problem that there are more tanks covering one niche (SS: for example several lightly armored tanks equipped with a 105mm gun, Leopard 1 and AMX-30 for example – SerB however made a mistake yesterday, comparing the Japanese ST-B1 with the Leopard. That thing has very thick frontal armor (200mm+ effective) and gameplaywise it will resemble more like the T-62A)
- leasable premium tank (SS: as in – you can buy it for limited time, like premium account) won’t be implemented
- Japanese heavy line will come, but later – at this moment SerB is waiting for the verdict of someone named Fedoseyev, who is WG’s chief expert on Japanese tanks, regarding analysis of some materials WG got. SerB also states that the wikipedia O-I is too light to have a 200mm armor, that’s what the expert’s checking.
- SerB stated devs “pay attention” to 47-48 percent winrate tanks
- there is a chance that there will be more type of shells introduced (for example a tank having two premium shell types), but it’s not 100 percent sure (SS: this concerns also new shell types altogether)
- SerB states that Object 430 and T-62A won’t be “too similiar”, suggests people to have a look at technical data of both tanks
- VK2801 too inaccurate with 105mm L/28? “Oh okay, I will check. About nerfing it more.”
- SerB doesn’t know of any German TD projects, suitable for tier 10 and not based on Maus/E-100 hull (SS: there was a short mention about Sturmgeschütz E-75, but nothing else. Just this mention)
- Japanese WoT server will not have anything totally different – no anime schoolgirls as crewmembers, sorry :)
- it’s not yet totally sure whether the Japanese premium tank will be released ahead of its branch (SS: I’d blame this one on the fact SerB is still in France and is possibly not aware of the info that was released while he was away)
- SerB commenting on the Company of Heroes 2 Russian rage: “It’s everyone’s private matter how to react. I can tell my point of view: it’s not worth expecting foreigners to truthfully depict our history. Even if they are unbiased, they will judge matters from the most common (advertised) point of view (which, of course, is not in our favour, propaganda is propaganda). You have to change your point of view by yourself, it won’t change itself. And so, for example, we make games from our own point of view” (SS: by adding gulag maps for example)
- the fact Bishop and FV304 arties have no highpen gold shells could be caused either by historicity, or by balance, SerB can’t tell
- regarding mortar-type weapons, there is no direct connection between mortar caliber and its shell velocity in WoT
- Waffentrager Tiger is based on Tiger II chassis
- there will be some new features in upcoming patches, that might please the Germanlovers (SS: specifically, some vehicles might recieve a depression boost (Tiger II I think), Tiger II might get its maximum speed increased (like IS-7 did), minor buff to Panther vehicles in mobility)
- apparently, the tier 10 Soviet medium Object 430 will be less mobile than T-62A because of crappy suspension
- currently, WG doesn’t know of any suitable (!) candidates for tier 10 Chinese/Soviet medium, armed with a L7 clone
- no plans for making the toptier 105mm and 120mm guns’ alpha difference bigger
- in the 9.0 “new format” of chat, it still won’t be possible to switch the chat off in battle (SS: that’s what mods are for :P)
- higher rendering distance for tanks won’t be implemented anytime soon, because it dramatically increases the load on the server and connection
- Q: “Will the Object 430 be like the Patton, or the FV4202 mobility-wise?” A: “Tests will show.” Same goes for reload times.
- A-43 top gun? “Tests will show” (SS: previously, it was shown as 76mm S-54)
- Soviet medium branch might NOT come in 8.8 (“More like later, there are still issues with tier 9 vehicle”), at least not the top vehicles (“for more wait for official info”)
- Sixth sense and camouflage skills/perks have little influence on tank statistics
- MT-25 being a LT despite its 25t weight? “It is as it is”
- 3-man platoons being thrown too often on the bottom of the team? “How terrible…”
- important features of next patch? “Will tell when the time is right”
- Jagdpanther gun rim being too easy to penetrate? “How terrible…”
- the chat re-work will be significant, the list of changes will come later
- the tier 10 Japanese heavy will weight 140 tons (or maybe even a bit more), it will have 200mm armor all around and a Maus-like engine
- second Chinese medium branch is not planned
- SerB in France also worked with EU office people (SS: why the hell was there no contact with him anyway? it’s not like EU players have a lot of info…)
- SerB states that the Japanese archives proved interesting, but no more details for now

Berlin Garage Mod 8.7

Unzip and copy to "game location"\World Of Tanks\res_mods\0.8.7\

Skin Centurion Mk. 7/1 — Mk3

Cromwell Tier 6 Medium Tank

_DraX_ HD-Textures

XVM Updater 2.4


XVM Stats v1.6.1
eXtended Visualization Mod (XVM) v4.1.0 0.8.7
XVM Config by Grumpelumpf 4.1.0 0.8.7 2013-07-24
Config XVM White Edition 2013-06-25 (no ratings, no statistics, except on statistic Panel)
Config XVM Colorblindscale 2013-07-06
Config XVM Load Enemy Stats in Fog of War (Clanwars) DISABLED
Config XVM Our Team - Enemie Team Display DISABLED
Config XVM OverTargetMarker DISABLED
Config XVM QuickColorMarker DISABLED
Config XVM PlayerStatistics DISABLED
Config XVM Chance to win formula DISABLED
Config XVM MinimapZoom DISABLED
Config Draw Viewdirection on Minimap
ReCo's Vertical Techtree v6.0 0.8.7
Millbarge Effect Reducer v0.8.0 source
HD Minimaps (only the Maps) by Locastan 0.8.7
SixthSense SoundMod for XVM by Alastanka
SixthSense Sound -10db (softer)
Dead White Corpses by TaTT_DoGG 0.8.7
3D Tank Icons by BlackSpy 0.8.7 source
Pogs Contour Icon Mod 3.x Oxmaster CLEARCOLOR MAX F.S.R VR 0.8.7 source
Sword of Damokles by Alastanka v6.9.6 0.8.7 source
Minimalistic Sight
J1mB0's Crosshair Mod v1.29
different Serverside Crosshair Colors by Killatomate
different MaxZoomOut Configs
Config WITH Mousescroll to Sniperscope
Config BLOCK Mousescroll to Sniperscope
ZoomX4 (0.9x-16x)
ZoomX10 (0.9x-30x)
Enhanced customizeable Radial Menu v.2.4 0.8.7
Info Panel (tweaked by nyomen) v0.8.6.1 0.8.7 source
Effective armor calculation from MeltyMap's MathMod 0.6.3 source
Damage Indicator (big) by poVitter 0.8.7 source
Damage Panel Interface by Dellux+DiessselL 0.8.7 source
Damage Panel by GambitER 0.8.7 v.2
Standard Damage Panel Mini Config
Hangar Clock by dab97 0.8.7 source
Hangar 2 rowed Carousel by Locastan 0.8.7 source
Battlescore v2 by KillerEnte94 0.8.7 source
erweiterte Tooltips, Statistiken + farbige Nachrichten YasenKrasen Messenger Skumm V3 (deutsch) vom DOC73 0.8.7 source
extended tooltips, statistics + colored Msg v2 by locastan (english) to 0.8.7a source
Tactical Tablet by Radem v0.3.3322.10 0.8.6 source

WZ132 Staying Alive

Skin E-25

Skin Pz IV / Pz IV AusfGH

Friday, July 26, 2013

SU-122-44 Gameplay Review

E-25 - Day 1 Highlights

How To Be Useless #6

Homer's Problem...

TankTricks #07


- A-32 tank underpowered? “How terrible”
- nerfs of previous patches unreasonable? “Your opinion is very important to us”
- average and maximum damage player statistic might be changed to not include the premium account influence (like in WoWp)
- Q: “Is the maximum amount of implemented premium tanks per patch somehow limited?” A: “Yes, 100 thousand.” (SS: in other words, no)

- Q: “From which tank will the new Soviet branch start?” A: “From a Soviet one”
- T-44 buff (including penetration, passability etc.)? “Stop whining and begging”
- T-111 (T-46-5) will be implemented in the future
- FV4202 wrongly modelled? “How terribly” (SS: a player complained that the angles are wrong and that the ingame model doesn’t look like the real FV4202)
- WoT Tweaker not supported and deleted from RU forums? “And where is it written that we have to support something?”
- the removal of premium account on player statistics is possible, but it has little priority
- clans of WG employees getting M60 tank for free without playing WG’s? “How unjust is the world!” (SS: it was explained earlier that WG employees get these tanks for testing)
- SerB on farming: “You farm on tier 5-6, if you want to farm online. In other words, you make money either in game, or outside of it.”
- MS-1 having the same camo factor as T-34? “How terrible”
- tank fording equipment (SS: to allow the tank to pass thru water without drowning) might be implemented as an equipment into the game (SS: SerB states “module”, but that would make little sense), but its chance of appearing is smaller than that of amphibious tanks, as it is difficult to implement correctly
- Pz S35 and FCM36 were not removed from the shops, because developers don’t consider them imbalanced
- regarding finding info on Japanese tanks: the Japanese archives don’t have the same problem as in China, where everything’s secret – a lot of Japanese archives were destroyed during bombings and for example from O-I, only one track piece remains in a museum
- Havok has nothing to do with the movement of tanks, which is calculated serverside, while Havok works clientside
- Japanese tier 10 medium tank should have roughly the same armor as Leopard 1 and Batchat, the concept was the same
- apparently, the balance weight of tier 8-9 tanks in 8.7 was not changed
- 8.8 Soviet branch tier 9 is still being uncovered, there is a paper variant of the Object 430 in Kharkov documents, but only little info is available (SS: which means 8.8 might come later than we hoped)
- apparently, the Highway map base balance is just fine
- Q: “When the option of creating companies on regular account was introduced, one developer mentioned that premium account will get some sort of buff, what will it be?” A: “Secret”
- apparently, the VK2801 gun depression is just fine (SS: some player complained that it’s less than it should be)
- SerB confirms that the Camouflage skill is counted based on crew average
- currently, HESH rounds have no additional effect on crew/modules than other types of rounds (SS: mechanics-wise, HESH rounds are HE rounds)
- free camera is already implemented into the client, but it has been disabled, because according to WG, it will only confuse/get in the way
- manual vertical aiming will be implemented in the future (SS: currently, player basically doesn’t aim on distance, the game does it for him – you just point and click, in the future, it might be possible to adjust the gun elevation manually without moving the reticle, so that the shell flies where you want to)
- SerB is still in France, he states that he will definitely grind the second Soviet med branch and the British arties, “when I get out of cities, where every 5th packet disappears”
- second German TD branch will NOT include Jagdpanther II
- WT E-100 might get its spaced side armor (“skirts”) removed, other armor will also be thinner
- apparently (SS: and I have no idea what this means), Wargaming has not given out the “API stats” for M60 and rating sites are not happy about it, on which SerB stated he doesn’t give a damn about
- serverside replays are still planned
- apparently, there are no formal “minimum” requirements for a vehicle to make it to the game, for example the E-50M was based on rumors only – that the Germans were creating a rear-transmission E-50
- Chaffee rebalance? “When it’s done it’s done” (SS: there were hints that it actually might happen in 8.8/8.9)
- RU251 German T8 LT? “When it’s done it’s done”
- MT-25 is unlocked from KV-1S, because both vehicles were made by the same designers
Q: Is there any talk of dumping
A: (Laera) We’re well aware of our recent connection issues and are currently researching our options.
Q: Any explanation as to what exactly the problem is (peering?), with who, or why?
A: (Laera) I understand your frustration and I totally agree that we need to be more transparent about the issue. Sadly, I don’t have any details to share at this time. While I am a new Community Manager here at Wargaming, I can tell you that I’ve sat in on some higher level meetings on this issue and is being taken very seriously.
Q: Will we ever get to see water displacement when not spotted, just like we can see a tree fall or building crumble… to see if tanks are wading in the water like in Live Oaks or Peral River?
A: I know there are plans to revisit building/environment physics in a future patch. Stay tuned!
Q: Can you give us any sneak peeks at the supposed new German tank destroyer line?
A: (Laera) Sadly, I have no new sneak peeks to give out at this time. :(
Q: Will there be missions in the future that reward more extravagant prizes, like gold or garage spaces?
A: (Major Rampage) The Missions system has a great deal of depth, and you will be seeing more complex mission in the future. We have UI for missions coming in a future update which will allow you to track your progress. With the UI complex mission will become viable and you will be seeing larger prizes for those.
Q: Do you guys communicate with the other servers and share ideas or something?
A: (Laera) We bounce ideas off each other all the time! If one region has shown great success in running a certain event or contest, other regions may often adopt it.
A2: (Major Rampage): We do work with the other servers. I collaborate with my counterparts on the other servers in regards to global events.
Q: Are there any plans to open up the cw map with more regions and more landings so that more than 30 clans can participate?
A: We are working on many ideas to improve clan wars and I think most of our goals line up pretty close with what the community wants to see as well.
Q: What ever happened to the Super Pershing?
A: (Hypnotik) When it is reintroduced after re-balancing, you’ll have the option to keep it or sell it for its gold value. This will be after 8.7, but I don’t have an official date for you yet unfortunately.

Excelsior Tier 5 Premium Heavy Tank - Gold Digger

Be afraid of your wishes - 2.

YasenKrasen Coloured Messages + session statistics [ENG]

Skin T54E1

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Black Edges Remover 8.7

Desert Garage 8.7

No Intro Video

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Black& White Hit Zones

Enhanced Tank Textures

Zoom In/Out Mod x2 x4 x8 x10 - x30 (10 positions) With No Scroll Function

If, for some reason You don't need the no scroll function just delete the NoScroll.xml file.

White Minimalistic Sight


- SerB states that “everything, that could be done to make the training room battles easier for the players without risks to the game was already done. Everything else is financially risky and won’t be implemented” (SS: in other words – no free/cheaper shells/repairs in training rooms or anything else, topic closed)
- SerB on Japanese tanks heavy branch (about where it will start from): “It’s a mess. Tier 3 heavy exists. Tier 6 and higher do exist also. But there’s a gaping hole on tier 4 and 5. So the heavy branch is not considered as done and won’t be released for now.”

- Soviet medium branch: T6 – A-43, T7 – A-44, T8 – 416, T9 – unknown, T10 – Object 430 (SS: it has been confirmed by SerB that Object 140 will NOT be a tier 9 vehicle. Other candidates? Hmmmm… hard to say, will have a look actually, there are possibilities)
- second British medium line with Vijayanta s tier 9? “No comment for now”
- 120mm gun on British meds? “At this moment, no”
- the length of HEAT shell jet stream depends on the caliber of the shell
- currently, WG people are scouring the Kharkov Malyschev archives to find an answer to one concrete question, possibly regarding Objects 416 and 430
- “outlandish” maps such as moon surface are not planned
- Q: “What’s the problem with introducing the Firefly?” A: “The fact we say ‘no comment’ doesn’t mean there is a problem”
- developers are not allowed to accept gifts from players
- Pearl River, Sacred Valley and Severogorsk maps not being fun to play? “How terrible x3″
- maps are tested internally (usíng automated tools), then on supertest and then on open test
- it’s possible the T-55 hull will be an optional hull for the T-54, but they didn’t differ much (SS: they were practically identical with the late T-54 model hulls)
- apparently, more improved modules/equipment for guns (like “improved muzzle brake”) are not planned
- HESH shells will possibly get a new simple, yet realistic mechanism (“when it’s done it’s done”)
- the split shells (separated into the shell and the charge) are modelled within the game by the fact that the guns that use them have lower rate of fire
- the biggest non-mortar caliber for a tank the developers encountered in the archives was 380mm
- T-55 Mod.1960 is too weak to be implemented as tier 10
- Japanese tank destroyer branch also faces problems (like the heavies), but there’s a chance to make it
- for now there are no suitable tier 10 light tank candidates (SerB states that they look at a lot of designs already, so no need to propose any), but if any are found, they might be implemented
- apparently, splash damage does count into the potential damage recieved
- there are no candidates for French medium premium tanks – what tanks there are will be apparently used for the AMX-30 branch to fill the holes in it
- the T-54 shells that were forcibly sold from the depot in 8.7 were apparently sold because they were scheduled to be sold in 8.6, but someone forgot
- weather effects are planned, they implementation depends on how much they will stress the game engine
- (additional) 45mm gun for KV-5 is not planned
- according to SerB, teaching materials (Youtube videos for example) on various tanks have (only a) little impact on the statistical performance of these vehicles
- starting branches of the Japanese tree will not contain the heavies
- Object 140 won’t be tier 9, because it’s an Omsk vehicle and SerB states that if they put this tank in a Kharkov branch, they’d probably shoot each other on the respawn point even without the players (SS: there was a rivalry between Omsk and Kharkov teams)
- tier 9 Soviet medium will be some rear-turret Object 430 design variant, that was rejected
- smokescreen generator/grenades? Same as weather: depends on the stress it puts on the client, “when it’s done it’s done”
- SerB doesn’t like playing on TD’s apparently
- second British TD branch – “when it’s done it’s done”, FV4005 has a chance of appearing in it
- SerB states he doesn’t remember whether the Lowe chassis was used for any TD/SPG designs, he says one was possibly the Bär (SS: AFAIK, no – it was a modified Tiger suspension)
- it’s possible that China will recieve a midtier premium light tank (SS: Type 64 was mentioned – a Taiwanese Duster hull with a Hellcat turret)
- SerB states that he doesn’t know, whether the rise of the KV-5 winrate on RU server was tied to the publication of one certain play guide on RU forums

J1mB0′s Crosshair Mod 8.7

J1mB0′s Contour Icon Mod 8.7