Saturday, August 31, 2013

Skin WZ-120

Remodeling T71

WoWP Sniper Scope


- when the turret of the IS-7 rotates sideways from the hull and its silhouette overlaps the hull itself, it’s actually possible to shoot the bottom of the turret, if your tank is significantly lower than the IS-7 itself. The bottom of the turret is 20mm thick
- there are plans for more crew perks – it will happen in WoWp much sooner than in WoT
- SerB on linear XP requirement for crew skills in WoWp: “Linear system was implemented as an experiment. It is easier to understand than the exponential one, despite the average effective skill when levelling up being 75 percent (compared to exponential system’s 87 percent). The total XP cost of levelling the crew skills up is the same as in the exponential system”
- the average battle time in WoT is 7 minutes, for WoWp it’s 3-4 minutes. The WoWp battles are more dynamical and the developers consider these numbers okay
- SerB states that it is possible to put the T15E2M2 on the Superpershing and it’s also possible to remove it from the regular tank
- premium account is now common for WoWp and WoT and it will work for both
- SerB states that the rewards for player skill improvement are the credits and XP and that’s normal (SS: as in: no extra rewards for steady rating improvement will be offered)
- SerB has nothing to do with World of Tanks Assistent (done by a different group)
- SerB states that the current bushes are “standard technology” – if they were all modelled in 3D completely, it would require the players to have much stronger computers
- shooting a gun actually forces a visibility check outside of regular visibility check cycles (SS: for details on visibility mechanism, check wotwiki)
- the future of the “180pen Pershing gun” is “in doubt”
- the 170 pen on T15 gun is historical, it’s calculated according to Soviet methodology of penetration, in which it really is 170 pen
- there is a rumor going around RU forums that because of the gold inflation, all the future new premium tanks will be sold via gift shop. This rumor is false.
- SerB feels “indifferent” towards possible Superpershing penetration buff

Friday, August 30, 2013


- for now, no tier 8 premium French medium tank has been found
- maximum speed buff for JT88? “We’ll see. We are very careful when taking decisions on premium tanks”
- unified chat and friend contacts are planned for WoT and WoWp
- if you gather 240 WoWp tokens every day between 1st and 26th September in WoWp, you will be able to buy 2 months of premium (common to both WoWp and WoT) for your account for them
- new alternative ways of gaining free XP? “No comment for now, the final concept for that is not ready yet”
- for now SerB doesn’t see any possibilities for a lowtier (2-6) medium French premium tank
- the top Pershing gun (T15E2M2) is fictional, it was invented to avoid overlapping with other guns (SS: as in, it was invented in the order for the T32 and Pershing/Patton not to use the same gun, if I understand it correctly)
- the issue, where a gun “stick” to a wreck you are hiding behind or your aim reticle is aiming behind will be solved by the optional possibility to disable automatic aim height compensator
- re-worked tracers: “when it’s done it’s done”
- the new branch of US medium tanks (2nd branch, 3rd if you count the T57 one) will consist of non-autoloading tanks with regular (not oscillating) turret
- if I understand correctly, the T15E2M2 and T15E2 stats are different, because the T15E2 stats are overblown, it’s possible the T15E2 stats will be nerfed (SS: this doesn’t make sense to me much because the E2 is the weaker of the two, could be SerB’s typo – in any case, one of these guns might lose its stats and be considered lower tier weapon)

Subscriber Replay #27 - T14, 59-16 and M4

German Changes - 8.8 Preview

Skin Birch Gun

Skin AMX 50 120

Skin JagdPz E-100

Super Pershing 8.8 Changes

Remodeling 113

Remodeling DickerMax

Remodeling E-100

Remodeling E-50 Ausf.M

Skin T110E5 Anime

Skin AMX 50 100

Skin Object 140

Skin Ferdinand

Thursday, August 29, 2013

8.8 Test 2 Changes

For 8.8
- Superpershing: the strip of improved upper hull armor was made two times wider (in accordance with the visual model)
- E-75 bad and medium terrain passability was significantly improved
- the ammo sliders were returned to the way they were before for now, the new variant will be implemented later with other fixes (most likely with the possibility to lock the respective types of shells)
- there will be a surprise concerning the global rating, a special article on that will be prepared
- the British blue stripe camo will return to the way it was before
Not for 8.8
- there is still a heated internal debate whether the KV-1S will lose the 122mm or not
- Object 140 turret armor will be reworked (it will resemble the T-62A turret more), but not now – somewhere around patch 0.9.0, as there will be additional testing needed after such rework
- the Historical battles concept is mostly ready and it now waits for documentation and implementation. It was finally decided how we will do it. When? “When it’s done, it’s done”, as usual.
Storm answers questions in comments:
- Foch 155 will be rebalanced, this year
- Object 268 will generally not be touched
- the “discussion” about KV-1S gun is “SerB against everyone”
- the rating “surprise” will be “some changes in rating logic” (SS: later on, Storm mentioned twinks in such a context that my guess (!!!) is that it will be something to make twinks/sealclubbers/pedobears (whichever term you prefer) not have a good rating, in later comment another developer does mention “Seaclubbers running away, yes. Just as planned”)
- Storm confirms that the new rating will take amount of battles into account
- the Object 140 turret will not be identical to T-62A turret, but it will be “brought closer” to it, the turret roof will still be 30mm, as it was on Object 907 and Object 430, clearance might be a bit higher
- Storm on kill marks on tanks: “Every nation did it differently. It’s pretty hard to make. Either will either be historical and hard to see, or unhistorical and easy to see. Both options are bad.”
- 7/42 will come soon, when it comes out, it will be without skill MM however
- currently supertested are the Kharkov and Minsk maps, there will be new city maps in random
- apparently, this area of Kharkov will be turned into a map:
- apart from Minsk and Kharkov, Stalingrad will also be implemented
- the blue British stripe camo will return, because the historical version turned out to be too ugly. There will be both variants implemented: the new and the old one, so there are no issues with compensations
- there is still not enough info on the tier 9 Soviet Kharkov medium tank, there will be people going to Kharkov to collect more evidence
- in 8.8, Superpershing will also have its turret rotation and gun aim spread (accuracy) changed allegedly (SS: we’ll have to wait for test 2 changes), and that’s all – no more changes to SP after 8.8
- the rating article mentioned above will come before the patch, or with it
- new aim reticle (dot) and reload timer will come out in 8.9
- Storm states that bigger maps are not important for players, they only seem interesting. According to tests, the gameplay on bigger maps is not as good as people imagine.
- there is some FPS optimization in every patch
- the client physics is being developed, but it will have little influence on gameplay, the game will only look nicer
- fixed numerous bugs and fixed the lagging (crashing) of the new Service Record window
- fixed numerous bugs in the Missions window
- fixed the performance drop in the Missions window
- fixed some bugs in the Special battles window
- fixed some bugs in the Company battles window

- fixed a bug, where tanks dropped into some objects when ramming them
- fixed some bugs in displaying new flags on bases
- added shadows in hangar
- implemented some MM fixes, that weren’t implemented in first round of the test
- fixed the client crashes, that appeared in first test of 0.8.8
- fixed the bug where you couldnt enter the battle in some tanks
- fixed the bug that made you play Assault and Encounter, even if you disabled those modes
- fixed some Sound settings section UI bugs
- fixed the buggy switching to gold shells for gold in the tank service window
- fixed the bug, that prevented you from entering the tank service window via the company and special battle UI
- fixed the missing platoonmembers color designation on the battle loading window
- fixed the breakdown of chat symbols (SS: not sure what this means)
- fixed the bug in battle result window, that appeared in some cases
- fixed the shooting sound of the Object 140 gun
- improved the terrain passability for the E-75 on medium and bad surfaces
- fixed the poor performance on the Serene Coast map
- fixed some icon display bugs in the ingame magazine and depot
- removed the color change in Britain “blue” camo
- fixed the collision model of the Superpershing
- fixed some naming and icon bugs on the battle loading screen
- fixed a bug where the hangar lagged/crashed when more tanks were present
- fixed some T-44-122 and Type 64 visual model bugs
- fixed some bugs on maps Swamp, Airfield, Karelia, Severogorsk and Tundra
- returned the pre-8.8 way the ammo sliders work
- global rating formula changed
- fixed the missing pop-up window when the tank becomes elite


- when balancing new vehicles, their use in e-sports is not specifically taken into account
- complete re-work of the camo system (especially to include partial cover) is planned, but it will take long time
- M48 Patton will apparently get buffed, better gun stabilization (= accuracy on the move and aim time), DPM and viewrange were mentioned. But no details yet.
- Storm: “We continue to give out tanks with garage slots in case of tank switches” and – when asked – specifically on the VK3001H situation, he replied “as always” (SS: other sources also confirmed that yes, you will get free VK3002M, if you have the VK3001H in your garage)

- KV-1S current armor is historical, it won’t be buffed
- more data on your tank crew members (for example the amount of tanks they destroyed) is not collected and won’t be implemented, the developers decided so because it would significantly increase the WG database size
- captured/lend-lease tanks won’t come in 2013, they have very low priority
- a new category of tanks, “airborne tanks”, was mentioned by Zlobny, but even that has very low priority
Some World of Tanks: Blitz info from Overlord
- the control model is already mostly decided
- Overlord would be glad if the public counted in millions
- WoTB UI is still classified
- Windows 8 mobile support is not planned for now, iOS and Android are the top priorities
- the game should run on Nexus 10, but the focus is on Nexus 7
- early testing stage will definitely start this year, but the game won’t be released in 2013
- platoons will be limited to 2 players

Skin AMX 12t

Skin ISU-152

Skin Object 704

E-100 Model Change

- the hull becomes a bit longer
- tracks are slightly moved (up and forward)

Tiger II Final Armor Changes



- the commander’s copula made significantly tougher
- lower frontal plate became historical 100mm instead of 120mm
- bow machinegun weakspot removed
- mantlet made thinner

Remodeling E50 Ausf M

Skin DickerMax

Remodeling DickerMax

Remodeling DickerMax

Remodeling H39

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Epic Win TD's

Epic Win MT's

Replay Roundup 4 - Heartbreakers

Object 140 8.8 Preview

Skin Birch Gun


- The_Chieftain, US developer and tank expert, is pushing for a 3rd US TD line. He states there are a few tier 3 to 6′s possible, but high tiers will be a problem
- when there is tank A and tank B, with tank A having a lot of engine power but bad terrain passability, while tank B has bad engine power but good terrain passability, it’s possible to actually test the difference by looking at acceleration: tank A will have better acceleration at lower speeds
- SerB posted this when asked about a single photo where the Superpershing has the “ears” on the turret.

- apparently 100 percent crews for credit won’t be implemented
- historical info on the Chi-Nu Kai will be published
- for now, there are no tier 8 premium candidates for Japan
- experience spent on unlocking top E50/75 engines will not be compensated:
“That would be illogical. You had a tank in elite configuration and after that you will have a tank in elite configuration. What is there to compensate?”
“What was the purpose of unlocking the top engine? Elite tank. That was the purpose, was it not? Noone needs the engine alone apart from the tank. After all the changes, the player will again recieve an elite tank. So what is there to compensate?”
“You all put it as if playing the game was a hard work, that needs to be compensated. Or did you, like everyone else, play for fun? What is there to compensate? Fun time, spent in the game?”
- the developers decided not to increase the XP cost of E-100 in order to compensate for the engine lost, because they considered the E-100 XP cost too high anyway
- the different sound when shooting the Object 140 gun compared to T-62A is a bug
- the compensation policy has changed since the SU-85 case (SS: it lost its top gun and XP was compensated for it). SerB on the SU-85 case: “That was a different situation. 107mm on SU-122 for example stood outside of the main unlocking line (SS: leading to new tank) and the gun unlocking spot was clearly localized”
- terrain passability for the E-75 on medium and soft ground will be buffed in round 2 of the test
- no plans to implement modern tanks into WoT
- the game Bigworld engine and Havok have nothing to do with the fact the modern tanks won’t make it to WoT
- Q: “Will obviously overpowered Object 268 be nerfed?” A: “Noobs always think other “imbalanced” tanks prevent them from pwning, they don’t blame their own game skill”
- commander tanks (less hitpoints, bigger viewrange and radio range) are still planned, “when it’s done it’s done”
- Foch and T57 won’t be nerfed because of whine, but because they stand out statistically
- the arty nerf statistics are already available for the developers, SerB states that all the intended goals were met

Skin 113

Skin E-100

Skin T-34

Crowd Control with my SysterYster #1 - 11 kills

Patch 8.8 Preview - The Not So Super Pershing.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

112 Gameplay Review

T-34-3 Gameplay Review

A Quicky #113 - Insane Combo

Desert Hangar By Hellinger


- Q: “This game needs more player rewards, for example 200 gold for each player every day” A:”You came to the wrong game. I think that you need a game, where they will pay you 100 thousand for simply you showing the developers the honor by turning your attention to it. And of course not in gold, but in real money.”
- singleplayer missions are not planned, the load on the server would be too high (SS: for example for the tutorial, server has to create one map session for every single player, that’s very uneconomical)

- when you have 6 perks and more, individual perks are no longer displayed, instead, the icons get “compressed” like this:
This is not planned to be changed.
- Object 140 a T-62A clone and not needed? “Your opinion is very important to us” (SS: sarcasm)
- accuracy wasn’t changed in 8.8
- SerB is not sure about the E-50M being balanced well in 0.8.8
- it’s not yet sure, what the name shortcut of the Waffenträger E-100 will be in 0.8.9 (SS: yes, we can be reasonably sure the German TD’s will come in 8.9)
- Q: “Why does T-34-3 cost 11k gold and not 7,5k?” A: “Because 11k is more than 7,5k”
- second American medium line (SS: third, if you count the T57H line) is planned, devs are looking for vehicles for it
- Chaffee branch will be prolonged

You’ll like this, SerB’s on the roll again.
- SerB on Gaijin War Thunder tanks, when asked what he thinks about them:
“We do watch them. Company Gaijin, by the way, puts a lot of effort into making its project NOT resembling WoT (true, not always – for example module unlocking they made basically the same as we have it in the end, only instead of normal stock modules they give out “worn out” modules). And so their experience is very valuable for us, mostly in the “how not to do it” part. But if they – let’s say – manage to make a playable tank game with better historicity (Tiger with heavier turret(c)), we will gladly learn from their experience”
- SU-152 Taran is not planned
- Q (on SerB): “How did the EU community react on the Stalin inscriptions returning?” A: “Majority doesn’t care, the only ones with butthurting are the Polish (it’s their national sport) and – oddly enough – Romanians”

- SerB on Comet being UP: “I don’t understand how bad a player you have to be not to pwn in Comet”
- SerB on dynamic tank characteristics in hangar: “In my opinion, this is what should have been made instead of screwing up shell sliders. But our UI makers have their own vision”
- Landkreuzer Ratte will not appear in WoT even as map decoration
- what will follow in branch after Chaffee? “No comment”
- the “you get as much XP for losing as you get for winning if you get a medal” feature in 8.8 test will make it to the public server
- SerB states that WoT made the Kubinka museum increase its visitor count 4 times
- SerB on various player-made “votes” and “surveys” about game matters: “We will be guided by player surveys only if democracy is brought to Wargaming by American bombers, or if the players buy 51 percent of WG shares”
- Player Kwot34 asks SerB: “What will be your thoughts if I show you my Comet results?” A:”(my thoughts will be) ‘Am I such a bad player as Kwot34?’”
- 8.8 lower frontal armor of Tiger II (100mm) is historical (SS: yes it is, according to Doyle), the 120mm LFP is a mistake coming from one Russian book by an author named Barjatinskij, it’s widespread on RU forums
- the 8.8 Superpershing frontal armor is now completely historical
- Jagdtiger 88 won’t be changed as a part of the 8.8 German changes, because it is a premium vehicle. For now at least.
- Jagdtiger lower frontal plate will also be reduced from 120 to 100mm
- Q: “Okay, you are not changing JT88 so more people buy it?” A: “Conspiracy everywhere, how are we supposed to live with that?!”
- Q: “JT88 was not touched ‘for now’, is it possible it will be nerfed and gold will be returned like in SP case?” A: “Everything’s possible”
- crew XP gain mechanism was not touched in 8.8
- WG considers 1 degree error in armor slope compared to the historical original acceptable
- E-75 might be buffed a bit for test 2 of 8.8 in order to compensate for the loss of the 1200hp engine
- SerB is very invested in WoT Xbox 360
- SerB answers to a player, who suggested the Object 140 to be on tier 9 and refers to a player survey that the players want it: “It’s a stupid proposal. You proposed the branch that was intended originally. But the problem is – the proposal to put Object 140 on tier 9 was already declined. We talked about this earlier. But you and others like you don’t read, you only write… and putting Object 140 on tier 9 will not succeed even if 100500 players vote for this stupidity.”
- Object 140 is better armored than T-54
- about demolitions of bridges in WOT (when Havok is implemented): “In World of Tanks we’ll have to solve the issue with tanks standing under them getting buried by the rubble”

Test Server 8.7 - 112 & T-34-3

Monday, August 26, 2013

8.8 Map Preview - Tundra

Remodeling Black Prince


- the bug where the vehicle says “not ready for battle” but in fact it IS read for battle on test server is a bug, it will be solved
- the Tiger buffs will make the Tiger more popular
- there will be no special XP/credit compensation for engines lost in 8.8
- if you sell your Superpershing, you will get no gold compensation for its gold ammo
- WG will compensate premium account only if the servers were down for more than 4 hours
- the new WG rating does not imply there will be a rating based MM
- there will be no “forsage” mode/consumable for Germans, as the 1200hp engines (E-50/75) were totally unhistorical, the “forsage” allowed the engine to temporarily operate at 1000hp and it was available only in the 60′s
- boiler plates of the same thickness are roughly two times less effective than armor plates, when it comes to resistance to shells. That’s one of the reasons more “layers” of Superpershing armor will not be modelled, it will stay as it is in 8.8
- the reason Leopard prototype has such a thin armor (50mm) is that by that time, all the countries used HEAT and subcaliber rounds en masse and the designers thought that no matter what they do, the armor will get penetrated anyway, so they might as well make it withstand only low caliber weapons fire from autocannons, while making the vehicle lighter and faster
- the German tanks didn’t have historical modules in the past, because “it was not possible to do it from the start” (SS: I guess it’s tied to the evolution of the branches, where vehicles were forced to fill other niches, f.e. +/-3 tier spread)
- SerB has a Moskvich 2141 from 1993 as his car
- Soviet 1200hp engines are historical, as it was basically two 600hp V-2 engines working in pair
- Q:”Will you make the commander’s copulas not damageable by shells?” A:”And what about a ‘make me invulnerable and kill all’ button?”
- reward tanks from missions will be hard to obtain
- SerB on how much historical WOT is: “We balance the historicity and the playability in such an extent we consider necessery”
- despite the fact tanks are being balanced around their top configuration, SerB states that no gun is considered to be “top” and thus the two guns for T-44 for example (D-25T and LB-1) are considered equal
- RU251 will not come in 8.9, as there are still some issues with obtaining some info from Münster
- the idea is that free experience should be shared between WoT, WoWp and WoWs, but the developers are still waiting for some technical solution on this
- Q: “You removed the unhistorical engine from E-75. How do you know what engine was historical, when the vehicle was never built and no engine was installed in it?” A: “No engine was installed in it in real life, so we’ll just remove all the engines from it”
- Object 139 won’t be introduced as a separate tank
- the entire German E-series rebalance is a compromise according to SerB
- Havoc server-side destruction physics will be implemented
- S-34 (the new coming KV-1S gun) is roughly equal to the 100mm D-10T, it’s a bit weaker in secondary parameters
- SerB is still fighting to keep the 122mm KV-1S
- 2nd German TD branch in 8.9? “It’s possible”
- 7/42 companies: “when it’s done it’s done”
- the fire extinguisher change is not actual ATM (SS: there was a plan to make all the fire extinguishers automatic, with the skill reducing the delay in which they activate)
- Q: “Why does not shooting allies who are capturing enemy base reset the capture counter like when you shoot enemies?” A: “So that retards – and you did try that, didn’t you? – don’t disrupt the capture while screaming ‘No cap!!!!!!’”

Skin SU-152

Remodeling Matilda

Skin M22 Locust

Patch 8.8 - National Voice-Overs

Skin Pack

1hvy, M6, AT8, AT7, AMX AC Mle1948, ELC AMX, AMX 50Fosh155, Ltraktor, Wespe, Grille, VK1602, E-100, JagdPz E100
TOG II, Type59, Type62, 110, 111 1-3, AMX 50 100, ARL V39, Tiger I, JagdPzIV, Marder II

1hvy, M6, AT8, AT7, AMX AC Mle1948, ELC AMX, AMX 50Fosh155, Ltraktor, Wespe, Grille, VK1602, E-100, JagdPz E100 

TOG II, Type59, Type62, 110, 111 1-3, AMX 50 100, ARL V39, Tiger I, JagdPzIV, Marder II 

Skin T-43

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Quicky #111 - Tiger P vs Zwei Löwen

Patch 8.8 Preview - VK3001(H) Tier 5 Heavy Tank


- it looks like no matter what happens with the KV-1S 122mm gun, the 100mm S-34 will be added either way
- the reason for KV-1S balance is that it stands out in the statistics. Not terribly, but it does. So in any case it is necessery to somehow nerf the 122mm KV-1S, but what exactly is still being discussed
- the German unhistorical engines removal was the balance team’s idea, not SerB’s.

- Q: “Why remove unhistorical German engines when most of the players don’t care about their historicity anyway, but it did cost a lot of XP to level them up and it causes distrust between players and WG?” A: “We don’t care about distrust, conspiracy theorists would make up a conspiracy theory anyway”
- gold shells use has not increased compared to before, according to developers, the gold ammo for credits was a good thing to do
- no skill MM will ever appear: “If you get more skilled, you will have the right to pwn”
- SerB wants to remove the new sliders from the test, he already wrote Storm about it
- will the Object 140 have better accuracy on the move because of the improved suspension? “Tests will show”
- officially there will not be an option to actually select, which national voiceover goes to which tank, but the modmakers will do something like that SerB says
- SerB on constant WoT rebalance: “There is stability only in grave – in the sense that there is not one “live” MMO without constant rebalance”
- the GW E tracks are too heavy (40 tons, 30 tons for other E-100 vehicles), these 10 tons will be moved from the trucks to the hull, it has no influence on gameplay, so it has very low priority
- whilem the T-44-85 will carry the S-54 gun, its ballistic properties are allegedly the same as the ones of S-53, eg. 120 pen. It’s possible that the T-44-85 will recieve special shells to improve the penetration
- maps Moscow, Stalingrad, Minsk and Kharkov (city maps) are being developed for random battles too
- national voiceover subtitles in other language are not planned

Tiger II Weakspot Gone In 8.8

Basically, the commander’s copula was removed as an easily penetrable weakspot. Earlier:

VK3601H And Tiger Mantlet Changes In 8.8

K3601H 88mm gun mantlet got thicker in 8.8. This is how it looks:
In 8.7, it was 40-80-100, in 8.8 it is 50-100-135. Be advised that the Konisch uses a different mantlet, that is 100mm all across the space.
Tiger mantlet got much more complex. This is the old one:
And this is the new one: