Monday, September 30, 2013


- FV300 is planned to be introduced as British light tank, but SerB states that other than that (it’s a tier 6 probably), the British have no hightier LT candidates, unless WG digs something up at Bovington
- SerB considers the 8.8 German rebalance “fair”
- the Lowe side armor is historical, it belongs to one of the models mentioned in Panzer Tracts (SS: Lowe is a mashup of two models in game, I think there’s an article on that in old FTR)

- there might be a “shockwave” graphic effect (from tank shooting) implemented, but if it makes it to WoT, it will be active only when the tank is spotted
- tank throwing out dirt (or “shaking it off” when it stops) will be implemented only if in the limits of client computer possibilities
- WG won’t make a MMORPG game apparently
- official concept of historical battles is ready and confirmed, “wait for official announcement”
- players having strange ratings? SerB: “As I wrote before, I don’t care about any ratings.”
- WoT having bot-detecting algorithms? “We won’t comment on bot-detecting algorithms in game”
- Lowe doesn’t have 150mm L/40, because it would be terribly OP with it
- apparently, Leopard 1 has the best camo factor of all hightier meds
- there might be an invisibility (“show I am online only to friends/clanmates”) mode implemented, not soon tho
- SerB states that there was no Maus I tank (contrary to Maus II, that was historical), Maus I was simply called “Maus”
- SerB says that if you see tank corpses rotate like 10-15 degrees after their destruction, it’s probably desynchronisation of client
- SerB also confirms that last month’s massive events (like the possibility to get a lot of gold per day) did have an effect on WG economy – if good or bad remains to be seen
- “Jagdchieftain” (CTR) in WoT? “No comment”
- blindshots (you accidentally hit someone who was not spotted in the bushes for example) count as if the shooter spotted the enemy himself, you get full XP/credit for it
- the Japanese tree got reworked: Type 97 Te-Ke got thrown out and the Chi-Ri lost the 88mm gun (SS: just like Daigensui predicted)
- SerB confirms that the Chinese tree is generally not very popular
- SerB thinks that 20 percent of all players will hide their statistics – they will be spread roughly equally when it comes to skill with a bit more good players hiding their stats, because they read the news and forums
- it’s possible that the E-50 will move to tier 10 and will be replaced by a “Turbopanther” with two optional hulls (SS: a GT101 gas turbine Panther probably)
- both the regular movement stopping (you move forward and press the S key) and the stop-to-shoot (spacebar) stop the vehicle with the same speed
- new city maps will be smaller than 1x1km
- Americans will get a second medium branch (SS: not counting the T57 one). It might start from the Chaffee, but that is not guaranteed. It has undergone changes in the past, but according to SerB, players will like it.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


- hitpoints of each vehicle are not calculated randomly, WG has a program/Excel table algorithm to calculate it, but the formula for it won’t be disclosed
- removing the “miniturret” (sometimes called “Artoo”) weakspot of KV-5 is not planned
- when the WoWp gets released, player statistics will be wiped
- additional objects within the capping circle of new maps (compared to old maps) were added to make it interesting for players
- SerB confirms that E-50 has the worst camo factor of all T9 meds
- no solution towards teammates who block your line of fire will be implemented: “We’ll leave it up to players”

- apparently, garage battles are still planned. Storm: “For now, we will not tell any details about this mode. We’ll implement it, we’ll test it and then we’ll talk.”
- ingame Lowe is, according to Storm, based on W1662 Lowe variant from Panzer Tracts
- Storm states that firing on obstacles, behind which an enemy is hiding in order to “smoke him out” won’t be rewarded, as it is practically impossible to determine, whether a player is firing at obstacles to smoke someone out, or simply randomly
- it’s possible module repair time display will be implemented when dynamic tank stats in garage are added
- it’s possible company battles will get “fog of war”, but random battles definitely not
- Storm states that the devs consider additional tank statistics (such as average XP per battle, average hitrate, penetration rate and others) when it comes to balancing vehicles only in special cases with some individual hard-to-balance vehicles
- moving clouds might be implemented at some point
- it’s too early to tell how well is T-34-3 doing statistically
- when the player stat hiding is implemented, 3rd party API-based applications (SS: XVM, noobmeter etc.) won’t be able get them either (“What would be the point of hiding statistics if they could”)
- it’s not possible to tell whether WoT will work under Steam OS, especially considering the fact that Steam might make its OS with blocking non-steam applications.
- you can’t see your tank’s hull in sniper mode so that it doesn’t interfere with your view
- AMX-50B dimensions are historical
- +/-1 MM is not planned
- details for the statistics hiding option will be published in patchnotes for public test patch (SS: not sure if 8.9 or not)
- SerB thinks roughly 20 percent of players will hide their player stats
- FV304 arty is based on FV300 light tank platform

Saturday, September 28, 2013


- it’s technically possible to make a 1200*1200m WoT map
- Storm states that it’s not necessery to add the AAMG to some tanks, but it’s pretty (SS: as in that pintle-mounted MG, that isn’t a part of collision model anyway)
- it’s completely possible that when tank overturning is implemented, a tank, going down hill full speed will roll on its back if it gets detracked by intertia
- for now there are no plans for more TD’s with more alpha than Jpz E-100
- for now, it’s not planned to delete inactive accounts, that are “blocking” attractive names, as there are difficulties connected with that
- MM weight of vehicles will not be officially disclosed

- the 60mm frontal armor T-34 variant (intended as the hull option for T-34) is not the Leningrad “s ekranami” variant (with spaced armor), the 60mm plate is apparently homogenous
- optional hull variants with spaced armor will be kept separate from turrets with spaced armor apparently (SS: as in, there will be an option to install only the hull with spaced armor, while the spaced armor on the turret (where possible) might appear either as equipment, or as a separate turret module)
- SerB states that he doesn’t consider earlier-implemented vehicles to be obsolete by the fact WG implemented newer high alpha vehicles
- T-34-2 is worse than Type 59? “Don’t play T-34-2″
- the gold ammo for credits statistics are “fine”, which also means WG won’t be limiting this in high tiers (SS: some player was whining that too many people shoot gold on tier 10)
- NPC tanks won’t be introduced to WoT, as it is much complicated to make AI tanks than AI planes (like in WoWp)
- SerB states that this MM is normal
- Q: “Will there be a post-battle player performance rating by other players, something like the reputation on forums?” A: “‘I WILL NEGREP YOU YOU CAMPING BUSH-LOVING WANKER!!111!!’ yea right…”
- Japanese planes in WoWp being fragile is an intended feature
- T-34-3 price is fine

Friday, September 27, 2013


- when the option to hide your stats is implemented, if someone hides their stats, you won’t be able to see them even after the battle is over (in game). It will also not be possible to recieve the stats of someone who has them hidden via API (SS: whatever that is, I suspect it’s some interface the mods like Noobmeter and Xvm work through)
- when you reset your skills for silver and select new perks, the penalty does spread over the whole XP amount (SS: so you will still get 100 percent base crew skill, you will just get less XP for the skills/perks)
- apparently, what tanks you have in hangar is still considered private info (won’t be disclosed in player stats)
- missions cannot be completed in company battles, as they would be too easy to rig

- it won’t be possible to hide your clantag in randoms
- unification of WoT and WoWp hangars (so that you see in one client the vehicles you have in both games) is not planned
- Storm states that WG didn’t want to implement skill MM and they didn’t: the “patent” on skill MM was filed “just in case”
- other TD’s similiar to FV215b 183 won’t come anytime soon
- apparently it’s technically possible to make friend and ignore lists longer
- according to Storm, the consequences of adding the option to disable player stats have been considered carefully enough
- AMX-50/100 armor is fine according to SerB
- SerB states that the penetration value in game is valid for 100 meters. Each shell has two values: for 100 and 500 meters – penetration drop between them is linear. On distances shorter than 100m, the 100m pen applies.
- module tier number is completely arbitrary
- there will be no rework of XP/credit earning mechanism apparently (SS: this one is a bit complicated, the player (if I understand it correctly) asked whether the rewards will be proportional to the role that respective vehicle is supposed to play, eg. TD’s get more rewards for sniping, heavies for tanking etc.)
- Somua S35 stats are fine apparently
- for now, the only elements of WoWp and WoT to be unified are gold, premium account and free XP. Credits won’t be unified. As for other possible elements, no comment for now.
- Storm states that trollplatoons are automatically compensated by giving the opposing team lower MM weight vehicles (SS: within the 10 percent difference)
- trollplatoons won’t be banned
- the mechanism that allows you to be only in 3 battles in a row on the bottom of the team has not been removed
- SerB states that vehicles with large alpha and penetration do fit the general concept of the game

Thursday, September 26, 2013


- BIA having no effect on camo? “BIA increases the overall skill level of the crew. Furthermore the aim time and others are increased according to general rules.” – and, when confronted by some experiment a player made: “Your experiments are very important to us”
- some guy asks whether the rear-turret tank destroyer with turret based on Maus chassis will be the tier 10 German TD. SerB: “If there is info, there will be such a variant. We have info only about the E-100″ (SS: what a load of garbage, there was no such project)

- according to SerB, there is a possibility of a tier 10 German TD based on Maus (similiar to Jpz E-100), but WG decided not to implement it, as it doesn’t fit anywhere and it would be basically a copy of Jpz E-100 (SS: yes, that’s correct)
- the suspension graphics will be improved, but the tracks will still be modelled as a “belt”, they won’t consist of independently modelled track links, as that would be beyond the possibilities of any but the strongest player computers
- SerB states that when considering the statistics for nerfing/buffing vehicles, the impact of skilled players of them is negligible, as good players form only one-digit percentage of the playerbase
- M-50 and M-51 Super Sherman will be introduced at some point
- E-25 overpowered? “We forgot to ask your opinion, sorry”
- the fact that the same 100mm M-63 looks different for each turret on Object 416 is correct according to SerB, it was done so that while the gun did look different in real life, it wouldn’t have to be introduced as a different gun module (of the same gun) in game for unlocking
- it’s unclear yet whether T10 Foch and T57H will be nerfed in 0.8.9
- VK4502A is doing fine statistically
- SerB states that the opinion of various “famous” streamer personalities (such as Russian Jove or Murazor) has no influence on WG actions: “That would be like building politics of a country on the opinion of directors or artists”
- neither IS-5, nor Shashmurin’s rear-turret IS will be implemented for now
- twin-linked engines do not have bigger chance of getting damaged, their big size is modelled by their hitbox
- internal armored components (SS: for example armored crew seats) are not modelled in the collision model
- AA vehicles won’t be introduced anytime soon – later, maybe, “if needed”
- it’s theoretically possible to implement the possibility to return to the battle once a player leaves the battle for the hangar, but it’s complicated and not needed according to SerB
- according to SerB, everything is okay with AMX-50/100 armor (SS: some player complains it’s not historical)
- Storm states that even when hit by a large shell, the gun module can succeed in the “saving throw” and not get damaged, that’s where direct hits in the gun, that didn’t do anything come from
- current visual camo concept is that “Player pays not for a camouflage, but for decorating his tank”, that’s why you can’t buy more camo variants at the same time
- the theory that when you win a lot, the MM will stop putting you on the top of the team is “nonsense, very popular in gaming circles”
- no plans to change artillery shell trajectory, there might however be some buffs to the arty shell velocity
- dead crewmember recieves only 90 percent of the crew XP, if he gets revived by a medkit, he gets full 100 percent
- SerB confirms that both BIA and ventilation do influence camouflage skill
- there are no plans for now to implement captured KV-1 (German vehicle)
- Storm regarding the fact WG has patented winrate-based MM (SS: this was popular months ago on forums, some might remember): “I don’t know about that. Lawyers did that. They probably wanted to secure it from all sides and for all cases.”
- Storm states that the Noobmeter mod (or the XVM) won’t be banned, as it doesn’t interfere in anything, but there will be an option to disclose player statistics only to friends and clanmates (not public). When asked about the possibility that everyone with 1-49 percent winrate will simply hide their stats, making Noobmeter useless, Storm replies: “Everything is possible”
- regarding the “too many TD’s” whine: “Dominance of TD’s – statistics don’t show their dominance. Yes, there are more of them, but not so many that they would break the game”
- Storm confirms that Severogorsk map has some issues, it will be fixed. It won’t be removed temporarily, it will be just fixed. Devs are still considering how exactly.
- Storm states that it’s possible the tier 4 TD’s for Junior companies are too OP, but he hasn’t studied the matter
- Komarin will be checked, whether it’s balanced
- low caliber subcaliber shells lose penetration over distance faster than high caliber ones
- SerB states examples for unlockable hulls:
T-34: 1940 pattern hull, 1942 pattern hull (frontal armor 60mm instead of 45mm, better suspension quality, 5 speed transmission, different roadwheels and hull accessories)
T-34/85: 1943 patter hull, T-34/85-60 hull (better suspension quality, different roadwheels and accessories)
E-50: current hull, the same hull but with rear transmission (example)
E-75: the same (current hull, rear transmission hull)
KV-3 and KV-220 have no variants
- the maps in WoT won’t be as segmented as in WoWp (different maps for tiers 1-4, 5-8, 9-10), as the tank speed doesn’t vary that much
- Q: “Is it possible to make WoT realistic?” A: “Sure, we only have to introduce infantry (ration like 1 batallion on 1 tank), engineers, AT-guns and howitzers and burning gasoline splashing from the screen. Otherwise the fight will be unrealistic”
- custom player-made inscriptions will not be implemented
- high DPS tanks, TD’s and autoloader tanks will be nerfed? “There will be something, but it’s not profitable for us to announce it yet. When it’s done it’s done.”
- for now there are no plans to implement a client function to stream the gameplay directly to player’s Twitch account
- according to Storm, the Mountain Pass map is not wrongly balanced (in favor of upper team), it won’t be rebalanced
- server-side replays will come in near future

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


- there is no accuracy penalty when shooting enemies, that were scouted (lit up) by someone else and not you
- Storm on 8.8 MM balancing issues: “It has confirmed that the waiting times are longer and that the matchmaker tends to compose the teams with different MM weights within the 10 pecent difference limit, depite being able to make the team MM weight difference smaller.”
- three new city maps are planned (“Will tell when the time is right” – SS: possibly Minsk, Kharkov and Moscow/Stalingrad)
- high tier battle dynamic and battle duration has not changed in last 6 months, devs are okay with this situation
- T110E3 and T110E4 historical data can be found in Hunnicutt: Firepower
- British premium tier 8 vehicle? “If we add it, we’ll tell you”
- it’s likely that the tier 9 Object 430 prototype turret traverse will be the same as Object 416 has now

- bot player bans are not being published (SS: that does not mean they are not getting banned. Without any details or names, I had two player writing me for being banned for botting)
- FV215b rebalance? “Wait for test patchnotes”
- Chinese Type 79 (Type 69 with L7 gun) won’t appear in the game, it’s too new
- historical battles will not come this year
- Russian “proposal” forum section has pre-moderation (SS: proposals have to be allowed by a moderator), because (SerB) “Most of the proposals were either proposed before, or they are… eeeee…. not very smart”
- there have been no major changes in battle dynamic since the arty nerf according to SerB
- WoWp light attack planes nation characteristics according to SerB:
Germans – “one pass haul ass”
British – universal
American – many bombs and rockets
- WG tanks and planes on one map playing with each other? “Theoretically, yes. Practically, I think it’s pointless. A tank cannot harm an airplane, unless it reaches the airport. Considering the speed of the airplanes, to place airfiends a few kilometers from one another makes no sense. Accordingly, the tanks would have to travel at least 10 kilometers under fire from air. That’s garbage” – the same goes for ships and airplanes on one map: “And would you like to be cannon fodder in your airplane? Because one capital ship generally carries dozens of airplanes – that’s also garbage.”
- it’s possible the developers will implement the track links hanging on the hull acting as temporary armor (falls off when hit) (SS: this is tied to the Havok physics I think)
- historical battles will work as random battles at first and if that works fine, historical company battles will be implemented
- Storm confirms that client physics (Havok) will use all the cores of multicore processors
- (if I understand it correctly) the scouting damage (you scout, allies damage) will be added to the achievement table
- lighting on all maps will be strongly reworked in 0.9.0
- it will not be possible to select one light filter for all the maps (SS: for example so all the maps have the same brightness as South Coast)
- Q: “Has the whining about 15:0 wins/losses intensified?” A (Storm): “There is such a whine for two years already.” SerB: “Four years”
- live and dead tanks do not act as line of sight (spotting) obstacles
- tanks are buffed/nerfed according to statistics. Q: “What statistics?” A: “Combat statistics.”
- SerB regarding one site that sells accounts: “It’s a database of accounts we’ll ban for account trading”
- more realistic tank movement (for example the tank tilting slightly backwards when accelerating) will be added gradually
- after the physics improvement (independent suspension), it will be possible to turn the tanks over on their roof, it will improve gameplay apparently

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


- RNG won’t be reduced
- the feature of AFK tanks camping in base exploding one second after the last enemy tank has been killed (getting repair damage) has been around for a long time (SS: funny, never noticed that)
- skill MM won’t be implemented
- there will be more various combat missions
- 100 percent crew skill reset for credits won’t be implemented
- companies will not be changed for now, but new 7vs7 format will be introduced

- there will be special platoon searching interface (the way companies have it now)
- Storm states about the results of the increased gun accuracy: “For now it all looks pretty well”
- HE shell explosion can bring down trees. SerB states that the radius in which the trees will fall is not equal to HE splash radius, as the trees need to be dealt a certain amount of damage before they fall, so the radius is somewhat smaller. HE shells from nonartillery guns can also bring down trees
- TD’s do not have better shell spread within the aim circle than other classes
- the reason gun barrels are so hard to actually damage is that the devs don’t want everyone running around with damaged barrels
- it’s completely possible that the researchable hulls will bring the Panzer IV, StuG and Panzer III with Sch├╝rzen (additional side armor)
- there was no accuracy nerf in last 2 patches
- Q: “In this battle, I recieved only a little more experience than the guy who did 0 damage, that’s unfair” A: “That means you played only a bit better than the AFKer. Upgrade your skill.”
- SerB doesn’t consider it a problem that with the gun accuracy buff, several heavily armored vehicles (T95, Tortoise) get critted more often
- the hit ration of inaccurate derp guns rose with the gun accuracy buff “proportionally with the rest of the guns”
- SerB says he doesn’t like any player ratings, he judges player skill by winrate: “Because the damage done, scouting, hitrate etc. are all only means to the end, that is the victory”
- in WoWp, good players win much more often than in WoT, bad players lose more often too.
- company player stats will be separated from the general stats, platoon stats will stay within the general player stats (“who is preventing you from making a platoon with your friends?”) – at this moment some players start whining about platoons being in advantage, SerB states that it’s simply the way humans are: coordination brings better results
- reload timer in seconds: when it’s done it’s done (SS: most likely 8.9)
- Q: “A lot of battles end with 0-15 results for me, will this change in the future?” A: “It will, when you stop screwing up.”
- support service won’t refund you credits, if you sell a tank by accident (“kindergarten for players is over”)
- the twin-linked 122mm ST-I won’t be implemented for now, it’s just an idea
- Q: “Will you fix the game lags with” A:”Unfortunately, we haven’t bought Telia yet”
- some Soviet vehicles (T-70, SU-76) had two engines, linked together. SerB states that if one was knocked out, the vehicle couldn’t move, the other was blocked too.
- SerB won’t participate in streams: “no time for that, sorry”
- manual selection of “important achievements” (for first page of Service Record) is not planned
- in 9.0, the graphics improvement will start by implementing new lighting filters
- apparently the principle on how gold consumables work won’t be reworked (SS: as in, they being useable more than once for example)
- there won’t be a possibility to put the flags/inscriptions wherever you want
- SerB states there is a protection from bogus complaints in the complaint system in game
- if you have two accounts on one computer with Windows, you can save both accounts’ different settings by logging to each account under a different Windows user

Monday, September 23, 2013


- the option to buy an additional crewmember with 4 skills when you have the rest of the crew with 4 skills and need one more for the next vehicle won’t be implemented
- Q: “Where can the players whine about buffs/nerfs of tanks?” A: “Nowhere. It’s possible to actually whine about some specific parameters we try to make as historical as possible, for example ‘the speed is not correct’ or ‘I found the correct armor scheme, that is different from the one in game’. Generally however it’s absolutely pointless to whine about tank balance”

- the special “bell” sound when you damage the enemy module (crits) won’t return (SS: anyone has any idea what that is?)
- Object 907 will remain a reward tank, it definitely won’t be implemented as a regular tank
- there is no WG department dealing with conflicts between WoT and 3rd party software (SS: for example the Mumble issues after 8.0)
- there will be a possibility to retrain a tanker from one role to another without any loss of XP (for example radioman to loader), this will however definitely not come in 0.8.9 (it will be possible to do without any crew XP loss, but for gold)
- Storm on MM weight exceptions: “Actually it would be best if there weren’t any exceptions. They not only complicate the MM function, but they also complicate the understanding of players of how MM works. We do them only in exceptional cases.”
- the system that would increase crew skill effectivity based on how many players did the player have with them (SS: as in, a crew with 100 repair and 10k battles would get 10 percent bonus compared to the crew with 100 repair and 1k battles for example) won’t be implemented
- apparently there is another “T-54-like” candidate for a top tier tank (not necesserily Soviet): “When you see it, you’ll be very surprised” (SS: recently the info about a “light tank” T-54 has surfaced again… who knows?)
- when the researchable hulls come, it’s possible some vehicles (specifically those that are prototype/paper projects) won’t have 2nd hulls displayed
- it’s theoretically possible that the Japanese heavy branch will – until lowtier heavy candidates are found – temporarily start from the medium branch (like it is now with the Chinese)
- dynamic tank hangar characteristics: “when it’s done it’s done”
- reward/gift tanks are in the “group of high interest” when it comes to balance

“Object 227″ (KV-7)

KV-7 was a unique self-propelled artillery vehicle that was modified a large number of times. Its turret had three guns (!) so the tank had to become a serious threat for the enemy. But in spring 1942, when they discussed the perspectives and test results of so-called “Object 227″ (KV-7) there was said a phrase that spelt the death for the vehicle – someone rulling the country asked: “Why do we need two or three guns? One good gun is a better idea”. A number of sources put these words into Stalin’s mouth. It should be mentioned that many Soviet commanders shared that opinion. So the project was finally closed, the first vehicle KV-7 was disassembled to be subsequently used as a platform for testing some other equipment.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


- there will be no option to enable the old statistics window in settings
- new crew skills aren’t coming anytime soon
- devs considered increasing the amount of slots for equipment, but decided not to do it, because “the choice of what to put on a tank is also a part of the gameplay, the more you can mount on your tank, the lesser the role this part of gameplay has”
- Storm states that big game releases (such as BF3, Warcraft datadisk, GTA5) have almost no impact on WoT playerbase, there have been temporary short drops by several percent

- Storm confirms that the difference between the MM weight of both teams must be lower than 10 percent
- the fact you can see the destruction of objects by a tank that’s not seen yet by your team is intentional
- more convenient mechanism for searching players for companies and platoons is planned
- Storm states that the distance from bush to tank (specifically the 15 meters rule) is measured from the center of the bush to the center of the tank, but he’s not absolutely sure
- Storm (regarding the packet loss issue in 0.8.8) states there has not been any engine update in the patch, but it seems the 0.5.3 WoWp now has the same issue
- Q: “SerB, why do you think the game that is supposed to be relaxing provokes so many negative emotions in many players?” A:”I think that this is because ‘many players’ are immature, envious and they blame everyone but themselves for their failures”
- the tank with best camo factor in 0.8.8? “Won’t be disclosed”
- the possibility to “prolong” the time remaining on camos brought by credits (SS: for example you buy camo, then it’s 3 days left and you want to prolong it by buying another week) is not there, because in order to introduce it the devs would have to make the system more complicated, it won’t be done in the future
- consumables that increase crew XP gain? “Wait for announcements”

Sniper Scope With Armour Indicator

Auto-loader Ammo Indicator

WZ-132 Gameplay Review

Centurion I Tier 8 Medium Tank

Remodeling AT 2


- it’s not possible to transfer WoWp maps to WoT, as both are made differently (SS: the map in question is specifically the WoWp “Eastern border” map or something like that) – SerB states there will be cool-looking maps for WoT too, but other
- regarding the maps, SerB states that if they tried to convert a map from WoWp to WoT, the amount of work would be the same as if they did the map from scratch

- it’s too early to tell how much will the computer demands of WoT rise in connection with the introduction of improved graphics
- Gvozdika will not be implemented into WoT
- for now, the player map disabling for random battles will not be implemented
- Japanese Type 89 (I-Go) medium tank is kept for the heavy Japanese branch, but SerB states the branch has an issue with missing tanks on mid tiers (nothing was found yet)
- the WoWp suffers from mass packet loss issues too. It’s being fixed (SS: hopefully this is related to WoT also)
- there is no difference in dynamic (acceleration) in case a tank stops manually (key “S”) and in case a tank is stopped by spacebar (“move and shoot”), no difference will be added
- multicure support? SerB: “I said it many times, there already is such a thing” – later, Storm explains more:
“The game already uses multicore support, it uses two cores. According to the statistics we collected, roughly 70 percent of all players have a processor with one or two cores. Cores 3 and 4 will be used, when we introduce client physics. By the way, this doesn’t reduce the importance of the video card. For example when I switched Nvidia 550Ti for 660Ti at home, I had the possibility to play on higher settings with the same performance”
- Q: “Why did you remove the log from T-34-3? T-54 and Type 59 have it” A: “Lack of forest”
- the fact WT E-100 has gun in the back is tied to the weight distribution (SS: yes, this is realistic actually, also the main reason why the Krokodil is unrealistic)
- the fact there are a lot of tanks that are “skipped as fast as possible” (SS: I think this is meant) is not considered a problem by SerB
- STB-1 won’t have adjustable hydraulic suspension, its clearance will be “normal”
- it’s possible to shoot an enemy tank so that the shell passes thru one armor, flies inside, penetrates another armor and destroys an external module from the inside (tracks)
- the bugs from this video (namely the rotating on the spot and the shells passing thru targets) are being explored by WG
- there will be many small bug fixes of the Archievements table in 8.9
- for now it is not known what Nvidia videocard will work best with the improved graphics, WG is still testing options
- according to Storm, it’s “not necessery” to ban the noobmeter (XVM)
- Storm states that the information that with the introduction of missions there are more bots in the game is not true
- according to Storm, the attitude of many players towards asian maps is negative (SS: related to a request to introduce the Great Wall map on regular servers and not just on the Chinese one)
- old scrapped maps won’t be showcased
- the new map that will come in 8.9 “appears nice”, it will be an American map with mines (SS: as in, coal mines, not exploding mines)
- Q: “Will there be more changes in 9.0 than in 8.8?” A: “First we have to release the 8.9. You never know what happens in production – some features might be shifted to later patches”
- the devs considered the option to not allow teamkills/teamdamage altogether, but decided not to do it
- regarding players complaining about other players being too rude: “Those people live around you”
- after the Japanese tree, the EU tree will be implemented (SS: does NOT mean “immediately after”, but as a tree)
- EU tree is not being worked on yet
- it’s not yet decided how the EU crews will work
- the tree will consist of one-nation branches (no mixing)
- the stock vehicle could be for example Fiat 3000, or Strv m/21-29
- it’s possible that the WoWp solution that reduced the load on the processor (shifting it to graphic card) might be debugged and used for WoT too
- PC WoT won’t implement the gun barrel into the sniper mode like the Xbox version has
- there will be no auction in WG projects (SS: SerB sarcastically states he predicted the Diablo 3 auction fail in some early answers and that it came true – Blizzard will be closing the Diablo 3 auction next year apparently, as it breaks the game)
- SerB states that there were some “little things” taken from the player suggestion forum section, doesn’t remember which ones
- client physics will strongly increase the load on the computer, but it will be possible to switch it off
- historical background and real place photos will not be shown during historical battles map load
- crew models (SS: as in you being able to see your crewmen) will not be introduced into WoT, not even with the improved graphics
- the FPS drop on mobile graphic cards is being investigated
- tier 9 medium tank shells too expensive? “Don’t play tier 9 medium tanks”
- for now there are no plans to introduced HS30 mit 90mm Bordkanone

Veider Q&A

1. T57 Heavy and Foch155 will NOT be nerfed in the next patch (0.8.9) but they will be nerfed in patch 0.9.0.
2. KV-1S will not be nerfed in the nearest future, but devs are considering splitting it into two separate tanks (OP, probably KV-85 and KV-122).
2. A lot of tanks will be buffed in the next patch, but all of them are mid-tier. Don’t expect any T9-10 buffs.
2. Medium tier arty will get a slight buff.
3. VK 4502B may get a buff, but don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.
4. Tanks that will NOT get a buff: AMX 50B, AMX 13 75, T95, T43, Jagdtiger, JgTig 8.8 (regarding Tiger II chasis buff/nerf), KV-5, Maus.
5. Regarding IS-3 remodel, its armor won’t be worse.  In fact it will probably be a bit better because of the angles. Also, the tank will be higher. The previous screenshot that you all saw is a work in progress.
1. 7/42 battles will be added later this year. There’s also a new tournament system being tested right now and Veider really likes it.
2. There will be some cool changes in the future, but don’t expect something as big as improved physics of 0.8.0 (OP, Havoc support, complete remodel of all tanks with much more polygons and better textures)
3. Bonuses for tanking (SS: the fact you stand there and soak up damage, eg. heavy tanks)
4. Devs do not like the current matchmaking (like 8TD’s in one team and 2 in the other) and we should expect some new tweaks and changes in the next patches.
5. Much more city maps incoming.
1. Object 430 will be added in the future and it will continue the latest USSR MT tree. Object 140 will not be removed from the game and will remain a T10 tank (OP, looks like we will have 3 Tier 10 USSR MTs in the game)
2. New light tanks: RU251 for Germany (~80km/h top speed), Walker Bulldog (will be somewhat a damage dealer) for USA. There’s still a decision to be made about USSR but right now they are considering a “paper” tank. It will have 3 wheels, with a turret that looks somewhat like the T-34-85′s and frontal armor plate which looks like the IS-4′s, but with 90mm armor. Expect more info soon.
1. There were changes in the mapmaking process and team so maps will be more balanced.
2. Reworked “old” maps were made by this team.
3. Veider dislikes Redshire in its current form. He wants it completely remade.
4. Veider thinks that Foch155 is a bit imbalanced
Q: Why did you change the Super Pershing?
A: it had a huge mistake in its collision model and “had something that it wasn’t meant to have.”
Q: Why was the T-50-2 removed?
A: Its role was way too different than what it had in real life. Besides, it was pretty imbalanced. So it was either change it for another tank or nerf it REALLY hard.
Q: You’re such a fans of “historically accurate” tanks. Do you plan to make IS-7 historically correct?
A: No. If we do this, we will have to move him up to Tier 12 or higher.
Q: Do you think that E-25 is imbalanced?
A: Statistics say otherwise. Easy to learn, hard to master.
Q: When can we expect to see garage battles?
A: Probably never. We do not think it’s a good idea.
Q: Another history question. How historically accurate is the IS-4?
A: Not very much because we gave it a new gun. It had only D25-T IRL.
Q: Why did you even release E-series paper tanks with paper engines only to remove them?
A: People change, audiences change, market change, new competitors.
Q: Competitors? Afraid of WarThunder?
A: Yes. But competition is always a good thing.
Q: Why do you sell T-34-3 and 112 only via web-store and do you plan to sell all of the other premium tanks via web-store as well?
A: No. We won’t change anything regarding current and future premium tanks. Selling Chinese premium tanks via web-store only is just a test.
Q: World of Warplanes or WarThunder?
A: I played both of them and liked them both. WoWP is easier to learn.
Q: You nerf and buff tanks according to the winrate of those tanks. Has something changed?
A: A lot. Now we also consider the number of battles, average experience, current tendencies and opinion of the community. That’s why we nerfed the T57 Heavy and Foch 155 in the first place, even when they don’t have the winrate ratio necessitating a nerf.
Q: Why did you nerf arties and buff TDs?
A: Almost every tournament game was heavily dependent on arties. We tried to shift this tendency a bit and we kind of succeeded. TDs were not used in tournament games so we buffed them to be more usable.
Q: Do you plan to nerf TDs to their previous state? With arty nerf there’s lots of TDs in matchmaking.
A: We’re currently investigating this situation but it’s too soon to tell because not much time has passed since the arty nerfs.
Q: T95 needs a buff!
A: No. The T95 is an awesome tank with unique play style. The only bad thing about it is its weak engine.
Q: So about that new German TD tree. Those TDs have almost no armor, are slow, but have very powerful guns. Is this statement correct?
A: Hmmm… Yes.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

6th Sense Icons

Sniper Reticles 8.8


- if you want to know what inscriptions mean (especially the Chinese), just put your cursor over the inscription and wait, a translation will pop up
- the size of the Japanese crewman collision model will be the same as the size of other crewmen models (SS: this was apparently asked because the Japanese tankers were allegedly smaller than their European counterparts)
- regarding the increased WoT demands on computers with the upcoming implementation of 3.0 shaders: SerB will try to keep the possibility to play WoT on old computers, but he gives no guarantees (SS: this change is allegedly supposed to come in 9.0)
- T18 being transferred to tier 3 status? “I don’t know”

- SerB states (regarding possible Bishop buff) that elite Bishop is fine already
- 0.8.9 – German TD’s, 0.8.9 will NOT bring the Japanese branch (SS: “thanks” to fucked up official translation of EU portal news into Czech (that actually said “next patch”), this misinformation has spread around EU server, I recieved a bunch of confused mails about it)
- official MM weight won’t be disclosed
- Storm confirms that MM weight is a balance parameter too, sometimes its better to give some vehicles more MM weight than to nerf their parameters
- a player suggested following option to deal with the team MM weight difference: after the 30 players are selected for the battle, to (instead of leaving the original 10 percent MM weight difference tolerance) take these 30 players, calculate the team’s MM weight, halve it and then shuffle players between the teams to actually reach lowest MM weight difference possible by getting as close to the ideal half as possible. Storm stated it’s an interesting idea and he’ll discuss it.
- SerB, when asked if he can state how the mercenaries would be exploited by clanners: “I can’t. There is a huge number of variants and I don’t have time to write an article about it. The basic principle of the exploits is that either a clan increases its count by “hiring” twinked accounts as mercenaries, or the mercenaries are completely useless and the clans won’t hire them.”
- will the T-44-85 (upcoming T7 Soviet prem) be able to mount the stabilizer? “Tests will show”
- Q: “Are any of the current premium tanks candidates for the ‘fate of Type 59′?” (SS: removal from shop apparently) A:”If there are any, noone will tell you in advance” (SS: well, the 112 has like 54 percent winrate on RU server…)
- Storm states he already saw the sketches for new WoT city maps, based on historical cities

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Colored Damage Stickers 8.8

Red - penetration, yellow - ricochet or bounce. 

TAIPAN Sniper Scope By Dikey93

Animated Sniper Scope 8.8


- limited MM for M6A2E1? “Don’t play M6A2E1″ (SS: no, it won’t get limited MM)
- in one of the WG streams, Viktor Kisly stated that when the suspension gets yellow, the tank agility (dynamic) is reduced. SerB states that this is not true and that V.Kisly simply didn’t know the mechanics in details, as he is the director of the entire company, while SerB leads the game mechanics development

- SerB states that E-100 shells can ricochet from Batchat, despite the fact the 3-caliber (SS: caliber of gun 3 times bigger than the nominal armor means no ricochets) rule is still valid
- Q: “Why does a tank with a gun similiar to Tetrarch appear on tier 4?” A: “Because of complex of characteristics, that is not reduced to penetration only”
- Object 140 will stay on its place (as being unlockable from T-54), as its direct predecessor was the Object 139, which is one of the ingame T-54 configurations
- SerB states that several hundred thousand people actually read forums, so that’s like 1 percent of all players
- the WoWp release will not happen on 26th of September apparently, as there are issues with the integration of WoWp and WoT accounts
- gunpowder quality (SS: for example the fact the Germans had gunpowder generating less smoke) will not be taken into account (SerB stated that he hasn’t found any real proof that German gunpowder generated less smoke, he states that it’s possible that American authors write that because American gunpowder created too much smoke and not vice versa)
- Q: “When will the developers start answering the player questions live via chat?” A: “When you double the amount of hours a day has”
- SerB states that because the STB1 has some sort of loading assistant, it’s completely possible its 105mm rate of fire will actually be better than the ROF of other tier 10 meds
- Japanese voicovers will most likely come with the Japanese patch
- SerB states that the final number of the nations in World of Tanks is 8 (SS: EU counts as one)
- no special medal for courageous resistance is apparently planned
- so far, WG has not found a way for clanless players to participate in clanwars, that wouldn’t become a source of exploits for clan players. If they do, they will let us know. Mercenaries are scrapped.
- the list of buffed tanks in 0.8.9 will come in 0.8.9 patchnotes
- if a premium tank has too low winrate, it’s possible it gets buffed, but only in certain boundaries
- RU251 this year? “When it’s done it’s done”
- there is a possibility of M41 Walker Bulldog appearing in the game (SS: it will almost certainly be a tier 6-7 American light tank)
- it’s not sure when the Japanese tanks come (either this or the beginning of next year)
- it’s possible that the Great Wall Chinese map will come for EU/RU/US servers too
Storm posted today a new blog entry, where he asks Russian players, what do they think of World of Tanks maps. A few points from the discussion:
- according to Storm, statistically the Mountain pass encounter is doing fine (a lot of people are complaining about it)
- Storm states that while the big maps are “in the future”, he is warning players from wanting such maps too much, as their gameplay is “very specific”, this is one of the reasons, why their development is not pushed that hard

- Storm states that the city maps have the size they have because if made bigger, the game would turn into “hide and seek” on them.
- patch 9.0 will bring “lighting correction” (apparently the possibility to turn off for example the blue “tint” of the Port map), something like this will be possible for ALL the maps (players who will want more gloomy maps will be able to select darker filters, while those wanting brighter colors will be able to select that too)
- the physics will be tweaked so that stone fences don’t slow tanks as much as they do now. Currently, for physics the collision model of the hull is simply a box and when the edge of the box touches the obstacle, speed is strongly reduced. The box will get a “bottom part”, which will make passing obstacles easier.
- there will be one more Asian map: a Japanese one
- the option for players to disable one map of their choosing are still planned
- mist (smoke) was implemented to make maps prettier
- only roughly 50 percent of all users are using the improved graphics, the rest is running on the old render
- currently, WG is working on correct color and lighting display, there will be results for that in 9.0
And the answers under one older post:
- the IS-3 and Panzer V/IV model changes are not a part of the “global remodelling” planned for next year, they are simply bug fixes
- several vehicles for the global remodelling are already done
- there are plans for more tanks customization
- not only the quality of tank models will improve (SS: quality of objects too)
- apparently, Foch and T57 Heavy will not be nerfed in 8.9
- in 8.9, cca 15 tier 1-5 vehicles will be buffed
And Japanese tank answers from Cannoneer (tank developer):
- STB1 will have the L7A1 gun (SS: it will have lower penetration though, because of some of it specifics – 257 was it?)
- the STB1 mantlet will be 195mm, turret front 120mm, turret sides cca 110mm, the hull front will be 80mm under 65 degrees
- on STA1: “STA on tier 9? Originally we thought it has a depression of -15 and that the longer hull (7 roadwheels instead of 6) will allow to mount some bigger gun. But later we discovered that STA1 lost to STA2 in trials and further development continued from STA2. And yes, the depression was -7″
- on why STA1 is correctly on tier 8: “Historically yes, to put serial Type 61 before its prototype STA1 makes no sense”
- apparently the STA and Type 61 positions might be still switched (compared to the published tree)
- Japanese tier 8 top gun penetration will be around 210-220mm
Overlord on his blog:
- Overlord on network issues: “We are investigating network issues. They can be triggered by a lot of things, however there is a non-zero possibility that this is related to the update itself.” and “We are investigating this”
- tracking draws as defeats apparently is a tool to promote active gameplay

Load Wheel Mod

Damage Panel 8.8 By Dellux

Map Fjords - Ship Mod

Changes the ship on the map Fjords to a better looking model.

Skin Object 416

Skin Object 140

6th Sense Icons - The Eye Of Sauron