Thursday, October 31, 2013

8.9 Winter Hangar By Hellinger

8.9 Hit Zones "Красная Звезда" (torrent download)

8.9 Hit Zones "Красная Звезда" (torrent download)

8.9 Summer Hangar By Hellinger

8.9 Desert Hangar By Hellinger

8.9 Progress Indicator Text Mod

8.9 Clock In Hangar, Battle + Angles 2.4 By Locastan

8.9 Info Panel

Download Link

Download Link - For Non Forum Users

Since I'm a total idiot I originally posted a download link for EU forum. Silly me, how can someone from other cluster download? Full retard mod by me, sorry. Second link is for mega upload, works for everyone enjoy.

8.9 Wide Border On Maps - Mod is made to help people with color blindness.

8.9 Damage Panel 1.3.4 (centered and vanilla) By Locastan

8.9 Radial Menu v.2.5.7 + UT Announcer Pack

8.9 Aslain's XVM Mod v3.0.2 (30.10.2013)

Aslain's Mod Pack v3.0.2 (multiple mods inside)

8.9 YasenKrasen Coloured Messages + Session Statistics

8.9 OMC ModPack INSTALLER (updated 31.10.2013)

8.9 Minimalistic Scope By Shtys

Skin Nashorn

Remodeling T-34

8.9 Hangar In The Woods

Unzip and copy folder res to main game folder.

8.9 J1mB0 Sniper And Arty Scope