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- the objects that currently don’t stop any shells (for example telephone poles and such) will not be affected by the soft object penetration mechanism
- right now, it’s not even theoretically considered to allow shells penetrate multiple easy-to-penetrate tanks in a row (with penetration loss) (SS: a player was asking whether it is considered for example for a Object 268 shell to penetrate several MS-1 tanks in a row, destroying them all)
- developers on the alleged “too many TD’s” issue: “The rumors about the TD domination are too much exaggerated. At this moment, there are less TD’s than HT’s (we are talking about top battle tiers) and there is roughly the same amount of TD’s as there is of mediums” and “In fact, the gameplay on TD’s is quite boring and monotonous, when compared to LT’s, MT’s and even HT’s. So players played a bit with the new accuracy and then went back to play on their favourite vehicles.”

- Jagdtiger 128mm L/61 gun and WT Panzer IV 128mm L/61 gun are two different weapons, that’s why they have different XP cost
- Aiming mechanism in WoT being unhistorical? “And why not, we don’t have a simulator after all”
- penetrable buildings will come (when it’s done it’s done)
- it’s not to possible to shoot through holes in destroyed player tank wrecks (SS: wreck modules are very simplified and solid), but it’s possible this change will be implemented
- the mechanism to allow regular tanks to be turned into premium tanks will not be implemented
- the mechanism to allow regular tanks to use the crews for different tanks without penalties will not be implemented
- there are plans to introduce even more stuff than in-game world map (CW) and tournament mode
- there are plans for new medals (awards)
- the nominal armor in tank data is always the maximum armor thickness of that respective armor side (SS: as in, if a frontal hull plate has a small strip of 150mm armor and the rest is 100mm, nominal thickness in tank sheet will be 150), the nominal thickness however doesn’t include things like spaced armor and mantlet
- the mechanism for penetrating destructable objects will work so that each object has its amount of hitpoints, at first, when impacting the object, a shell makes a check whether it destroyed the object or not (did more damage than the object has hitpoints) and when yes, only then the penetration check will take place. (SS: It’s thus possible that if an AP shell with high damage but low pen (below 25mm) will impact with such an object, the object will get destroyed, but the shell will not continue to fly through, despite being an AP round)

Winter War (378 photos)

The Winter War (Finnish: Talvisota, Swedish: Vinterkriget, Russian: Зимняя война, tr. Zimnyaya voyna) was a military conflict between the Soviet Union and Finland in 1939–1940. It began with Soviet invasion of Finland on 30 November 1939 (three months after the outbreak of World War II), and ended with the Moscow Peace Treaty on 13 March 1940. The League of Nations deemed the attack illegal and expelled the Soviet Union from the League on 14 December 1939.

Skin Pz.Sfl. V (Sturer Emil)

Skin T110E4

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Object 430 Vs. Object 430 V2

Skin AMX AC Mle 46 Anime

Remodeling Pz IV Anime

Skin M26 Pershing

8.9 3D Tank Icons By Black_Spy + fanki1911

8.9 Hangar Mortal Combat


 SerB states he does read the Suggestions forum (SS: on RU server), but very, very few things make sense there
- inner parts inertia is not included in the WoT motion model
- M6A2E1 gun penetration is not bugged (SS: a player was complaining that his penetration indicator turns red even though he should be penetrate some part of KV-4)
- the shape of the rendering distance will eventully change from current square to a circle (when it’s done it’s done)
- tier 8 tanks don’t get thrown on the bottom of the team too much
- HEAT shells will simply destroy destructable objects without passing through them to cause damage in 8.10 (only AP and APCR shells will pass thru them)
- Q: “Is there a chance to see SU-152 “Taran” in game?” A: “50/50 – it will either come, or it won’t”

- it’s possible that there will be non-Soviet tier 9 and 10 medium tanks with something else than a L7 clone
- ALL destructable objects will reduce the penetration of an AP or APCR shell by fixed number: 25mm
- it’s possible even houses will be penetrable in the future
- EACH destructable object will reduce the penetration by 25mm, so a 100mm PEN shell will have 50mm after it flies through two destructable objects (for example cars in a row). If it happens that the shell loses all its penetration (for example a 24mm PEN shell), the object will still be destroyed but the shell will disappear
- Storm on replays: “Replay is a list of commands that arrive from server to the tank during the battle. When you watch a replay, it’s the same situation as if the battle is running right now and data from server are arriving to your tanks” – that’s why it’s possible to have different FPS in replays for example
- some sources state that the LFP angle for E-100 is 52 or 50 degrees, Storm states that the correct information is 49 degrees, current ingame angle is 48,35 degrees which is within acceptable error limit
- apparently the E-100 turret position is correct
- if you disable automatic repairs and your tank gets ammoracked and its turret gets ripped off (planned for the future), after returning to hangar you will see a normal wreck like it is now

- Chi-Nu Kai is simply a Chi-Nu with Chi-To prototype turret (75mm), whereas the ingame elite Chi-Nu is the planned Chi-Nu upgrade with 300hp engine and 7.5 cm Tank Gun Type 5 cannon in the main Chi-Nu turret:

Chi-Nu Kai has thicker turret armor, but worse engine (240hp) and worse depression (-6,5/+20 compared to -10/+15)
- TD nerf will not come this year, developers are considering options, including reducing the alpha from 850 to 750 (while compensating it with ROF)
- it has not been decided yet how to nerf Foch 155
- Object 430V2 (tier 9) will not have fully rotating turret, only 90 deg to each side (180 in total), its depression will apparently be -5 (if I read it correctly)

Skin Churchill I


Remodeling Type 59


Just so you know, apparently the STB-1 depression will be -10, not (historical) -6
- Storm states that there will not be one “super patch” with HD client. There will be series of patches with improvements and additions, which will eventually lead to the “HD client”. The “HD client” will also feature full multicore support.
- when hitting a breakable object, the penetration of AP and APCR shells will decrease by a fixed number, not by a percentage of its full penetration
- captured German KV-1 (Pz.Kfpw.KV-1 756(r)) will be armed with the 75mm L/43 KwK 40 with the muzzle brake from the L/48 model
- angle of impact on a breakable object doesn’t influence the amount of penetration lost
- while the turret flying off will be implemented, this feature will not influence TD’s and arty.
- Object 430 will apparently have the analogical elevation to T-64 (SS: -6/+14), SerB is satisfied with the result

- the turret ripped off by an explosion will be a material object
- cruise control in WoT (R and F keys) is made so that the speed is kept constant and engine horsepower is adjusted dynamically to keep it constant
- not even WG staff (support) can change the results of a game already played (SS: by adding for example more credits)
- it takes the matchmaker singular seconds to put a battle order together, these times however differ between peak times and mornings for example
- the amount of gold shells in tier 8-10 battles has not decreased/increased since the last time it was reported (some times after gold ammo for credits was introduced)
- using prem shells has no effect on what your MM will be (SS: yes, players are still asking that)
- Q: “European 7/42 are noobs and Russians will destroy them if roaming is enabled, what will you do about it?” A: “Well, we’ll see how it goes”
- WG will not sell their technical drawings and documents of historical tanks
- for now, no plans for 7/42 battles economy are planned
- it’s theoretically possible there was another turret for T-62A, a player linked this schematic from a Russian tank magazine
- Japanese Chi-Ha is medium but Chinese Chi-Ha is a light tank in game, because it corresponds to their historical classifications by the respective armies: the Chinese considered it to be a light tank, the Japanese a medium tank
And, answers by Storm:
- it’s possible the Japanese map in 8.10 will NOT appear in 8.10 on RU/US/EU servers after all (will be “dumped” on Chinese server and for the Japanese), everything depends on player feedback (SS: read “Russian player feedback”)
- after this Asian map, the new maps will be all city maps: Kharkov, Minsk, Konigsberg, they will apparently feature historical places
- Storm states that Zlobny “did everything normally”, “everyone else who remains” will deal with balancing now, later he states that he won’t comment on the entire situation, but he doesn’t have and never had anything against Zlobny
- players are not happy about the fact one third of the new map will not be passable, Storm states this was done in order to put a big mountain there, that looks reall nice
- it’s possible that KV-1S will simply become an alternative hull for the KV-1, KV-85/100/122 will stay on tier 6 with reduced mobility
- T-62 will not be implemented, as it has a smoothbore gun
- it’s possible arty low and mid tiers will be further buffed, hightier arties are fine according to Storm
- WG is also thinking about balancing TD’s by removing the TD class camo bonus altogether
- the option to see the map before the 7/42 battle in advance will not come in 8.10
- no plans for IS-7 buff
- apparently, deformable objects and deformable ground will not be implemented for now (SS: as in, armor bending, craters after shells), it’s very very difficult to implement
- 7-8 new maps will be added to 7/42 (SS: in 8.10)
- 7/42 MM will be fixed somehow (regarding better skill MM implementation)
- while the turret, that got ripped off by ammorack explosion will be material, its gun will remain non-material
- it’s not known when Japanese heavy tanks will come, it’s possible they will not come next year at all
- after the Japanese tanks are out, Wargaming will take a long break in releasing new regular branches, apart from 2-3 premium/event tanks per patch. After this break, the British medium branch with Firefly might come, but this is not yet 100 percent sure
- for now, the “Alien” M6A2E1 will not get limited MM, as – strangely enough – it is doing fine in full MM only, it’s statistically around the middle of thanks of the same tier
- for now, there are no plans for a tier 8 Japanese medium tank
- while the lag during the “tank destroyed” message was fixed, the “stutter” (small freeze) when a tank is lit up for the first time is not (this is connected to the loading of the new model to memory, this is not possible to fix by pre-caching, as weak computers don’t have enough memory for that)
- trees and grass will be optimized in the client
- shadows will apparently not be optimized anymore: Storm stated that they did what they could, but shadows are problematic and requiring in any game
- there is no plan to allow reconnecting to server into a battle after a disconnect
- old render (standard graphics) will no longer be developed
- it’s possible the T71 will recieve an optional hull (SS: basially, there were two T71 proposals IIRC: the ingame T71 is a turret from proposal 1 and hull from proposal 2, an unhistorical mashup)
- Object 430 will have the same damage as T-62A (SS: yep, because it will have the same gun)
- developers thought about what to do with 6th Sense perk: Veider is for removing it altogether
- apparently, visual camo net (SS: a tank with visible camo net covering it) will NOT be implemented
- Havok will feature visually nice destruction of objects, but all objects will have to be remade under it
- Xbox version alread has Havok
- water will also recieve reflection optimizations

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Pz. Sfl. V - Tank Review

Skin KV-2


Skin Pz.Sfl. V (Sturer Emil) Anime



- both the L7 gun and the engine on Type 61 tier 9 Japanese MT are historical according to SerB
- regular Type 98 Ke-Ni in game will have Hara suspension (SS: Christie suspension “Otsu” version will possibly be a premium tank)
- Japanese heavy branch is being developed
- according to developers, radio mechanism is working fine and its impact on gameplay is sufficient, especially on low and mid tiers
- too early to evaluate the new 8.9 TD statistics
“The analysis of new vehicles doesn’t begin immediately – not by a longshot. Of course, it is constantly monitored and analyzed, but when it comes to new vehicles, unlocked in the beginning by experienced or active players, of course their stats go up and down. And when finally the majority of players gets used to the vehicle, other players develop tactics against this vehicle and when it is played by all who wanted to unlock it and not only those who succeeded, it is then when we start considering the statistics valid and make decisions”
- all TD’s have an abitrary camo bonus, but WT E-100 has a really poor camo in general, because it’s too big
- the fact some maps act differently balance-wise, when you use different tech on them are a feature of the game and this is considered normal by the developers
- Object 430 will appear in 8.10
- Lowe weight (and other data) is based on this table from Panzer Tracts (model W1662)
- Storm on “Chinese leak” (SS: you know, that garbage with “IS-7 will be getting a gun swap, currently it has the S-70; in 9.0, it will have the S-70A ” and so on): “Crap to the God of Crap! You probably believe fortune tellers too…” – so, once again, it is CRAP.
- new maps based on historical locations are being developed: Kharkov, Minsk, Königsberg
- the power of the engine is always constant in WoT (revving has no effect)
- some players keep complaining about Lowe weight being too high: Storm states there are no reasons not to trust Jentz and Doyle and Panzer Tracts and there are no other data about it
- according to Evilly, STB-1 tier 10 Japanese MT will have a good depression, “almost like Patton” (SS: -6)
Storm answers on questions under the “patchnotes” post:
- the new Japanese map will not be like Sacred Valley, it’s rather flat – half of it are fields, half is the village, there will be mountains around the edges
- according to Storm, it’s pointless to save video and audio settings on server
- it’s not possible to display post-battle statistics when your client crashes before the battle is over
- Object 140 as a whole will not be rebalanced
- KV-1S will not be split in two tanks before the model rework stage is reached (SS: that means at some point next year)
- tomorrow, the supertest final stage for 8.10 starts (8.10 common test will NOT come this week)
- Storm confirms that in 8.10 the Japanese tanks will be green, not brown
- Northwest map has some imbalance between bases, but a small one (won’t be rebalanced for now)
- whether SU-76i and Ke-Ni Otsu will be premium (or gift/award) tanks was not yet decided
- apparently, SU-85i was also retested lately to make it ready for release
- the motion blur effect mentioned in patchnotes will be possible to switch off
- serverside replays will be implemented (when it’s done it’s done)
- no client optimization is planned for 8.10
- it’s possible to implement “last replay for each tank” instead of “last replay from game played” saving too, but so far there have been no requests for that
- about 30 interface issues for Team Battles were fixed in 8.10
- apparently, the developers wanted to call the “Hidden Village” map “Ninja village” at first :)
- according to Veider, there are plans to somehow limit the amount of TD’s in tier 10 battles, Storm however adds statistics for battletiers 10, 11 and 12 (in percent) and adds he doesn’t think there are too many tier 10 TD’s:
Battletier 10 (percent):
LТ = 7,11
MТ = 21,97
HТ = 40,07
АRТ = 7,99
TD = 22,87
Battletier 11 (percent):
LТ = 7,75
MТ = 24,41
HТ = 34,90
АRТ = 9,31
TD = 23,62
Battletier 12 (percent):
LТ = 5,26
MТ = 22,64
HТ = 35,17
АRТ = 12,02
TD = 24,91
- devs didn’t manage to fix the bug where WT E-100 “turret” gets damaged and is impossible to repair
- events and discounts will be implemented into the Mission window as a part of it
- Lowe increased ammo count doesn’t mean the ammo rack module got bigger
- premium Soviet MT has not been fixed yet
- full remodelling of non-combat interface will come in distant future

Give These Guy's A Medal

Now we all have those moments in the game when you want to literally kill someone be being a prick. But once in a while there is a moment when you meet a true and honest tanker. It's very rare now to have players like this in your team.

Regards to: bohi16 [HUN-C] and perico1997 [TFTP]

One more reason to have ingame option to send funds won in a random game to a player that deserved it.
Many thanks to Antibiotik from forum for this picture.