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Custom Sniper Scope

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RNG.No Comments.Episode 1

World of Tanks - Feel the Fail

Storm on Patch 8.5


Storm made a post on the developer blog, asking people what they think about 8.5. Here's what's in the discussion:

- this patch apparently broke a testing record, the demand to test is enormous
- developers are aware of the test servers being overloaded
- the next patch test (or perhaps the test after that) will have a 3,5 times bigger capacity
- Storm says the new interface (the thingie on the top of the screen) is good for cybersports, it can be disabled
- there are no changes for British TDs (too early to decide about buffs/nerfs)
- there have been some graphics optimisations in the patch
- the firefighting mechanism was not changed in 0.8.5
- Ruinberg will be fixed in 0.8.6 ("for some sad reasons") (SS: it was scheduled to be flattened)
- IS-7 speed was buffed because it's historical and it was demanded 
- in future tests, new and reworked maps will "drop" more often
- this year there will be no French "minibranch" á la T-60 - T-80
- apparently, specifically the Czechoslovak and Polish complaints about the "Stalinec" decal were the reason for its removal
- lowtier Soviet lights (T-19, T-24 and T-46-5), lowtier Soviet TD's (IT-45, SU-76BM) and alternative medium Soviet branch (T-34M etc.) will not come this year
- M47, IS-2 (44) and T-54/3 won't be introduced


- there will be no compensation for the reduced XP price of the VK2801 ("when the prices of electronics drop, do you also go whining to the electronics store for a refund?")
- Russian tier 7 medium prem tank was never promised for the 0.8.5, it will come in the future
- in 0.8.5, on the debriefing screen, the tank life percentage stat has been replaced by damage done in battle
- the decision about the gun accuracy (the way it is now) has been made due to the limited scale of battles
- there will be no possibility to trade tanks between players
- immobilized tanks with one track down won't be able to move, just like it is now (SS: a player was moaning about the fact that in real life, a tank with one track destroyed could still "turn")
- SerB stated that if Wargaming did Mechwarrior Online, they would have done a lot of things differently
- HE shell splash radius does not change by +/- 25 percent, the damage however does
- the test client is made separately the way it is because if it was somehow connected to the original client, many people would use the patch on the original game and then would whine because they couldn't play the game properly
- Swamp and Komarin do not return in 0.8.5 (SS: odd, I thought this was confirmed... ah well)
- client physics won't reach this level
- devs cannot unfortunately write the equation for the ramming damage, as it is a complex physics model
- the hull turn rate is a balance parameter, Storm: do not expect battles to be like in real life

Overlord also made an article about (the removal of) Pay to win element from World of Tanks.

A few points from his answers:
- there has to be a balance between premium and regular users, either you invest time, or gold

- tier 10 arty confirmed to come in "near future" (SS: according to RU devs: 0.8.6)
- gold shells pen ceiling and armor buff possible
- no golden ammo caps
- no premium tanks for credits

Moments of tanks #18

A33 Excelsior


Radio Operater



Telo: 114,3/108/108
Kupola: 114,3/92,2/92,2
Maksimalna masa: 44,1T


napred/ nazad: 38,6/13
Brzina okretanja: 36
Otpor podloge: 1,3/1,5/2,7
Motor: RR Meteor A - 600 ks

Top: 75mm Gun Mk V A (91/144/38)
Municije: 64 kom
Otklon topa: -13/20
Preciznost: 0.42
Vreme punjenja: 3,6
Radio: British Wireless set N19 - 570м

Vidljivost: 360m

VK 7201

Object 907


Zone pogodaka Lemon96 RU server

Autor: Lemon96 RU server

Spisak tehnike:
USSRИС-7, ИС-4, ИС-8, СТ-1, ИС-3, КВ-4, КВ-5, ИС, КВ-3, КВ-1С, Т-150, КВ-2, КВ-1, Т-54, Т-44, Т-43, Т-34-85, КВ-13, Т-34, Объект 704, ИСУ-152, СУ-152, СУ-100, СУ-85,T-50-2,Churchil,ИС-6,T-62A,Объект 268,KV-200(T),Matilda,Valentine,Обьект 263,СУ-100М1,СУ-101,СУ-122-54,СУ-122-44
Обьект 212,Обьект 261,СУ-14.

GermanyМaus, Е-100 Е-75, VK 4502(P), Tiger II, VK 4502(A), Lowe, Tiger, Tiger P, Е-50, Panther II, Panther, VK3002(DB), VK3001(H), VK3601(H), VK3001(Р), Pz III/IV, Pz IV, JagdTiger, Ferdinand, JagdPanther, JagdPz IV, StuG III, VK2801,JagdTiger 8,8 cm,PzKpfw IV-V,T-25,E50 Ausf. M,JagdPz E-100,Dr.Max,JagdPanter II,VK2801,Hotchkiss H39 Captured.
GW Panther,GW Tiger,GW E.

USAT110, M103, Т34, T32, M6A2E1, Т29, М46 Patton, М26 Pershing, T20, Т30, Т95, Т28 Prototype, Т28, T25 AT,Chaffee,T14,T1 Heavy,M6,Ram II,slugger,m4a3e8 sherman,SuperPershing,T110E3,T110E4,M48A1,M4A3E2,T25\2,T57 Heavy,T69,T71,T54E1,T18.

France:  AMX M4 (1945), AMX 50 100, AMX 50 120, AMX 50 B, Lorraine 40t, Bat-Chatillon 25t, AMX50 Foch, AMX AC Mle1948,AMX Foch 155,Ac Mle 1946,ARL 44,AMX 13 90,BDR G1B,AMX40,AMX 38,Hotchkiss H35,B1,FCM 50t.
Lorr. 155 51,Lorr. 155 50,Bat.Chat. 155.

China: Type 59,Type 62,T34,Type 58,WZ-120,121,WZ-131,WZ-132,IS-2,WZ-111,110,WZ-1-4,113.

UK: Matilda Black Prince,Churchill I,Churchill VII,Conqueror,FV215b,Centurion mk3,FV4202,Caernarvon,Comet,Centurion,Black Prince,AT 2,AT 7,AT 8,AT 15,Tourtoise,Gun Carrier Chuchill,FV215b 183.

Nažalolst zbog veličine fajlova bićete preusmereni na neki file share sajt ali vredi sačekati.


AMX AC Mle. 1948

Remodeling SuperPershing

Treba Vam neki novi skin, nišan, mod. je destinacija za Vas.

Wot Replays Manager

Manager koji će Vam olakšati pretragu "snimljenih" borbi.


Efekat umiranja tenkova koji je bio ubačen za 1. april.

Zone Pogodaka Crvena Zvezda

Najpoznatije zone pogodaka "Crvena Zvezda" (nema veze sa klubom). Oba fajla moraju da se skinu kako bi imali sva vozila.

AnTiNooB v4.7 Mod Pack

Fox Mod pack

Instaler za XVM

Imate problema sa instalacijom XVM-a? Problem rešen. Programče instalira sve što je potrebno i radi update postojećeg XVM-a.

Inside the Tanks - Episode V Part II

Inside the Tanks - Episode V Part I

Američki prototipovi lakih tenkova (post II SR era) T37, T49 i L Serija. Prvi deo.

Author: Priory_of_Sion

Most of us here should know about the M24 Chaffee, M41 Walker Bulldog and the M551 Sheridan however few know about how the US Army got carried away in designing light tanks in this time frame of the late 1940s to the mid 1950s.

First off I would like to discuss the “missing link” between the M24 and the M41, the T37. Most of you should know a little about the T37 by WoT. It is the source for the M24's upgraded turret, even though it is too large for the Chaffee's turret ring(the US did have plans to enlarge the T24/M24 turret ring though which would allow the T37's turret).

Now to discuss the T37. In Jan. 1945 the Army Ground Forces Equipment Review Board and the War Dept. Equipment Review Board both decided the M24 wasn't fit. They proposed a 25t vehicle that had superior firepower & mobility compared to the Chaffee. They called it the T37.

Development began in 1946 and a pilot was produced in 1949. The T37 was split into 3 “phases”. Phase I was the turret and gun combination we see on the Chaffee in WoT. Phase II was mounted with a deadlier T91 76 mm gun(same gun as on the T71 LT) with a Vickers fire control system and became redesignated the T41 (direct precursor to the M41). Phase III was an autoloading variant which wasn't built due to the Korean War. Some more advanced features of the T37 such as the rangefinders, the FCS and autoloaders were never fully developed due to the war in Korea. In 1950 orders were given to Cadillac to produce 100 T41E1s which became the famed M41 Walker Bulldog.

The M41 Walker Bulldog itself was planned to be up-gunned before it was planned to be replaced. The T49 project saw the T41(the M41's prototype) transform into a 90 mm smooth bore wielding vehicle with a punch. This project was started in Jan. of 1950 to make sure the T41/M41 had enough firepower to deal with heavily armored Soviet Vehicles such as the IS series, since the 76 mm gun was perfect against T-34s.

The project was given the name T49. The gun was a low pressure weapon that fired fin-stabilized shaped charges. Very shallow rifling was added. The weapon was called the T132E1. These guns fired 3 shell types: HEP(High Explosive Plastic), HEAT, and HE. This was mounted in a new turret design.

Two T49s were shipped in May, 1954 to Aberdeen and remained there for a little over a year in tests. It was found satisfactory but the gun limited the types of ammo available. It was also deemed by the US to not be worth the time to develop. Speed was also decreased from the M41.

Another up-gunning project for the M41 Walker Bulldog is likely to appear in WoT, this was a proposal by Cadillac to mount the M41 90 mm gun in the Bulldog in 1956. Expect this as the top gun. I might delve further into the M41 Walker Bulldog's development and history later on.

In the beginning of the M41's production the US saw it as an interim design and immediate began programs to replace it.

A design from the Detroit Arsenal was the first of many proposals/prototypes. It was a 17 ton vehicle(as seen below) that had the same 76 mm gun as the M41. With a rear turreted design this proposal led the way for the L series of proposals. These proposals were created during the 1st Questionmark conference in April of 1952. I personally find the rear mount odd in American tanks due to the decrease in gun depression that goes with it, however they still seem to retain some of that comfort we all associate with American tanks. I would imagine -8 depression would be possible.

L-1 had the same 76 mm gun and was the basic 17t design, varying little from the Detroit Arsenal 17t tank, it had ~250 hp engine. The L-2 was a variant using a larger T139 90 mm gun.

The L-3 and L-4 had a similar layout but the hull was slightly different. Both used the T139 gun. A more powerful 440 hp engine was planned. Armor for the L-3 was the same as the M41. The L-4 had double those values.

The L-5 and L-6 were T140 105 mm armed tanks. They had the same engine and armor as the L-3. A larger turret rings were used to accommodate the large T140 gun. Warning: This design is fugly.

The Last of the L Series of vehicles to be proposed at the Questionmark Conference was the L-7. The L-7 was armed with the 76mm gun T91E3 in an oscillating turret. It weighed ~17 tons and, like most of the other concepts, its armor was equivalent to the M41's. It used the ~250 hp engine found on the L-1 and L-2. The L-7 was equipped with an autoloader.

All in all the L Series was quite experimental. All had frontal engines and drives for the sake of crew protection. The font drive also allowed the vehicles to be shorter than rear drive designs. A unique features of the L Series were that external fuel were easily dropped in case of emergency, a grill system protected against napalm attacks and a .50 caliber MG was proposed which is eerily similar to the StG 44 Krummlauf was to be fitted in the turret.

Do I expect these tanks in WoT? Well the T37 should be a tier 6 between the M24 and M41 in the future IMO; I have doubts it will though since it is very much like the Walker Bulldog. The T49 is tricky because of the smooth bore issue, I would doubt it will be in WoT unless they allow smooth bore guns. The L Series of vehicles should be in WoT too. I would like to think they would be good tier 6, 7 and possible tier 8 lights. Hope you'll enjoyed it and by the way there is a lot more US light tank prototypes to come among other things.

Artiljerija Sexton (8.5 patch)

Nova vozila supertestera

Basic stats:

Object 907

HP: 2000
Weight (t): 36/39
Engine power (hp): 610
Max speed (km/h): 55 
Turning rate (grades/s): 54
Hull armor: 100/85/45
Turret armor: 228/180/46
Shell damage: 240-400
Penetration: 164-274
ROF: 8,45
Turret turn rate: 48
Viewrange: 400
Radio range: 850


HP: 2500
Weight (t): 120/130
Engine power (hp): 1200
Max speed (km/h): 43 
Turning rate (grades/s): 24
Hull armor: 200/160/120
Turret armor: 200/160/120
Shell damage: 563-938
Penetration: 176-294
ROF: 2,73
Turret turn rate: 24
Viewrange: 400
Radio range: 720


HP: 2000
Weight (t): 46,27/49,5
Engine power (hp): 750
Max speed (km/h): 48,3 
Turning rate (grades/s): 52
Hull armor: 93/73/25
Turret armor: 177/76/50
Shell damage: 293-488
Penetration: 201-335
ROF: 6,82
Turret turn rate: 40
Viewrange: 420
Radio range: 750



Object 907: