Thursday, April 11, 2013

Remodeling VK 3002 DB, Panther, Panther II, E-50, E-50M

Remodeling Tiger (P), VK4502 (P) Ausf A, VK4502(P) Ausf. B, Maus

Remodeling Tiger, Tiger II, E-75, E-100

Remodeling JagdPanther, JagdPanther II, Ferdinand, JagdTiger, JagdPz E-100 "Kaiman"

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Remodeling Hummel, GW Panther, GW Tiger, GW E

World Of Tanks - Tank Viewer 0.8.4

View your skins and remodeling without starting the game client.

Guide Murovanka

Guide Himmelsdorf

Guide Widepark

Guide Cliff

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FV215b (183) 11.300 DMG

JagdPz E-100 23.000 DMG

Tortoise 10500 DMG

Type 59 Monastery

BUG Movie 0.8.4


- the third T-80 crewmember was historically the gunner
- the old tracer system (where you could see tracers even from undiscovered enemies) will not return
- devs have enough ideas for game optimalisation for several years of implementation
- all arties will be completely rebalanced up to the point of implementing new guns
- official WG "noobmeter" is planned for very distant future (SS: if I understood this correctly, it's somewhat unclear, since a part of the original question is missing)
- single-click crew transfer from tank to tank (premium to regular and back for example) is planned
- devs consider KV-1S balanced and alright
- Object 261 (based on IS-7 hull) maximum speed won't be increased
- you can spend only 3 battles in a row at the bottom of your team, the 4th battle the MM forces you to be on the top or in the middle of your team
- in the future, accidentally sold crews will be possible to restore, for now, it's not possible even thru tech support
- the rules for teamkill/teamdamage punishments will be changed (intentionally not said how), devs are working on it right now. Current system does take recidivism (previous bans) in account when selecting proper punishment. The changes in rules (and possibly to whole mechanism) ETA is not yet decided
- the cancelled tech tree transfers (Hummel - Pz III/IV etc.) were not included in the patchnotes because Storm forgot about them
- Storm states that it's useless to angle the Löwe, it has a weak hull for its tier - you gotta take shells with the turret
- it's possible the "average damage per battle" stat will be implemented into the player's official profile
- new "mechanics explanation" movie (SS: I believe in English the series was called Interesting mechanics or something like that?) will come relatively soon
- SerB states that the problem with implementing the T-62A was that some its stats were too good while others sucked, the tank was also considered "too new", but SerB is happy with how it turned out
- the maximum gun elevation angle in game is 45 degress, that's when the arty shell flies the longest distance. For example if the arty stands on the 30 degrees slope, that angle would be 15 degrees
- devs do not watch player-made bug movies on youtube
- for arty vehicles using 2-part shells (shell + charge separately) it was considered to allow them to use reduced charge fill so the shell would fly with more curved trajectories. The idea was however scrapped.
- there was no "1941 pattern T-44", there was only the A-44 project (SS: regarding Soviet medium tanks, players are trying to post suggestions for various alternative Soviet types)
Object 430 will not be implemented as tier 8 Soviet vehicle (SerB: "Share the marihuana joint") (SS: Object 430 was a late 50's medium tank project, designed to improve/replace the T-54. While it was not a bad vehicle, its performance was not much better than that of T-54 and the project was scrapped. It would make a fine T10 I think).


- Q: "In 8.5, the Konisch gun damage for regular and gold shells was made the same, is it realistic?" A: "As soon as you provide us with the real life data on Konisch gun damage (measured in hitpoints), we will make it realistic"
- when smoke (as cover) is introduced, the cover mechanism of various objects (haystacks, walls etc.) won't be changed (they won't be added as camoproviding objects), there are too many of them
- various tanks have various tracks hitbox models, these models do not depend on the type of the suspension (torsion bars, Christie etc.), rather than on its shape
- you do recieve credits for caused module damage
- the archievements for the XP class badges (3rd Class to Master) for arty won't be revised
- trophy (captured) tanks will not be made for now
- some branches have regular vehicle - arty transfers, it is not yet clear what will happen to those transfers when the arty is stretched to tier 10, apparently they won't disappear all
- KV-1S to SU-152 transfer won't be implemented
- the Chinese TD and arty branches are not yet prepared, let alone modelled, no details will be told now
- shell (trajectory, impact) system won't be modified, it would get too complicated
- 0.8.5 test 2 will have a few minor bugs fixed
- Ferdinand won't be separated into the Elefant and Ferdinand tanks, because those two tanks are practically identical
- T-62A was the "ugly duckling" tank, the developers didn't want to implement it, but had to because they didn't find any proper alternative.
- the escort mode was tested but the devs decided it's not working and decided to scrap it
- WG cooperation with (implementation of) Raidcall, Teamspeak or Mumble? "No comment"
- Matilda 1 and Char 2C plans? "If there are any, I will tell"
- IS-3, IS-8 and 110 won't get a frontal armor buff on the spot where lower plate and upper plate meet
- it's not yet clear whether the Chinese TD branch will containt SU-100 and SU-152 copies
- Q (by a player named Mishkas88): "Will there be any changes in German tank properties in 8.5 test 2?" A: "No. And that 88 means you were born in 1988, right?" :)
- there are many factors as to what premium tanks will be implemented and what not
- apparently, the Chinese TD's are a mess - there is enough material to make two branches of them, but the devs are still thinking how to make it all fit together
- somewhere in the next few patches there will be a sound re-work, but music re-work is unlikely
- new anti-aliasing is scheduled for middle future (not as bad as distant - usually refers to 6 months - 1 year or so)
- there will be a new WG video, possibly explaining the shell penetration trajectory inside tank
- it's possible Korean War will appear in historical battles, Vietnam War most likely won't
- in the future, the sound engine will be updated
- visibility range restriction removal - doesn't have high priority, definitely won't come in 2013-2014
- HE shell splash has the shape of a sphere, not a circle
- the weird 2nd anniversary garage (SS: more like gay-rage) won't be optional
- T-70 will be made a 2-man vehicle before the 0.8.5 goes out