Sunday, April 14, 2013

New USSR Light Tanks T-60, T-70, T-80





- WoWp had the popular 1024*768 resolution removed, it will however stay in WoT
- game balance (tank winrates) is analysed after every patch
- the fate of GW Panther (whether it will move or not) will be announced later
- no alternative medium tank branches will come in near patches
- trophy (captured) tanks will come in very far future
- Q: "Storm, in the recent ASAP videos you appear every time wearing the same sweater. Does it have anything to do with the gold shells for credits introduction?" A: "Definitely! 'We need more gold'(c) Our sales are not enough to buy a second sweater..."
- Storm states that the issue with Nvidia cards is not yet solved
- Leopard 1's shell ejector mechanism does not influence its camo factor
- T28 Prototype ingame was based on this sketch:

No other pictures or drawings exist, it was made from scratch by Wargaming. (SS: There however exists a wooden model - it was discovered apparently after the T28 Prototype was introduced into the game.)
- there will be no free tanks in 0.8.6 (eg. if you have a tier 8 artillery, it will get moved to tier 10, but you will not get its new T8 replacement also). Its replacement however will be unlocked.
- Storm states there were no Löwe changes and calls a player saying Löwe was ninjanerfed a liar
- SerB and Storm on Löwe ninjanerf player claims: "If there was a poll 500 years ago about the shape of the Earth, the winning answer would be that it's flat" and "Many say there are UFO's, but have no proof, just like you don't." 
- the total amount of experience needed to level up a tier 10 arty from tier 1 will be roughly the same as it currently costs to level up a tier 8 arty
- destroyable bushes (as an equivalent to trees that can be brought down) are not planned
- in time, small destructable objects (fences, shacks etc.) will allow AP and APCR shells to pass thru them
- according to Storm, Maus is unpopular because it's slow
- some "people with very high reputation" claim GW Elefant (new German arty) is a Wargaming fake. WG will "tell everything later"
- the minimum thickness for spaced armor plates to be implemented into WoT is 10mm, thinner armor plates won't be modelled
- apparently Storm is aware that the T-44 turret is unhistorical (wrong designation), doesn't consider it important ("what a horror...")
- British second TD branch will not come this year, nor will any other British TD vehicles be introduced
- according to devs, ammorack explosions of 7,92mm - 12,7mm shells are okay
- according to devs,  there is no need to buff IS-7
- TD experience gain might be rebalanced (for them to get more XP from battles), "no comment so far"
- apparently the T-50-2 will not be removed from the game
- King Tiger maximum speed won't be buffed
- SS: now, this is something I don't understand fully, but apparently, there is a new CW mechanism/event in the making with provinces controlled by NPC's (sorry, no idea what this means)
- point limit change for various tier companies is not planned
- Hellcat won't recieve a 105mm howitzer ("We don't consider it necessery") (SS: but the 105mm Hellcat designated T88 is still planned for WoT)
- for now, new perks are not planned, but the whole perk mechanism will be reviewed, new ones might come eventually
- there might be a special "Sorry" quick command implemented
- special (in-battle) help for stuck tanks will not be implemented, as after the physics introduction such cases have become very rare
- devs won't implement a stat reset after 100-300 battles
- generally Storm considers the calling for old maps (pre-rework) to be brought back a nostalgia, people are lazy to learn new things
- there is no coefficient, that would award credits for damage done based on what shell was used
- new Nvidia drivers still have the bug, where the game says "Not enough experience" and crashes, when you open a techtree branch, the devs are trying to solve it

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