Tuesday, April 16, 2013


- the situation with the alleged premium account buff got complicated, Storm debunked SerB's information that thee will be PA buffs. Confusing.
- all the armor calculations are done server-side
- there is a chance the Leopard 1 will be made lower (historically, according to Storm, it should be 2400mm tall, at this moment in game it's 2480mm tall)

- as previously reported by FTR, 8.5 has been confirmed for Thursday on RU server, which means EU/US will follow possibly next week Tuesday/Wednesday.

On the topic of 8.6 arties, I tried to get into the bottom of them, whether they are historical and if yes, what can we expect. The Soviet one is historical, it's one of the SU-14 prototypes (some sources claim SU-14-1, some SU-14-2). According to some hints I have read on RU forum, it might be implemented below the SU-14 itself and have worse weaponry. It was stated it won't be faster or more maneuverable.

The German one is still as far as I can tell a fake. There IS a source, Guderian himself mentions an "Elefant" with a 210mm mortar, but no other reputable sources (Doyle, Spielberger) mention any project like that I think. What I think happened is - as it did many times in history - someone confused two Elefants. You see, the name "Elefant" was used (officially) for the improved Ferdinand tank destroyers... but also (unofficially) for a Czechoslovak 220/210mm mortar projectGrW 69 "Elefant", which had nothing to do with the Porsche Elefant chassis, it was just a name (credits go to Zarax for making me aware of this). The Elefant mortar was bored 210mm, Wargaming's GW Elefant is equipped with a 210mm mortar... see where I am going?

Someone somewhere (maybe even Guderian himself) possibly confused the Elefant mortar and Elefant tank destroyer and gained impression there was supposed to be a mortar mounted ON the Elefant chassis. Such confusion is not uncommon after all, we have many cases where someone made something up or got confused and it stuck and it is even commonly used now, despite being unhistorical (examples: Jagdpanzer 38t called "Hetzer", M36 called Jackson and so on).

The French one - nothing is known. I asked several people, known to know stuff about French vehicles (notably Souroy via Okinoshima), noone has heard of a Batchat artillery based on M47 Patton chassis.

VK20.01 D, VK30.01 D, Aufklarungspanzer Panther

VK20.01 D

VK30.01 D

Aufklarungspanzer Panther