Sunday, April 21, 2013


- the Stalingrad map will appear on World of Tanks (not soon), there might be some famous landmarks (such as the Tractor plant, Pavlov house, the Children dance sculpture)
- it takes several man-months of work to create a medium-sized map
- there is a limit as to how many tank emblems can be implemented into the game, it's related to performance
- A39 Tortoise is doing fine statistically
- British arty branch is not yet completed
- IS-4 track mudguards are not part of the armor model, they never were
- it's not possible to make an arty hardcap only for some battletiers
- apparently, SerB said on recent community meeting in Kharkov that Maus will recieve a hitpoint buff, its gun however won't be buffed. It will happen in one of the following patches.
- it is confirmed that penetration will be taken into account when deciding the shell price, how exactly is not sure yet
- M6A2E1 counts as "promotional tank", eg. not as a premium one
- 2x2km maps are not developed, definitely won't come this year, but eventually in distant future they will appear
- currently, no artillery gameplay changes are planned
- armor penetration indicator shows the ability to penetrate that given armor at 100 meters
- one-color camouflage (essentially tank color change) is not planned for now
- 7/42 format will not be used in CW
- there are plans for alternative endgame mode, apart from CWs and garage battles
- RU251 (tier 8 German LT) will not come in 0.8.6
- devs thought about implementing a gold ammo for credits hardcap (for example only 1/3 of the total ammo capacity could be loaded with them), but decided not to do it for now
- tanks in garage interface ("carousel") will be completely reworked
- devs haven't thought yet about the "cloud storage" system รก la BF3
- caps and keyboard language indicator will be implemented for the password screen
- it is not planned to change the French autoloaders so they can be reloaded only when the vehicle is standing still

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