Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jove Mod Pack 8.5

There was some problem with the download link, now it's fixed...

EU 8.5 Full Client Download

Just noticed something. On the official WG site then you click to download torrent file for full client (8.5) download it will give you direct download. GJ WG once more. FFS get some people who know how to link stuff on web sites.

This is the real link for torrent download of full 8.5 client, enjoy:

Download Link


- in 8.6, Pearl River will not be removed for re-work
- in 8.6, new vehicles will be unlocked if you unlocked the same tier pre-8.6 vehicle, because "it's more fair like that"
- devs are considering the possibility to retrain the crew members to another role (SS: for example radioman into a loader)
- a whole page of Storm's answers was dedicated to moaning about the VK3001/3002 HL210TRM engine, apparently, there is some bug in RU client nomenclature
- LeFH18B2 MM spread was not changed in 0.8.5
- apparently, there were some problems with balancing the light tanks, so they decided to disable that MM part, so for now the scout MM is identical to the one pre 0.8.5
- apparently in distant future, lowtier vehicle battles will be implemented into the CW's somehow
- the visual model change of the T5E1 gun in the T123 and T136 T29 turrets is possibly historical (Storm is not sure)
- T18 model will not be changed apparently
- it's theoretically possible that in 0.8.6, new battletiers are introduced
- the missing WoT crew was one of the initial WoT decisions
- used shell casings flying off from the tanks are not planned
- M1921 won't be introduced into the game for now
- there might be rewards implemented for old players after all, "no comment for now"
- there might be new winter and desert newbie maps (such as Himmelsdorf, Malinovka etc.) introduced, but not anytime soon
- in 0.8.6, champion companees will get the possibility to include arty up to (and including) tier 8, but they probably won't get a tier point increase
- if a scout spots the enemy vehicle, arty aims at it, but the vehicle stops being spotted by the scout, the scout and the arty will share the kill XP, if the target is destroyed in 5 seconds from disappearing, after that the arty gets everything
- arty shells damage will change in 0.8.6 "if necessary"
- current maps might eventually get various seasons' versions (for example winter Steppes etc.)
- the bug where you can't close personal chat in garage was not fixed 0.8.5, nor is a micropatch planned to fix that bug specificall
- the Nvidia card bugs are still there (crashes etc.), the problem is "of system nature"
- this year more maps are planned for introduction
- it's possible clan management will get new options
- the fact Leopard Prototyp A is missing Leopard 1's engine is okay, the engine is supposed to be unique

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