Thursday, April 25, 2013

Marakasi Mod Pack 8.5


- the option to restore sold tank crews after you get your account back (if you become a victim of account theft/hacking) will be implemented relatively soon
- there will be a protection from accidental crew dismissal implemented, but not soon
- today's RU server minipatch doesn't cause 8.5 replays not to run (SS: not sure this concerns EU/NA)
- the possibility to load the autoloader with various shell composition (SS: for example 2 AP and 3 HE) will not be implemented
- the possibility for players to make maps won't be implemented: "To be original and interesting is not enough, they have to be worked-on. And to search amongst the thousands of "my school and house" map proposals for one decent proposal and to polish it for gameplay on top of that is much more expensive than to make the map ourselves"
- the M4A2E4 Sherman elevation/depression rollback in 0.8.5 (from 0.8.4 values back to 0.8.3) happened correctly: the depression was returned to the old one too (from -5 to -10), it was just forgotten in the patchnotes
- according to devs, Maus is doing fine statistically. It will be buffed just a bit (not significantly) and it won't happen too soon, the buff has low priority
- premium tier 8 vehicles won't come in first half of 2013, but in second they will
- Serene Coast and Komarin will return in 2nd half of 2013, they will both be changed a lot
- Sexton was moved to 8.6, because just like the rest of the arty it will be rebalanced
- all arty vehicles will be completely rebalanced in general