Sunday, April 28, 2013


- apparently no special steps will be taken to increase the amount of less popular tanks, such as the Minimaus, Maus, FV4202 etc.
- when rebalancing tanks, the opinion of players is not taken into account
- SerB states that the counter-artillery hack doesn't really work
- ingame VK2801 is not related in any way to Daimler Benz
- Japanese tree: "when it's done it's done"
- the amount of free XP gained each battle automatically will not be increased
- Q: "Have the Spitfires been uncovered in Myanmar?" A: "No. Unfortunately the comrade who pulled us into that enterprise turned out to be no comrade at all."
- regarding the "digital" Chinese camouflage: for now there are no plans to introduce such a camouflage pattern for other nations
- the lowtier tank map limit doesn't apply to tank tiers, but rather battle tiers (SS: eg. M22 Locust can get to Westfield, as demonstrated by the asking Russian player)
- apparently, the Chinese will have a "Type 100" tank destroyer with either a 100mm or 122mm Chinese gun (SS: absolutely no idea what this is about, I have never seen such a tank mentioned anywhere, but SerB was recently on a meeting with players, maybe it's some reference from there, will ask the guy who asked the question in first place)
- it's possible there will be a second British medium branch implemented (what will be its tier 10 is unknown)
- "superpremium" accounts (that would give twice as big bonuses as regular accounts) are not planned, as to the other proposed PA buffs: "no comment for now"
- SerB states that there will be no more "pay to win" in the game, WG is focusing on selling comfortable levelling up, but it's just fine if you play for free
- SerB: "the option to change the account e-mail lowers the account's security level"
- according to SerB, the Indienpanzer frontal upper/lower armor meeting point is not bugged


1) Will multicore support be implemented?
Multicore support won't change from what it is now apparently (not anytime soon anyway) but this year, HAVOK physics should come, those will run on 2nd processor core, evening the processor load.

2) Will bigger maps be implemented?
Yes, eventually, developers are working on bigger maps, but they won't come anytime soon. With bigger maps, bigger teams will come (bigger than 15 anyway, possibly 20 vs 20)

3) Smoke dischargers?
Yes, in future they will be implemented, but not soon (not 2013)

4) Weather effects?
Yes, these will come, but not anytime soon, most likely not in 2013

5) Night battles?
Yes, they will be implemented, but Storm stated they are very boring to play, so they won't come anytime soon.

6) Buffs of various tanks
Developers almost never say in advance, whether a tank will be buffed or not. A minor Maus buff has been confirmed though, in some of the upcoming patches.

7) What are the plans for 2013?
Not much is currently known. 8.6 will bring artillery changes (tier 10 artillery vehicles). German tank destroyers have been confirmed for 2013 (latter half). It's likely Havok will come in 2013 too, along with more tier 8 premium tanks (again, in second half of the year). It's possible (but not certain) that Japanese tanks will come by the end of the year.

8) What premium vehicles are planned?
An American premium tank destroyer has been confirmed (unknown what type), a British Excelsior lowtier heavy tank, Sexton British SPG, a Soviet T-44 variant with 85mm gun has been confirmed as upcoming tier 7 Soviet medium tank, new Chinese hightier heavy ("112") and medium tanks have also been confirmed.

9) 7/42 eSport mode?
Yes, this will come eventually, no current ETA, but WG is focusing on that so it's possible it will come this year.

10) British artillery?
Not in 8.6 and most likely not in 8.7 either, because two patches with artillery content after one another are very unlikely. No official ETA exists, but I don't think it will come this year.

11) French alternative medium and heavy lines?
They will come, but not this year

12) Soviet alternative medium line?
Will come, in 2014

13) Alternative american medium line?
Nothing is known, but according to various hints, it's possible it might appear in this year.

14) Sturmtiger?
Yes, but not this year, it will come in 2014 

15) How will the European tree work?
Apparently, the current model being discussed are one-nation branches with crew nationality selection upon purchase.

16) Christie tanks, captured tanks (German T-34, Russian Panther etc.)
Yes, they will come, but not this year, they have very low priority

17) Alternative German tank destroyer line?
Yes, it will come in 2013

18) Turretted British tank destroyers (Achilles and others) and Firefly?
Yes, they will come, but most likely not in 2013

19) What about those tier 10 "reward" tanks? (M60, Object 907, VK7201)
They will be a part of an yet undisclosed event. It is speculated they will be a special reward for successful clanwars players.

20) Will artillery be ever removed/severly nerfed/hardcapped?
No. The only thing that will happen is a full arty rebalance in 8.6, but not a severe nerf. This rebalance should remove the artyflood issues of high-tier battles. If it does, the current arty hardcap will be removed completely.

21) Will skill-based matchmaking be implemented for random battles?
No, never, but it's possible some form will appear in the 7/42 or revamped company mode

22) Garage and historical battles?
They will come, but they don't have high priority. No current ETA.

23) 0.8.5 graphical issues and bugs
The Nvidia-caused bug where the game crashes when activating certain garage menus (specifically the research tree) has not yet been fixed, Wargaming is working on it. Furhtermore, some players experience lower FPS in 0.8.5, this issue is known and investigated.