Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Medal Arriving in 8.6

Thanks to vlado_ns from forum.

Berlin Garage Mod

According to WG we will have this garage only for the special that is on now, but here is a link to keep it for ever if you want to.


- combat chat after your vehicle is destroyed won't be disabled for you in the future
- there will be premium light tanks of tier 4 and above in the future
- tank render pictures that are published on WoT portal have low priority
- gold shells won't be limited to 30 percent of carried ammo because "it's not needed"
- SerB still likes to play WoT for fun, not just as work
- even though Object 268 is based on IS-8, the hulls look different because they were different in real life (Wargaming did measure it in Kubinka):

- credit to gold transfers and premium tanks for credits won't be implemented
- air itself is not modelled in game (no air resistance etc.)
- SEA portal has new player statistic page, some of the old data are however missing
- according to devs, it's possible to implement that when you sell a tank, the shells are not sold by default - possible, but not needed
- post-battle chat won't be implemented for now, because players would only insult each other after battle
- daytime battle changes (dusk/night battles) and weather effects are already developed for quite some time, but they won't be implemented until the effect are optimized (SerB later adds the various times of the day battles are basically doable, but the weather needs extra effects).
- regarding the changed arty statistics in 0.8.6: statistics (apart from rare exceptions) will always stay on the same vehicle
- eventually, armored screens (spaced armor) will work specifically against HEAT shells, unknown when
- thick mudguards do count as armor - thin don't
- SU-122-44 disadvantages? "Accuracy and aim time"
- apparently, closed maps (as inside buildings) are not planned
- Japanese tank branch will also get post-war tanks (SS: STA, STB...)
- Japanese Type 60 SPG will most likely not appear
- Panzerjäger 35R? "If we decide to implement it, I will tell"
- tanks in night battles will use night vision equipment ("not only the top ones - there was such a thing on T-26 and BT"), it will most likely be added as optional equipment, but for more details it's too early to tell
- smokescreens will be implemented after the effects are optimized
- to put the Marder I (French FCM T3 TD) to French branch was basically a Wargaming economy decision
- the new event hangar uses the same render, it's the lighting that's specific to it
- the idea to implement German voices for German crews, Russian for Russian crews etc. has not been scrapped, but for various reasons it got delayed, the problem with it is according to SerB the "size of the client" (SS: later, a player asks SerB how come it's a problem since other games have 10-15GB clients, but SerB insists it's a problem nonetheless)
- it's possible tanks will get new modules for research, SerB is considering making various hull versions researchable
- archives are being searched for possible EU vehicles already
- pre-aim autoaim (SS: as in an autoaim that can aim before a vehicle depending on its speed) won't be implemented
- tier 9 premium tanks won't be implemented
- tier 8 "gold" premium tanks with improved credit income won't be implemented ("silver - farm it, or buy it for gold")
- when making maps, WG uses free-to-use map tools, such as Google Maps
- paid server without arty won't be implemented (neither paid server, nor battles without arty, to be specific)
- WG won't let you keep the "Berlin" hangar forever (SS: ....unless you hack it)
- it's possible tanks will be configurable for various setups ("for random", "for CW") - for example "CW setup" will automatically load gold shells, different equipment etc.
- on his KV-5, SerB uses BIA and repair skills and takes 10 gold shells with him to randoms, he likes to play it and he likes to farm
- when you survive a battle, your amount of remaining HP has no influence on bonus XP/credits
- in 0.8.6 it's possible arty prices will change
- SU-26 122mm gun removal? "Wait for official info"
- Guns eating shells unhistorical? "Historically, the tip of the gun is far from the armor. Want realism? Join the army."
- WG did encounter the Jagdmaus project in the archives (SS: details on Jagdmaus here, scroll down a bit)
- devs traditionally don't want to touch the premium vehicles. Regarding the promo vehicles however - this rule is not set in stone as much
- random battles last 7 minutes on average
- player opinions (specifically from forums) are not taken into account when buffing/nerfing tanks, because "players want everything and then some"
- according to SerB, several tenths of percent of accounts were stolen on RU server

Siemka, kto PL ?

Here is a nice link how to answer that:


Special thanks to vlado_ns from forum for sharing this.

Military Parade Bonus Code



(in capital letters)
After inputting the bonus code, you will receive all of the following goods:
  • 1 day of Premium Account
  • x5 Extra Combat Rations
  • x5 Improved Combat Rations
  • x5 Case of Cola
  • x5 Chocolate
  • x5 Strong Coffee
  • x5 Pudding and Tea

You can start using your Premium day and consumables immediately after inputting your code! The bonus code will be only available from 8th May 02:00 CEST (GMT+2) until 16th May 1:59 CEST (GMT+2)! Please bear in mind that the bonus code can be used only once per account.

New Leaked Pics Of New Tanks

Loyd Gun Carrier (allegedly tier 2)

Birch Gun (allegedly tier 4 arty)

M44 US Artillery


Batchat 155 (1955)

E25 premium TD