Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bat Chatillon 25 t by TheArti25

Type 121 10.566 DMG

Type T-34 Tier 5 Chinese Medium Tank - Forty Minutes of Fail

Caernarvon Review - Flexible British Steel


- SerB uses his own ideas to improve the game, not the community's: "90 percent of ideas from gaming community are stupid, 9 percent are not realizable and 0,99 percent from the remaining 1 percent are already planned"
- apparently the German "dunkelgelb" yellow color scheme won't be implemented as base color (SS: unclear whether it will be implemented at all)
- apparently the Jagdmaus is not planned for now (SS: I am not sure the player asking was referring to Jagdmaus, it's my guess)
- T-34 has two engines: 480 hp and 500 hp - the difference is 4,2 percent increase, but according to SerB this does not mean that when buying the new engine, the overall tank dynamics is increased by 4,2 percent - the difference is apparently more, because the hp-dynamics increase is nonlinear
- several tanks have more rangefinder modules that affect visibility (for example the Object 907, which actually has 4 crew periscopes) - hitting more than one doesn't however decrease the tank viewrange even more, for viewrange calculation they all count as one
- according to SerB, the Jagdmaus had the same armament variants as the Jpz E-100 - 150mm and 170mm
- more special T10 vehicles are not planned for now
- the special T10 vehicles will (according to SerB) be very difficult to get
- there were cases where other developers wanted to implement something and SerB said "no" (and personally blocked it), but also cases where other developers didn't want something, but SerB pushed it over disagreement personally - but he won't give any details
- Q: "Why do all trees make the same sound when they fall?" A: "Because the game is not called World of Falling Tree Sounds"
- IS-6 gun won't be buffed ("Don't play IS-6")