Saturday, May 11, 2013


- the rumor about the introduction of another premium vehicle with an autoloader (SS: T1E6 has an autoloader, hence the "another") is just that: a rumor
- the artillery dozer blades and recoil braces, present on some arties, act as spaced armor
- French premium Marder I and the B2 arty won't be transferred to German tree
- according to SerB, the high-angle turret roof penetrations are okay
- most of the map developers that made the first Himmelsdorf, Karelia and other maps are still working at Wargaming. Generally all the maps up to the Pearl River came mostly from these people
- the T-100 1964 Soviet light tank is not currently planned for WoT
- the experimental SPG GAZ-75, IT-45 and IT-76 will be disclosed in due time
- Q: "Why can WoT tweaker disable some of the options your client cannot?" A: "Because on minimal recommended configuration the game can run without the tweaker"
- Prokhorovka encounter probability was not increased
- according to SerB, Prokhorovka encounters don't end too soon with low scores
- according to SerB, the player-described problem where encounter battles appear too often when encounter is enabled but assault is not does not exist
- premium T-44? "When it's done it's done"
- premium T-44 will have limited MM and the same gun as T-34/85? "Tests will show"
- Q: "Does having a tank camouflage have any negative effect on the tank?" A: "Yes, kiddie noobs kill such players with special fury while yelling 'kill the wallet warrior!!!111'" (SS: here a direct translation doesn't work: the Russians have a special term for what is called "pubbies" on US server and "zombies", "lemmings" and "scrubs" on EU server - the term is "shkololo", which is a combination of words "shkolnik" (schoolkid) and "trololo" - not that it's important, just interesting. Another russian word "shkolota" has pretty much the same meaning in WoT context).
- Sturmtiger: "when it's done it's done"
- Q: "Is the game set so that German tanks don't get effective armor increase when angling the tank?" A: "No, not in general, that was just made for your tanks specially."

Also, you might have noticed from various forum posts that Wargaming started to sue the owner of the Chinese WoT copy. I didn't really consider that relevant to the game (as most of it is speculation anyway, it's not like Wargaming will tell us how it's going), so I didn't write it earlier.

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- it's possible the new effects improvement (prepared for the night battles and  weather effects) will also bring better explosions, nicer waterfalls etc.
- module damage system wasn't changed
- SU-85 with 107mm gun won't return as a premium vehicle, but it "might return in another way" (no details for now)
- all major nations will have a premium arty vehicle, but not all at once
- one AP shell penetrating multiple tanks? "won't be done because it would stress the server"
- in the future (when Havok is implemented), tanks with turret will have the turret fly off during ammorack explosions. As for tanks without turret - "we'll see"