Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Arty 0.8.6. Supertest Results

New 0.8.6 Camouflage





The source (wot-news) has more pictures (of the same camos), it's kinda pointless to copypaste everything here. As a summary (confirmed by Ectar, EU forums community manager):

3 new French camo's (3 summer)
3 new German camo's (2 summer 1 desert)
1 new American camo (desert)
3 new Soviet camo's (winter and 2 summer)


- Confirmed from supertest: developers now have a new way how to detect present mods (illegal mods) from replays for the whole battle (eg. if you report a cheater by a ticket, devs have a way of telling what mods is he using) - for now it's not automatized
- devs are not consulting gameplay issues with players, because all they get is whining
- the amount of credits for losses won't be lowered and for victories won't be increased - devs thought about it long time ago, but decided the current balance is just fine and the company mode proved that such a thing is irrational
- it's possible the difference between winners and losers income in companies will be lowered
- according to SerB, Gaijin War Thunder tanks don't have much chance to beat World of Tanks ("Don't hold your breath")
- with the new camos, players who already bought camos won't get gold/credits back to buy the new ones
- Storm on WoT conspiracy theories: "It's the same as in real life. Real life also has enough conspiracy nuts. According to them, the "reds" are to blame for everything, or the "whites", or the "greens". "
- Ersatz Panther will get the US stars, but won't get the US camos
- WoT for Linux will definitely not come. It's not decided yet, whether there will be WoT for Mac
- British arty will come this year
- it's unknown, whether the Japanese will make it this year
- 2nd German TD branch this year? "Everything's possible"