Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tortoise 1 Vs. 7, 13.100 XP (х5)

T30 Tier 9 American Tank Destroyer


The Quicky Series #6


- in the new patch, the role of spaced armor vs HEAT will become more significant, but Panzer IV Schmalturm's side "grid" plates still won't count as spaced armor (too thin) - "for several reasons"
- the +/-25 RNG for pen and damage won't be changed
- the frontal spaced armor of Superpershing actually consists of two armor plates behind each other and then the vehicle armor itself. However, the second layer of spaced armor won't be taken into account, as its influence on HEAT protection is very small
- Q: "You have always said that TD's get the same amount of XP for battle as the heavies and meds and suddenly, it's different, how come?" A: "Well, that's what we are like - evil and nasty."
- Q: "How can we trust your answers then?" A: "You trust them or you don't - your choice." 
- Q: "You said you wouldn't change the stats for premium vehicles, yet here you did with the LeFH - do you expect players to keep buying premium tanks after all that?" A: "Yes, based on previous experiences."
- SerB explaining how aiming and shooting works: "There is a point, where at the moment of the shot, the gun of the tank is aiming at. After that, random deviation is taken into account. After that, the shell flies along the trajectory, calculated from the point plus the deviation - and whether a part of enemy tank or nothing at all is located in the trajectory path when the shell arrives, that depends already on that specific situation." (SS: the translation is not literal, had to modify it to make better sense in English. It basically was a reaction on a player hinting that the hit/miss might be predetermined by the time the gun shoots.)
- if the game was realistic, all the tanks (except for the Russian ones) wouldn't be able to move the turret (SS: or move it extremely slowly - "handcranking") when the engine is damaged/destroyed (SS: Russian tanks have electric-driven turrets) - this was not implemented so players wouldn't whine too much
- the camo changes in 0.8.6 are not final, completely reworked camo system will come much later
- SerB doesn't expect flood of arty and TD's after buffing their XP income in 0.8.6
- the 5 arty hardcap will stay in 0.8.6
- the special arty aim circle shell distribution applies in both artymode (satellite view) and regular mode
- according to Storm, all guns will be more precise in 0.8.6 and guns that are precise now will be even more precise
- in connection with increased accuracy, the conditions for Sniper medal won't change
- in 0.8.6 there still will be differences between camo coefficients of small and huge TD's
- the camo bonus of bushes will be nerfed only slightly
- 0.8.6 won't bring crew perk/skill reset, the crew "camouflage" skill will work the same way it did pre-0.8.6
- Type 59 MM weight won't be changed apparently
- new emblems will come in one of the upcoming patches
- 0.8.6 will bring one new map
- according to Storm, Jagdpanzer IV and other such vehicles will be affected by the camo changes only slightly
- huge vehicles won't get a big camo bonus in 0.8.6
- company arty limits will be reworked, apparently Champion companies will be able to employ T7 arties (no more details)

- 0.9.0 (SS: for which the complete rework of camo mechanism is planned) will come much later
- regarding the mentioned economy changes: "Many people will be surprised."
- core mechanics changes in 0.8.6 have already been disclosed, eg. for example more changes in penetration mechanism won't come in 0.8.6
- during the 0.8.6 arty changes, when you have for example a on tier 6 only improved suspension unlocked and it gets moved to tier 7, both the tier 6 and tier 7 vehicles will have a new suspension unlocked. If you have a new suspension unlocked for tier 8 arty and it gets moved to tier 10, which has no new suspension, you will apparently lose that XP (eg. recieve no compensation)
- 7/42 companies won't come in 8.6 or 8.7
- currently, only one new map is developed atm
- there are currently no concrete plans for buffing the premium accounts (the plans for that were revealed earlier)