Sunday, May 26, 2013

World War II - TANKS!

One of  the best documentaries on tank warfare during WW II.

Comet heartbreak...



- tracers weren't removed because the players were complaining about the "Star Wars blaster effects", this has nothing to do with the real reason (SS: which was the fact they got hacked)
- the new sound system (crew comments) will come in two versions: long and short one. Long one means that the commander will talk to you in whole sentences ("The engine caught fire because it was hit") - this is mostly for the newbies, so they know what's happening and why. Short one will only say everything in one or two words ("Fire"). The players will be able to enable the shortened system in game settings.
- linear XP requirement for more perks was scrapped, because it's bad for average players, XP requirements for skills/perks won't be reduced
- gear changes sound will be implemented

Remodeling T-44 (two models)

It's time to strap on our man pants and drive our tanks like we've got a pair!

Remodeling Marder II

Remodeling Pz I Ausf C

Remodeling Grille

Remodeling Universal Carrier QF2

Remodeling IS-6

Remodeling Pz IV Ausf GH

Remodeling T50/2

Remodeling T-50