Friday, May 31, 2013

World of Tanks - ASAP 10 With Mikhail Zhivets.

Patch 8.6 Preview

T110E5 Pool's Medal...


- there was a tank SerB wanted to implement, but couldn't (it wouldn't fit) - Object 167M with D-83 122mm gun
- Soviet gun rebalance was scrapped (SS: there was a plan to increase Soviet penetration to Chinese levels)
- Chrysler TV-8 in the game? "We don't smoke need that."
- there will be something like dynamic objects on the maps with the implementation of client physics
- in connection with common premium account for WoWp and WoT, SerB states that it will be impossible to run those two games at the same time ("you don't have 4 hands anyway, or?")
- it's not planned to inform the person, who sent the ingame complaint about its result
- StuG III with derp HEAT nerfed too much? "Don't play StuG III with derp HEAT"
- SU-26 nerfed too much? "Don't play SU-26"
- gold ammo nerfed too much? "Don't use gold ammo"
(SS: judging from the trollanswers, I guess we can be fairly easy they don't consider these things overnerfed)
- 25 percent RNG on pen and damage won't be reduced
- Durchbruchswagen didn't appear in the new Leopard branch because devs decided not to make it
- according to Storm, publishing (implementing into the game) 3D model armor schematics was not done yet because it's complicated to implement
- according to Storm, all the maps and modes have same chance of "dropping" (SS: player was complaining that Siegfried Line encounter drops way too often)
- the fact that when the dynamic camera is on, tank barrel "swinging" gets turned on too automatically is intentional
- current Scripts mod series (SS: whatever that is) can't run on 0.8.6, according to Storm that's normal for every patch that messes with game mechanics
- the removal of French premium arty from the 0.8.6 test is intentional, as it is not yet decided whether it will be removed from sales
- according to Storm, dynamic camera on Object 268 is working fine
- 0.9.0 will be even bigger than 0.8.6
- there will be a new article on 0.8.6 camo mechanics by Storm
- besides the XL spall liner, there are no further plans to improve Maus/E-100 survivability against arty
- the 10vs10 arty battles on supertest won't apparently happen on public server, as under some circumstances the cap is removed (like when the queue is full of arty)
- it's possible some (specific) HEAT shells have different ricochet value than the default 80 degrees

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