Saturday, June 1, 2013

0.8.6 SuperPershing Nerf

"We don't nerf premium tanks" - yea, right. Superpershing recieved a visually substantial nerf in frontal hull armor. See for yourself:

On the paper, the armor remains officially the same, but gamemodels3d show us that the frontal spaced armor got nerfed by cca 25mm - plus the armor angle is less steep, which means less bounces.

0.8.6 Matilda Black Prince Buff

Apparently, Matilda BP turret got resized. Along with a depression buff, the turret itself is noticeably smaller, have a look (to the left - 0.8.6, to the right - 0.8.5). It's also visibly shorter, so let's hope this finally makes Matilda BP a bit more enjoyable to play. Turret armor got also buffed, from 76/51/44 to 76/63/57.


- while final patchnotes are not realized, the fact that tier 7 arty can fight tier 5-6 teams (as a top tank) is intentional and will be even in the live server
- accuracy was improved roughly by 20 percent in 0.8.6, devs don't consider it overpowered
- while WoWp actually has a linear skill improvement (levelling up the crew from 50 to 51 costs the same XP as from 99 to 100), there are no plans to introduce this to WoT. The reason for that is that such a system is less forgiving for casual players (hardcore players would get insane crews much faster and there would be a lot of them)
- in the future, drowning an enemy (pushing him into water) will count as a kill and might even yield a bonus
- when deciding what vehicle gets the XL spall liner, base weight was taken into account, that's why the T110E3 doesn't have it
- when your client version is not up to date, the client won't run (server won't allow it)
- graphics weren't changed in 8.6
- E-25 price was not yet decided
- camo mechanism was reworked because the developers wanted to improve the effect of camo net and camo pattern and also to get rid of the 2-bush exploit
- Storm is not sure, when the fix for Redshire FPS drop will come
- the accuracy of all vehicles (except for arty) was increased by the same amount
- based on yesterday's article on JPZ E-100 (SS: see earlier blog post, I translated it), Storm will re-check the influence of ventilation on masking
- it's possible the Korean map resembles one real life location (Yonchisan valley)
- the Nvidia issue was not yet fixed, there are still problems apparently
- intertia is not taken into account when moving the turret
- the fact a tank can't steer when going fast and its engine gets destroyed is a "feature", but Storm also adds that to do it differently would be difficult with current physics system
- VK7201 Failowe won't be obtainable thru random battles
- there will be a list of tanks, which get a profitability boost in 0.8.6, it doesn't concern tier 8 premium tanks, but some lower tier premium tanks it does
- SerB is personally for the SU-26 122mm gun removal
- it's possible that all the WG projects won't have only unified premium account, but also unified gold
- there will be no rebalance (compensation) of tanks that pre 8.6 relied heavily on their accuracy, like the E-50 and some players think they lost the edge in 8.6, since all tanks are more accurate
- the reason behind the camo/accuracy/profitability changes was constant incessant whine: "Why am I getting killed by shooting bushes?" "Why can't I hit anything and shells fly to the edges of the circle?" "Why do I make so few credits and always have to play with a premium account?"
- for now, there are no plans to nerf tier 10 TD HEAT/APCR shell penetration, as those shells have their limits, they aren't as universal as before
- the dynamic camera is still being discussed, but devs will definitely reduce the camera "jump" after shooting 
- no additional test server will be implemented, devs are happy with current situation
- the British will for now recieve no highpen gold shells as an alternative to HESH
- tier 10 vehicles won't be changed in 8.6 beyond the changes currently on the test

8.6 Map Preview - Sacred Valley

Patch 8.6 Preview - Sacred Valley Map

Type 59 Custom Skin

Arty Tier 10 Specs

0.8.6 JgPz E-100 Camouflage Effect

This is an interesting post by Russian player, testing the Jagdpanzer E-100 8.6 camo - with and without bush. The spotting vehicle is a FV4202 with 100 percent crew, without binoculars or coated optics, but with radioman's viewrange perk. The bush mentioned in the table is on Malinovka, like this:

And the result? Here is the distance in meters, on which the Jpz E-100 gets spotted.... (notice my elite photoshop skill, which I used to insert the text so nicely...)

Surprisingly, the crew camo skill has very little effect, this has been tested by the player specifically. Contrary to which, the new camo net has more significant reduction impact, along with visual camo.

Storm On 0.8.6 Test

- apparently, the new dynamic camera works like it should, players were complaining about it getting "stuck" behind object, players complain about it a lot (SS: funny, I didn't have any such problems - do any of you?)
- dynamic camera  moving after each shot is being discussed within WG, apparently it's an atmospheric decision
- combat tasks within the game will come, but later (whatever that is)
- LeFH French premium arty will possibly be removed from the shop
- when HEAT ricochets and hits something else after the ricochet, it will penetrate as usual
- Storm states that KV-5 will be especially tough in 0.8.6
- apparently, the idea of tank spotting being tied to how many spotting points are visible won't happen - it would complicate already hard-to-understand mechanics even further
- the graphic bug where something caused violet rectangles to appear will be fixed in next test round:

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