Friday, June 7, 2013

WoT Tweaker 8.6 and 8.5

Replay Competition #1 Runner Up - KV 4

RNG.No Comments.Episode 4


- Q: “Is the T110E4 armor historical?” A: “Well, give us the data of the REAL E4, we’ll be happy to have a look at it”
- SerB on why can’t all the tanks have their maximum speed higher (the way IS-7 was buffed): “Well, try it – if the hill is steep enough, any tank can go really fast” (SS: the reason why the maximum speed is probably not increased is the suspension/transmission/drivetrain durability, which in real life would get torn to pieces)
- the source for T110E3, E4 and E5 tanks is the Hunnicutt: Firepower book
- from the player presented list of “Panzer 61, Panzer 68, Sheridan and Walker Bulldog”, SerB says only one thing: Sheridan has the smallest chance to appear in the game out of those four
- SerB states that when it comes to models, first, they are going to have a look at destructible model parts of various tanks under Havok and then they might have a look at additional 5th vehicle customization type (the 4 being visual camo, modules, equipment and consumables)
- additional archievements might be implemented, but they have low priority
- apparently no more Norse mythos inscriptions are planned on German tanks
- there was a suggestion to split KV-1S to tier 6 and 7 tanks and put IS-2 on tier 8, SerB said this won’t happen
- the game has no anti-archievements (SS: for 20 misses in a row for example), because SerB thinks there would be always be a bunch of retards, who would “collect” these on purpose, screwing up the gameplay.
- following patches according to SerB: British arty, cybersport, some unnamed tanks, roaming, clanwars (SS: lovely, so many things that most people would enjoy – if you wonder what roaming is, it’s the ability to temporarily play on other servers with your original account, for example with RU account on EU/US servers. It’s connected with upcoming clanwars merge (RU vs EU vs US))
- devs are not planning to reduce the amount of polygons on tank hulls and turrets in connection with the planned physics tank turning on their back (SS: tank turns on its back – you need to model its bottom properly = more polygons overall) – quite the contrary in fact
- SerB states that there are enough tanks for an Argentinian minibranch. All would be based on one vehicle – the branch would be small, but totally epic.
- the sound of turret turning is being developed
- the miniturret on top of the KV-4 turret doesn’t have its own minimantlet
- on one tank, various suspensions have various terrain passability factors
- SU-101 without M62 gun is doing fine
- 7/42 companies: “when it’s done it’s done”
- despite the fact Storm wrote that there will be no further nerfs of arty in 0.8.6, their profitability has been lowered in test 2. Storm states that what he meant was “combat characteristics”, among which the profitability doesn’t count

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