Saturday, June 8, 2013


- Storm, when asked, whether World of Tanks can get such physics as on this video, Storm states that the server couldn’t handle it and without server support, there would be way too many graphic issues
- Q: “Did you nerf FCM 50t profitability?” A: “That’s not our area of expertise, sorry, that’s a matter for a psychologist”
- apparently, on RU server players are getting banned for even mentioning War Thunder
- apparently, Port won’t be taken down for rework
- when dealing with teamkills, developers (or, rather, all WG people) don’t really care “who started”
- vehicles will be rebalanced in connection with the increased accuracy “if necessery”
- details about the roaming (switching from one server to another temporarily) will be disclosed later, but there will be some restrictions, SerB states he’s not interested in crowds of noobs moving around
- KV-2 removed HEAT shells will in 8.6 be sold for silver for their purchase price
- SerB states that the thing that happens to Superpershing (armor change->removed from shops->possibility to sell it for gold) won’t be possible for other premium vehicles, unless they get changed really seriously. It will also happen according to developer discretion.

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