Monday, June 10, 2013

Map Tactics #3 - Airfield

World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition Trailer.

Rolling out in summer 2013, World of Tanks explodes onto the Xbox 360. Iinterested? Subscribe now for the BETA on Xbox 360 or play World of Tanks PC for FREE:


- woman crewmembers and kill barrel rings are unlikely to be ever implemented
- as mentioned in earlier posts, Superpershing rebalance is still being discussed, at this moment there is no plan for SP penetration buff
- premium consumable price will likely stay as it is now, that 10k on test server is for test purpose only
- 8.8 will not bring US vehicle branch (SS: as it was speculated earlier), but there will be something interesting in it
- Waffentr├Ąger E-100 gun being 150mm L/68? “No comment, but you will like it” (SS: earlier, it was confirmed it won’t be the 210mm gun, so there are various options, including 150mm L/68 or 128mm FlaK 45)
- Firefly will be implemented after other tanks, that were promised earlier
- Garage battles most likely won’t come in 2013
- Superpershing historically had a GAF V8 engine (450-500hp), it’s not SP that is underpowered, it’s M26 that is unhistorically buffed
- you will be able to sell Superpershing for gold after it gets changed, so players have the opportunity to try it out
- at this moment, the visual camo system (you can buy only one of each type) will stay as it is

 tracks have various armor thickness, which doesn’t directly depend on vehicle weight and type of the vehicle
- toughness of tracks (SS: and it’s not clear, whether hitpoints, armor, or simply module thickness are meant here, even to the player asking) is 3 times bigger in the center of the tracks module than on its edges, it’s connected with the fact that a loss of one supporting wheel is not as critical as a loss of a roadwheel)
- the reason of 50 meter automatic detection distance is somewhat realistic: at this distance, the infantry supporting the tanks can hear another tank and warn the tank crew. However, as SerB states: “want realism? join the army”
- there will be no infantry in WoT, because it would raise the game age restriction
- apparently (SS: and this is based on one Russian blog post), chat rules are practically not enforced on test server. A player tried to report some other players for advertising some botting or fake gold seller, got told that Support doesn’t deal with tickets regarding test server, SerB stated only that developers don’t deal with this
- developers, even the big boss (V.Kisly) pay for gold
- the purpose of test server is not for players to test all the vehicles (SS: SerB replies on whine that other vehicles than arties are practically impossible to test)
- SerB states that stats such as these are possible even without botting (102k battles, 48 W/R)
- apparently, there were cases, where some developers were banned from the game and forums too, for breaking the rules
- there is a theory on RU forums that in the 2nd German TD line, the tier 10 TD will be the Jpz E-100, in the first line it will be replaced by Jagdmaus. SerB: “No comment” (SS: that would be truly retarded, as performance-wise, those vehicles were very close to each other. And yes, there was a Jagdmaus project.)
- will some high-caliber guns be nerfed somehow in connection with their increased accuracy in 0.8.6? “If needed.”


Camouflage bonus as a result of using camo net and camouflage was multiplied on the camouflage value of the given tank. This resulted in the situation when the tank with good camouflage (i.e. tanks of average size) enjoyed more advantages – for instance, if camouflageof the tank was 30% (relative value) and together with the camo net it made the following 30% * 1.25 = 37.5% – 7.5% difference. At the same time tanks with bad camouflage (i.e. tanks of a big size) this effect was very insignificant. – when the tank had 5% camouflage, together with camo net it made 5% * 1.25 = 6.25% – 1.25% difference. The coefficient from camo net and camouflage itself was equal for all vehicles – 1.25 and 1.05 respectively.
Bonus to camouflage from camo net and camouflage will now (starting from 8.6) be added to the camoflage value of that tank. In other words, camouflage and camo net use will provide a fixed bonus to the vehicle’s camouflage, which doesn’t depend on tank’s parameter but depending on the type of the vehicle. Due to the fact that during summarizing, old camo net and camouflage coefficients (+25% and +5%) would have influenced more – for instance, for the tank with 30%camouflage and camo net the overall rate would have been 30% + 25% = 55%, their value has been degraded and distinguished by types of vehicles – SPG and HT acquire a small bonus, LT and MT – average bonus, and TDs – a big bonus (the camo net bonus is still bigger than simply a bonus from camouflage – i.e. bonus from camo net for SPGs and HT is greater than bonus from camouflage for TDs).

Remodeling T110E4

Special edition. First Campaign.