Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Replay Competition #1 Runner Up - T71


- for now, different destructibility of objects (depending on whether they are hit by an AP or HE shell) is not planned
- in arty aim mode, the distance to target is measured as “the length of horizontal trajectory projection”
- apparently, there is an upcoming Russian law, that (under some circumstances) bans pro-gay propaganda (SS: at least that’s how I understood it, didn’t really bother with finding out more). In connection with that SerB states that it’s not their business to deal with clans, that have pro-gay names and tells players to sort this out with Support
- the conditions for roaming won’t be disclosed for now
- the repair speed of a tank doesn’t depend on the number of the crew, but on the average crew repair skill (SS: in other words, tanks with 4 crewmembers with 100 percent repair skill don’t repair faster than tanks with 5 crewmembers and 100 percent repair skill)
- armor thickness doesn’t directly affect the chance of crewmembers being knocked out by splash, only indirectly
- wheeled armored vehicles won’t be added in forseeable future
- no 4th equipment/consumable slot will be added
- FCM50t profitability apparently won’t increase (“Profit will increase when you start playing better. You are not buying automatic earnings, but a possibility to earn in a successful game.”)
- less played branches won’t get buffed apparently (SS: not sure with translation here, it can be interpreted in several ways)
- SerB doesn’t understand, why Storm made the fact that the TD’s have reduced XP coefficient public, according to him, XP- and credit-making issues are not made public in general.
- Q: “Dear SerB, a clan renamed itself to “Conscience of goddamn SerB”, will you report them?” A: “Why? That nick makes no sense anyway, I have no conscience.”
- Storm states that the increase of arty tier by 2 will somewhat compensate the increased XP gained by dealing damage with arties in 0.8.6
- more realistic ricochets (currently, the ricocheting shell can damage only the tank it ricocheted from) won’t happen anytime soon because the developers want to reduce the server load as much as possible
- SerB states that new maps are comfortable enough to play on all types of vehicles
- apparently, other less popular equipment, such as CO2 tanks and wet ammo rack will also be reworked like the spall liner was. The spall liner however was specifically reworked in connection with the artillery.
- gold shells in general won’t be removed
- it’s too early to talk about 112′s characteristĂ­cs, because it hasn’t been properly tested yet
- dynamic characteristics of the tank (affected by crew and equipment) will be implemented
- gun module damage won’t be disclosed
- detailed collision model (with armor thickness etc.) will be implemented into the hangar, internal modules location indicator in hangar won’t be implemented however, specific values about what distance the vehicle is spotted on also won’t be implemented
- it’s possible the E-100 turret was moved more than necessary (and historical), Storm will investigate
- current TD XP gain penalty does mean the TD crews level up slower
- apparently, Soviet T-24 medium tank will appear in the game as a regular vehicle, part of another Soviet branch

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