Thursday, June 13, 2013

Patch 8.6 Preview - Arty Party Part 2

Patch 8.6 Preview - Arty Party Part 1

Remodeling Ram-II

Remodeling Т-62А

4th Of July - Independence Day Garage Mod


- the angle for ricochet in WoT is 70 degrees, this actually applies for the bottom of the tank too
- KV-5 suffering too much with the 8.6 patch? “Don’t play KV-5″ (Storm adds: It’s good for farming. When it comes to profitability, KV-5 is on second place compared to other T8 premium tanks. Storm also adds that which tank is on 1st place is secret, but it’s not T34)
- Charioteer (20pdr Cromwell) in WoT? “No comment on future branches”
- Kanonendjagdpanzer in the game? “It doesn’t fit the branches. Otherwise, no comment.”
- SerB on whether players should buy the new Chinese “112″ premium tank: “You want to buy? Buy it. You don’t? Then don’t. But there are no “pwn all” OP tanks in WoT and there won’t be any”.
- next few patches will bring something “unusual” (possibly new maps, vehicles and game mechanics)
- with the introduction of twin-linked guns and multiturret vehicles, Storm states it’s possible that both guns will be able to fire together at the same time
- according to Storm, the 25 percent RNG was made to make the game more realistic and more interesting
- in 8.6, enemy tank’s engine sound (SS: which players will be able to hear on 150m distance) won’t be heard, if the enemy vehicle isn’t spotted (SS: this is to prevent “camping and listening”)
- the gun of the same caliber has a stronger demasking effect on arty vehicles than on tanks and tank destroyers
- on T-25/2 and Jackson turrets (SS: where one of the turrets is open-topped and the other is covered), the “roof” cover actually works well against arty HE shells, it counts as covered roof, so when an arty shell hits and “slit” between the turret and the roof finds itself in a blast radius of the HE shell, the HE damage won’t pass thru it without any armor check at all.
- the APCR shells differ from AP shells in following parameters: shell velocity, shell penetration, normalisation and penetration loss over distance
- SerB earlier stated that the VK3601H konisch regular shells are actually historically subcaliber, they are marked (and treated) as “AP” for players not to be confused, eg. konish silver shells are not getting subcaliber-nerfed in 0.8.6
- there are no plans to re-work KV-5 armor the way the Superpershing armor is getting reworked. Allegedly there are some different data about the radioman’s miniturret thickness, but Storm doesn’t know about them
- it is (SS: very theoretically) possible (SS: or rather, not specifically excluded), that Jagdpanzer 38D (with L/70, but also with PAW 1000) and Krupp/Ardelt Waffentragers will be implemented as a part of some German branch (SS: In case you are wondering, Jagdpanzer 38D is a 38t (Hetzer) evolution and PAW 1000 is a German WW2 smooothbore gun, with penetration decent enough for tier 6-7).
- the amount of credits you get from the battle does depend on whether you win or lose, this goes for premium vehicles too
- the fact France got late post-war camo does not mean Germany will get a Bunderswehr camo, because Germans have no problems with the amount of camo patters available for implementing.
- it’s possible some older models have small issues with gun barrel sizes (old M4 was mentioned), this will be corrected during the re-work of all models, which is scheduled at some point

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