Friday, June 14, 2013


- there was a theory presented by one RU player, that it doesn’t matter how much capture points you have when the battle is over, you will recieve the same XP bonus everytime. Storm apparently disagrees, but as far as I could see he didn’t deny it specifically
- Storm specifically states that the subcaliber normalisation will be reduced for ALL the subcaliber rounds, including the tier 10 medium tank silver ones
- tank destroyer numbers for each team were never balanced as equal
- premium French arty won’t be sellable for gold the was Superpershing will be, the reason is that there were no changes in it, warranting such a measure
- Storm states that this video looks nice, but has no connection to World of Tanks
- Storm isn’t afraid that the artillery got overnerfed in 0.8.6
- alternative ways how to change arty gameplay (SS: there were some very old ideas about changing the arty gameplay, for example no satellite view) are not developed at this moment
- in 0.8.6, artillery is easier to spot. This is intended.
- in 0.8.6, subcaliber penetration loss over distance was not nerfed
- the way scouts were treated by MM on test server is the same as on the main server (SS: players were complaining about battles, where one team had one scout LT and the other had a heavy instead), the intended new LT balance mechanism won’t return in any near patches
- if you have gold camo or emblems on Superpershing, if you sell it for gold, you won’t recieve additional compensation, the price will still be the same
- WoT (PC) won’t recieve any console-style aim-assistant (SS: on console games, to compensate for the relative clumsiness of the controller, games tend to guide the aim reticle towards the target a bit)
- when multiturret mechanism is implemented, it apparently won’t be possible to upgrade the auxilliary turret, but the developers haven’t thought about this yet really
- FV4202 was changed the same way all other tanks were in 0.8.6 (SS: a player was complaining about the fact it seems less accurate than it should be)
- Chieftrain prototype will be 2nd British T10 medium, or a heavy, or replace the FV4202? “When it comes, we’ll talk about that.”
- general remodelling of all the ingame models is coming, it’s possible that it will precede the researchable hull modules
- WoT might reach the graphic level presented in the “Xbox WoT” trailer in 5-7 years (so no, WoT on PC won’t look like that)
- shooting an unspotted target counts as if you spotted it, when it comes to XP/credit calculation (eg. you get full amount)
- Object 430 and Object 430U in WoT? “No comment”
- T-50-2 switch for another tank (MT-25) is still planned
- according to SerB, “Klein Tiger” is made up (SS: this thing comes from one server, dedicated to German vehicles, called Achtungpanzer. The server is notorious for making stuff up, there are more mistakes there, not just this one).

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