Saturday, June 15, 2013


- in 0.8.6, all vehicle types will recieve same XP for the same damage done (SS: some players claimed that when currently tanks get 400XP for the same samage dealt, arty gets 200XP for the same damage, in other words, 50 percent increase for the 200XP would mean 300XP, not 400 – this calculation is wrong)
- SerB confirms that no “Klein Tiger” will come (even a heavier variant, than the unrealistically light Achtungpanzer versions), he considers it a “a fairytale for germanophiles”
- armor, that historically changes its thickness smoothly (SS: imagine a drop shape) and not by plates is in the game “simulated” as several layers of various thickness, not as smooth thickness change
- apparently, more XP for potential damage dealt won’t be implemented
- for now, there are not enough vehicles for 2nd French TD branch
- RU251 will most likely not come this summer
- Leopard 1 didn’t have its income “stealth-nerfed”
- it’s possible (if enough data are found and if there is an Israeli branch) that there will be captured Egyptian IS-3 tanks implemented, armed with something else than BL-9. Specifically, it could be premium Israeli heavy tank with D-25T gun, 250mm frontal armor and an engine from T-54 (SS: this question came from the Israeli community)
- it’s too early to say what kind of map will be implemented in 0.8.7
- T-35 is currently planned to be implemented as a premium/promo tank, not a regular one
- ZiS-4 and S-60 guns do have the same ballistic properties. Apparently, the 55-57FG Chinese gun is a clone of neither, the design works on it started in cca 1959
- SerB doesn’t consider the HEAT ricochet changes in 0.8.6 a buff

-Storm explains “potential damage recieved” statistic: “It’s the sum of average damage of every hit recieved, because the damage counts toward this stat only when the real damage is dealt, after the armor is penetrated”
Looser78v (US server) explains:
Player asked – “Question about the “potentially taked damage” – it use average damage [stat for guns in your garage] of all hits on your tank, or the amount of damage already calculated [RNG-affected damage, which is what enemy gets, when you penetrate], but just not applied?”
Answer: “Sum of average damage for each hit.” Rest of answer should be understood in this way – Storm tried to explain why they use average damage, and not “amount of damage already calculated, but just not applied”:
-Average damage is used because actual damage [RNG-affected] calculated only after penetration, but “potentially taked damage” also count non-penetrating hits. [So how you will calculate "potentially taked damage", if you have damage numbers only for penetrating hits? Yes - by using stat-showed average damage for all hits.]

Remodeling T62 A

Remodeling 121, WZ 120, Type 59. (6 color pack)

T26E4 Super Pershing Custom Skin

T26E4 Super Pershing Custom Skin