Sunday, June 16, 2013

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- additional info about the “Israeli” IS-3: it was used as tractor basically, it had modified engine and transmission, using the parts from T-54/55 and new cooling systems, apparently it used the original gun too, therefore it is fit to be a premium vehicle
- the T-35 premium tank won’t have the historical crew (of 11 tankists), SerB thinks it’s not necessery
- SerB states that the developers don’t deal with fixed battles and they don’t care, how many “reputation” do such posts have (SS: to explain, apparently there is a scandal on RU server, that the “random” competition prizes were being split between prominent members of several clans, leading a lot of people to the conclusion that these clanners fixed battles in order to get their hands on the prizes. And yes, this happened on EU server too in the past, I remember one case where such “teams” were stripped of their winnings and banned)
- normalization doesn’t apply on track hits
- the shell trajectory after armor penetration is not influenced by normalisation (SS: IIRC, normalisation is just a number, the actual shell trajectory is not changed by it)
- normalisation is not applied twice, when the shell goes thru a spaced armor and the main armor after that
- SerB regarding the chance of new maps to drop: “Usually the higher chance for the new map to drop is turned on for one patch, because in the next patch another new map is introduced.”
- engine can catch on fire even if it doesn’t turn “yellow”
- it’s theoretically possible for the IS-4 to have only the D-25 gun, that would shoot the current gold ammo as silver shells, but so far it’s just SerB’s personal wish, he’ll check the vehicle out
- King Tiger speed buff: “when it’s done it’s done”
- When asked about the historicity of T-50 speed, SerB states that the 64km/h speed for the T-50 is possible, it was actually archieved during factory tests
- according to SerB, SU-100Y is doing fine on its tier
- in WoWp, training crewmembers to 100 percent costs 400 gold instead of WoT 200 gold. SerB states that there are no plans for now to rise the price for WoT crew training also
- no special ingame report function for griefing by “covering the enemy from allies” (SS: probably running into the line of fire of your teammates, preventing them from shooting) is planned
- SerB like farming on KV-5
- generally (in connection with the announced “free-to-win” principle), premium tanks won’t be buffed (premium tank players have the possibility to play on regular tanks)
- regarding account hijack prevention: it is not possible to make “save checkpoints” for accounts, SerB states that when the player account database is simply copied from regular server to test server, it’s a lengthy process, it’s impossible to make such copies every day, local copy of your account data on client computers is not an option
- the bug with T29 antennae (SS: when zoomed to a certain extent towards the top turret, the camera tends to jerk to a side) will be fixed with the introduction of client physics
- the Ferdinand bolted 100mm armor plate doesn’t work as spaced armor, because there is no space between the plate and the armor itself
- the possibility to add your own music to be played within the game is not planned
- linear crewmember skill training is also not planned for WoT
- T14 gun penetration apparently won’t be buffed, nor will the gun be replaced with (unhistorical) 105mm howitzer: “If you don’t like it, don’t play it”
- SerB believes the Maus is competitive in random battles
- no plans for close future to implement “code authenticator” รก la
- the statistics “what tanks destroyed my tank” most likely won’t be implemented
- along with the server-side replays, there will apparently be a possibility to analyze, on which spots was your vehicle hit in the battle
- Sturer Emil was not considered for tier 7 premium TD
- client physics will have very little influence on the game web traffic (ping)
- Superpershing will most likely be changed to the new model in 8.7
- the new improved spall liner bonus will affect the ramming damage also

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