Monday, June 17, 2013


- Q: “Are you afraid that we the people will get angry if our wishes to nerf arty will not be heard?” A: “Megalomania is bad. Take care of yourself.”
- SerB on large caliber artillery shells ricocheting from thin surfaces: “Yes well, 8 inch naval shells did ricochet from the 25mm thick cruiser armor plates, so?” (SS: some players suspect Wargaming of somehow screwing with ricochets for HEAT arty shells by disabling overmatch)
- HEAT ricochet angle is 80 degrees, regular ricochet is 70 degrees
- there are enough Soviet heavies for 7 whole branches, but there are no plans to introduce that many
- while the accounts for WoT, WoWp and WoWs will be unified, this doesn’t count for clans, clans won’t be unified
- in 0.8.6, the bush camo principle will remain the same, because “it was a better solution” (SS: the new bush camo mechanism was bugged as hell)
- the camo system will be overhauled completely, but not soon
- Q: “In connection witht he premium ammo nerf, will the top 59-16 gun be buffed?” A: “Don’t play with the 59-16 top gun”
- client physics demonstration: “when it’s done it’s done”
- the devs are trying not to implement skills/perks, that would work with the same effect as the main skill (SS: for example a perk, that would decrease reloading time, which is the effect of the main skill of the loader)
- nation-specific skills/perks might be implemented, but not at this moment
- Vickers MBT and Vijayanta (SS: improved Indian licensed Vickers MBT copy)? “No comment”
- improved Chinese Type 59 with additional armor and new gun won’t be implemented, current Type 59′s are enough
- “modern” maps (SS: with modern architecture for example) are specifically avoided by the developers
- SerB on “free to win” principle “In our game, gold doesn’t give any advantage in battle. In levelling, it does. And it will continue to do so. Nothing I can help with.” As for the difference between gold- and silver-trained crews, SerB states: “You can always train your crew in battle. If you are lazy, nothing I can help with.” He answers the same for module unlocking – can be unlocked thru free or regular XP.
- water has no effect on shells whatsoever, some effect will be added but not soon
- you won’t lose by ramming a dead tank. If you feel like you lost some HP by doing that, you probably rammed the tank while it was still alive and the messages arrived in wrong order
- assist bonus for potential damage won’t be implemented (SerB: “I am waiting for the time when players will ask for bonus just for downloading the game”)
- no plans for 4 man platoons
- no mods as such will be implemented into the client. SerB states WG might “borrow” some ideas however.
- Deadeye perk will affect engine fire chance, but only indirectly (by increasing the chance to hit the engine), doesn’t increase the engine fire chance itself.
- the rapid fire autocannons have decreased chance to cause engine fires to compensate for the fact any hit can cause engine fire
SerB explains: “A shell hits the engine module, a “saving throw” is thrown (without that the game would be unplayable, veterans remember the 0.4.0 patch) – eg. the damage is dealt to the engine with some amount of probability. With each damage dealt to the engine above certain threshold, the engine can catch on fire. The engine below 50 percent health will turn yellow and on 0 it will turn red. This is the connection between crits and engine fires – the module damage.”
- premium vehicles do not correspond to the stock vehicles of the same tier – they are somewhat better than that, but elite vehicles of the same tier have to be better