Thursday, June 20, 2013

Replay Competition #1 Runner Up - T110E5 Replay


- the devs are studying the issue with the MM (SS: arty being balanced against heavies)
- VK4502B won’t be buffed, SerB thinks it’s doing fine
- the aim circle won’t apparently be possible to turn on and off
- aim circle is calculated on the server, but the shaking effect is doone by the client (hence it can be turned off) – it’s possible everything will be done server-side at one point, but it’s not certain
- the airplanes collision model on the airport map is fine, you can shoot under its wings – it doesn’t count as a “box”
- SerB doesn’t think that the arty is the most difficult type of vehicle to play for the newbies
- SerB also states that a lot less people than previously will level up the arty branches after 0.8.6 – and that’s a good thing
- When asked when gold actually counts as currency law-wise, SerB answers: “Without going into legal details, gold is an ingame valuable, obtainable for real life money. It has no relation to the gold metal, except for the name.”
- regarding roaming: if you have an account on other server, when roaming is introduced, it will NOT be possible to unify the account on one server with the one on another (SS: in other words, if you are American, but played some battles on SEA server before making a new account on US server, you won’t be able to transfer the tanks from SEA to US account)
- Q: “Guns too accurate in 0.8.6?” A: “How terrible!”
- the delay between the actual detection and the point when the lamp lights up (Sixth sense perk) won’t be reduced
- one of the roaming idea variants is that when a Russian account plays on EU server, the player will have _RU suffix (SS: I have a bad feeling about that…)
- SerB likes comet, but he liked Cromwell even more, he played on it even after he unlocked the Comet
- the reduced shell spread is a final decision, it won’t be removed
- SerB talking about the arty-is-underpowered whiners: “Right now, the arty noobs will be flushed out. After that happens, there will be whine that arty is OP again.”
- there will be no “switch one tier 10 for another tier 10″ possibility implemented
- other territories than Asia will also be made as maps in the future
And, a bonus question by a very “special” Russian player:
Postal_a42: Will there be any special event for 22nd June?
Storm: Don’t you feel ashamed asking such stuff?

Dynamic Camera Recoil Remover

Just copy to World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.8.6\gui\flash

0.8.6 MM Weight Table