Friday, June 21, 2013

How To Be Useless


- Storm confirmed that tank destroyers keep their better camo coefficients than the rest of the vehicles despite camo coefficient’s rebalance to fit it to the vehicle dimensions
- when considering rebalance of vehicles, the current principles stay the same as before
- contrary to earlier reports, the new 0.8.6 shell distribution (AKA “increased accuracy”) DOES apply to arty also, the arty accuracy nerf was actually meant as a balance so that their accuracy remains the same
- King Tiger is “too small” for the superheavy spall liner
- it’s possible to delete the content of X:\Games\World of Tanks\Updates folder safely, those are just old files
- the miniquests (“combat tasks”) won’t be permanent, WG will continually introduce new ones and remove the old ones
- there were rumors that the new map will be called “mansion” – that is not the case
- Storm when asked whether he likes new sounds: “50/50″
- some players were whining about TD’s being the new arties (too many), Storm thinks it’s BS (“Give me 10 screenshots of 10 battles on tier 10, that follow each other, with 7-10TD’s in every team. If you don’t, I will ban you – ok?”
- historical “normalisation” on Soviet guns varied a lot, it was from 0 to 7-8 degrees (SS: “normalisation” effect – improving the impact angle – was archieved by soft-capped shells, that partially deformed upon impact and “chewed” into armor)
- for now it’s not yet decided, whether a special MM rule, forcing the same type of top tanks in both teams will be implemented (SS: so that one team doesn’t have two T10 heavies and the other two T10 arties)
- special map-based MM (SS: for example heavies often having maps with more cover) will not be implemented
- so far, Storm thinks the accuracy wasn’t overbuffed, but he will keep an eye on statistics
- the Westfield bridge was repaired only for the assault mode
- shell distribution within the aim circle IS dependent on the gun accuracy. A gun with 0.33 accuracy will have more shells flying straight to the center than a 0.4 gun.
- official shell velocity data won’t be made public
- British and German tanks won’t recieve any buff to compensate for the fact that now ALL the tanks are reasonably accurate and not just them
- if you hit enemy tracks and recieve “that one bounced” sound, even though you detracked the enemy, it’s not a bug, it means that the shell didn’t penetrate the armor behind the tracks
- Q: “Is it true that at this moment, WoT is more popular than World of Warcraft or Counterstrike?” A: “Depends which parameters you measure.”
- during the announced big rework of game models, both tanks and other objects (houses etc.) will be reworked, but not necesserily at the same time
- the fact some tank has covered tracks by (real life) spaced armor plates doesn’t automatically mean these plates are actually working as extra spaced armor, it’s different with each tank (SS: for example the Schmalturm PzIV side mesh armor doesn’t work), but if it does, then it counts as two layers of spaced armor: one is the plate and one is the track module behind it
- realistic sounds like in Gnomefather’s mod? “We need time to implement such stuff, so we can do it in good quality”
- the reason for the roaming mechanism are clanwars and international championships, roaming in randoms is just a “side-effect”
- SerB states that the current negative reaction on the patch is not unusual: “It’s always like that”, this negative reaction comprises largely of the reluctance to adapt to new conditions
- SerB commenting on the fact that while some vehicles in the game are historical and it’s not a problem, some are not and when players point that out, the reply is “it’s not a simulator”:
“We have a game (a game, not a simulator) based on historical basis. We decide, where the basis ends and the game begins. Yes, whenever we want and however we want.”
- Evilly (RU community chief): it’s still an open question, whether there will be permanent rewards for medals

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