Monday, June 24, 2013

Replay Competition #1 Winner Candidate - T-71

Replay Competition #1 Winner Candidate - Matilda


- SerB confirmed the work is finishing on ingame model re-work, including bigger polygon count for models and the possibility of shells knocking down/destroying various stuff that’s lying on the tank (tools, boxes etc), increasing the number of optional turrets and making various suspension/hull types visually distinctive – the ETA is as always “when it’s done it’s done”
- SerB considers Redshire to be a normal map, it won’t be reworked (“You’d only whine about another map, so what’s the point in doing that”)
- AFK tanks won’t be transferred to other players to control in the battle (SS: yes, someone actually asked, whether he could control tanks that are AFK for some time)
- “anti-medals” for fighting 5-10 battles in a row without dealing damage won’t be introduced: “No, we won’t implement retarded medals – because some “special” people would actually farm them”
- SerB commenting on the recent “Bagration” event on RU server (SS: where Russian players gained insane amounts of gold thanks to the “miniquests” implemented and started asking for more): “Well, I think that x20 bonus to credit and XP event would be even better. True, after that the game would die rather quickly, but whatever.”
- Q: “T10 Foch with camo net and camo skills is totally invisible!” A: “Well, then start playing it”
- Q: “Arty is overnerfed, a lot of people did quit playing it, what about that?” A: “Then don’t play arty. That’s why we did it.”
- it is possible to hit the enemy gun module without damaging it, as the gun does have the module saving throw (see here)
- generally the developers are happy about the way the amount of arty in battles was reduced in 0.8.6
- SerB states that if according to 0.8.6 statistics there were too few arties left, they’d be buffed “if needed”
- 7/42 format won’t be changed in connection with the 0.8.6 arty re-work
- when considering penetration of (let’s say) 150mm penetration shell and 150mm thick armor, in order to penetrate the armor (to cause damage) 150mm penetration is enough, it doesn’t have to be MORE than 150mm
- T34 armor model was not changed
- SerB responding to another arty whining player: “The rebalance of arty was done so that the amount of noobs playing it would be come lower. And judging from your whining, the goal was met.”
- the amount of arty became unwanted about a year ago and 3 months ago, the situation forced a solution, that’s why 0.8.6 nerf happened
- VK3601H transfer to heavy tank – “when it’s done it’s done”, it was delayed in the past, because some issues connected to the tanks tied with 3601H had to be dealt with
- one of the (less important) reasons for increased accuracy were upcoming bigger maps
- Q: “Does massive whining of playerbase correspond with your statistics?” A: “50/50 – either it does or it doesn’t”
- devs are still deciding what to do with the “top 3 tanks get credit/XP bonus” event miniquest, they will check the credit inflation and will take measures
- there are no problems with tank or TD amounts (SS: as in, TD amounts aren’t a problem)
- visual camo net module? devs want it, but it’s complicated to implement, won’t be anytime soon
- Komarin will return “when it’s done”
- Walker Bulldog will come “when it’s done”
- SerB states that before 0.8.6, it was a lot easier for a bad player to play tier 10 arty than tier 10 other classes
- SerB also states that the structure of WoT audience (players) changed gradually, but won’t give out any details
- SerB doesn’t think the autoloader tanks were seriously damaged by the shell changes
- SerB explains, why actions that give out too many credits (such as the last weekend on RU server) are bad: “Inflation can also be hidden – notice the example of late USSR. Virtual world has its own specifics (for example, because of the increased profitability of tanks, people buy too many premium shells and armor starts to lose importance), but credit emission control is also necessery in it.”
- the Westfield assault mode that had the bridge repaired still has the minimap displaying a broken bridge, this is not an oversight
- SerB considers top tiers to be “high-skill content”, because only good players can play them without losing credits
- such events with miniquests won’t appear permanently

MOD Zoom 0.8.6 x1-x128

PzKpfw38 - Map Movement

Custom Sniper Scope By Kiril Oreshkin