Tuesday, June 25, 2013


- SerB states that the point where you stop earning and your gain/spend ratio is balanced in WoT is tier 7-8 without the premium account (depends how good the player is), earlier, for premium account it was tier 9, but now (SS: post 0.8.6) it’s tier 10, for non-premium tanks the best farming tiers are 5-6
- not even 50 percent of German SPG’s Wargaming knows about have been implemented into the game
- the impulse to introduce the 0.8.6 shell dispersion in aim circle were relatively often cases of shells flying to the aim circle boundaries
Q: (paraphrased) “It is a known fact that diesel electric engines such as Porsche system, can go with the same speed forward and backward, why is it not implemented into the game?”
A: “Take your car. Now remove the rear mirror. Cover the rear glass and leave only a small slit. On the rear seat, put your mother in law (she won’t be missed that much) so that she covers the small slit. And now drive cross crountry at full speed backwards, while obeying your mother-in-law’s commands. And don’t forget to include a wish in your testament so that your widow sends us the video of the whole event.”
- SerB states that he is not convinced that garage battles are necessery for WoT, especially when he recieves bad feedback on them from other projects
- apparently the current punishment for non-active players (no XP and credits) is enough
- after the 0.8.6 introduction there was no additional change in accuracy
- SerB on noobs: “Every noob (with few reasonable exceptions) thinks of himself as a megaskilled player, who doesn’t rightfully pwn everyone only as a result of Wargaming conspiracy.”
- the new accuracy does increase the load of WG servers, but not much
- there will be more miniquests on the servers, they are planned to happen on regular basis
- module tiers are arbitrary numbers, a tier 9 module can have just the same parameters as a tier 10 module theoretically
- sold crew recovery (for example after account theft) will be realized somehow
- the 0.8.8 patch with Soviet mediums was somewhat confirmed, it is already decided from which tank will the branch start, but Storm will tell in a couple of months
- 0.8.9 will bring 2nd German TD branch, everything was already decided, Storm will also tell later
- 0.8.8 tier 10 alternative Soviet tank will be the Object 430, the introduction of this branch does not mean there will be changes in current branches
- 0.8.8 will bring 5 new vehicles along with the Object 430, but other than that, Storm states that it’s too early to talk about it, wait until August/September
- French LeFH arty decreased gun accuracy doesn’t count as combat characteristic change or a nerf (SS: it’s a compensation since arties did get increased accuracy spread too)
- Tiger texture changes (the way VK1602 Leopard was changed) are not planned
- Q: “Do you realize that you created a bunch of junkies, addicted to your game? Don’t you feel ashamed?” A: “*puts away his bread with caviar* I realize that. I feel ashamed. *sadface*”
- “not many things” are planned for 0.8.7

Squeezing The Best Out Of Your PC

We all know that WoT is not the best optimized game out there. So what can we do to help out your PC or laptop to crunch WoT a little bit better?
(yes, I'm aware that some of the solution are f****** obvious)

1. If you are running Windows you know that with time system becomes sluggish (thank you Microsoft) so, solution number one is an obvious one. Keep you system fresh.

2. Update drivers. (yes, I know it's obvious)

3. If your system is freshly installed you can do some additional things to speed it up. First system services. On this page you will find a detailed tutorial how to setup your system services LINK. Read carefully.

4. You system is not so fresh and you have no means to re install it. Download CCleaner LINK. Run the Windows cleaner and registry cleaner. This operation should be done once a week at least.

5. Defragment your HDD. LINK This operation also should be done once a week at least.

6. Instal WoT Tweaker. LINK Removes all sorts of effects from the game. Helps a lot with fps. 

7. Install Max Far Plane Mod LINK. It removes fog and other BS that eat up system resources.

8. Compress game textures LINK.

Hellinger Desert Hangar

Installation instruction: 

1. You need to enable a mod that allows you to have premium hangar without premium account. Download hangar.pkg file from this LINK. Unzip to "game location"\World Of Tanks\res\packages\. You will be prompted to replace a file, accept. Now you have premium hangar with no money spent.
2. From this LINK download the actual hangar mod . Unzip to game folder. Enjoy

TankTricks #05

Epic Win TD's

Developers in Odessa Interview

- players from 80 countries play WoT
- King of Jordan plays on EU server
- Evilly states that while the M40/43 shell is flying, he has time to have a cup of tea
- 0.8.7 will come by the end of July or beginning of August and will bring British arty and the Chinese premium 112
- 0.8.8 will bring 2nd branch of Soviet medium tanks with Object 430
- Superpershing will recieve a new gun (current M26 Pershing’s top gun) and its maneuverability will be improved
- current IS-7 ingame armor is thicker than it was in real life, but it will stay as it is
- tanks don’t roll over on their backs, because the game is unplayable that way
- 2nd German TD line will be after 0.8.8, it’s top vehicles will be the Waffentragers, tier 10 will have a 4-round autoloader (SS: I WAS RIGHT! Damn, I really was :) 4 rounds and not 3… that means 128mm FlaK 45 I think, expect amazing accuracy and brutal penetration, but low alpha)
- until Fall 2013, the economic model in the game (prices etc.) won’t be reworked
- Type 59 was removed from shops because there were too many of them and because there will be another tier 8 Chinese premium MT
- multiturret mechanism won’t come anytime soon, there are higher priority tasks
- hourly premium account is not profitable from economic point of view
- no details are known, but there WILL be special tier 10 tanks (like M60, VK7201 and Object) available for random battle players
- in the future, Germans will shoot more accurately on extreme distances
- in the future, all 3 of WG projects will be somewhat compatible, but not as much as those of Gaijin
- Evilly doesn’t like the AMX40, but likes to own in E50M
- this year will also bring a premium medium French tank
- Chinese tree has a TD branch upcoming, either by the end of 2013, or in 2014
- it is yet not decided whether Sturmtiger will come as TD or artillery, if it becomes an arty, it will have a very short range, it won’t come in 2013
- there might come an event analogical to the White Tiger event (SS: as a partnership advertisement of the Russian White Tiger movie, a special Tiger P was implemented into the game and in a special mode it was fighting against 15 T-34/85′s)
- Clanwars implemented into the client will come either until the end of the year, or in 1st quarter of 2014
- roaming test is planned for autumn, it will be released around New year
- vehicle velocity doesn’t depend on full/empty ammo rack
- there will be an option to switch whole chat off
- game engine won’t change, but it will be improved
- national crew voices will come
- during WG’s birthday event, players will recieve a free lowtier tank
- Soviet premium medium tank (early T-44 with 85mm gun) will come this Fall
- WG is working on an official mod portal
- there will be massive changes in graphics – weather and night battles will come, as well as turrets being ripped off by explosions and pieces of armor flying off when hit
- garage battles are really complicated to do in randoms, so they will be done in CW’s/companies, possibly this year
- historical battles won’t come in 2013, there are problems in balance
- Type 59 will never return to the shops, ever
- skill MM will never come to randoms
- 30 vs 30 battles have been postponed, the stress on client computers is way too big
- AMX ELC didn’t recieve a fully rotating turret, because it’s not a turret and the head of the crewman is sticking out
- minefields will come to clanwars, they will work as consumables
- Xbox and PC WoT won’t be unified
- no premium T9-T10 tanks
- combat missions aka “miniquests”, awarding top 3 damage dealers of the team, will come apparently again during the WG birthday event