Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Damage Panel Dellux

During battle press CTRL, this mod will give You list o damaged modules and by just clicking on the You can fix them. No more searching for the right number.


- the T-44-122 (the picture was leaked earlier today) will not be the Soviet premium tank
- A branch with Sturmtiger and Brummbär? “No comment”
- graphics are optimized in every patch
- the sounds are fine, other sound effects have been delayed, but they will come
- the separation of random and company player statistics is planned
- dynamic tank stats in hangar won’t come in 2013
- IS-3 model in game is very similiar to the real one, model problems will be corrected en masse during the model re-work
- chat windows in hangar that don’t close bug will be fixed
- anti-aliasing is being worked on
- the reason for the new T10 tanks was to stir up the clanwars situation, they weren’t expensive to make
- client physics will most likely not come in 2013, because all the models need to be reworked for it. It’s a lot of work. The technology itself however is fully functional.
- Waffentrager E-100 will not be slow, it will have less armor than the classic E-100 chassis.
- T-50-2/MT-25 switch will come soon
- Superpershing did not historically have a 704hp engine and his ROF won’t apparently be buffed

- Q: “What kind of arty does the King of Jordan, who plays WoT, have?” A:”This one.
- SerB on anime: “Watched Miyazaki (SS: whatever that is), I liked it. Watched Rocket Girls. Watched Girls und Panzer, didn’t like other animes very much.”
- removing equipment and buying tank slots for credits won’t be implemented

Make Your Own Armored Vehicle

3D Sniper And Arty Scope

Custom Skin For Type 59

Custom Skin For Pz VI Tiger

Custom Skin For T34

Custom Skin For T110E5

First Pics: Durchbruchswagen 2, А-43, Т-44-122.

Durchbruchswagen 2 - Stock

Durchbruchswagen 2 - Elited



New Map Belogorsk

Map Tactics #5 - Pearl River

Hangar Urban_Fighter + Hellinger

Just unzip and copy to "game location"\World Of Tanks\res_mods\

Custom Skins For FV215b