Thursday, June 27, 2013

T-50-2 Switch

Two Soviet light tanks will apparently be added: the LTP (never heard of it) and the T-50-2.

Details of the switch:

- MT-25 will replace the T-50-2
- if T-50-2 was unlocked, MT-25 will be unlocked also
- if T-50-2 was bought in hangar, it gets replaced by the MT-25 and the player will recieve one extre crewmember (radioman) trained for MT-25, trained to 100 percent
- T-50-2 crew will be retrained for free to MT-25
- camouflage and stats get both transferred
- experience from T-50-2 gets transferred to MT-25 also
- T-50 experience gets transferred to KV-1S for some reason
- new ammo doesn’t get loaded
- emblems and inscriptions on T-50-2 get sold for their purchase price

LTP – new tier 3 LT (there are rumors that this vehicle might be the Wargaming 15th birthday award tank)



MT-25 – tier 6 LT (apparently, T-50-2 would get raised a tier)




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