Friday, June 28, 2013

WG Logic

ASAP NoComments. Update 8.7

МТ-25 Vs. T-50-2

Current T-50-2 / MT-25
Hitpoints: 560/570
Weight: 14,7/25,82
Engine: 550hp/600hp
Hp/T: 37,4/23,23 (major nerf here, we can expect slower acceleration)
Traverse: 38/48 (major buff, we can expect more maneuverability)
Maximum speed: 72/72
Hull armor: (37/37/37)/(45/40/40) (minor buff)
Turret armor: (45/40/40)/(45/45/45) (minor buff)
Shell damage for top gun: 85/85 (same)
Shell penetration for top gun: 112/112 (same)

If the gun is the same, we can expect:
Dam: 85/85/95
Pen: 112/189/29
Acc: 0.34
Aim: 2,3s
Rate of Fire: 20,69/22,22 (minor buff)
Turret traverse: 45/48
Viewrange: 370/370
Radio: 730/730


Replay Compatibility Pack 8.6 v1.1

RCpack - the thing that lets you watch old replays
with minimal overweight.

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