Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Youtube Dream Team - Part 1


- according to The_Chieftain, it’s possible (not anytime soon tho) that the T29 series of US heavy tanks will eventually be nerfed, because preliminary measuring suggest that the mantlets aren’t as thick as it was originally thought
- SerB won’t tell, how EXACTLY is the XP income calculated
- apparently, regarding the earlier announced intention of SerB to remove the unhistorical buffs of the VK4502P, while moving it down a tier or two, its replacement could be the “Protomaus” (one of the Maus prototypes the developers ran across)
- SerB states that while the HESH might be reconfigured for another mechanism, the spall liner will continue to work against it
- no new heavy lines have been introduced lately, because there are few candidates for them. They will come in time.
- it’s possible there might be a new “Interesting mechanics” video, explaining the 8.6 changes
- it’s possible the option (mentioned in March) to retrain various crewmembers to another role (for example radioman to gunner) will come in time, but it doesn’t have too high a priority, as there are “more important tasks” and implementing this would take like a month of work
- random games without platoons are not planned
- there are no plans to nerf tank destroyers for now
- SerB said he predicted that the next target of mass whining will be the tank destroyers – and that he was right
- shells in WoT are not objects, they have no mass or dimensions, they are basically just dots (so are the points of impact – they are not “holes”)
- SerB states it’s not true that a shell only has following parameters: penetration, damage, velocity, he also names caliber, base ricochet angle, base approach angle, damage to modules and splash. And that’s all.
- SerB confirms that since the RU7 server works with a special matchmaker version, then yes, at any point the developers can change the MM mechanism on various servers separately
- the WoWp open beta will be launched on 2nd July, but the unified premium account will come a bit later
- SerB is playing WoWp even for pleasure (not just as a job), he plays with mouse-keyboard and
- apparently, the preferred trees in Baltic countries and in China are Soviet
- it won’t be possible for players to choose their preferable MM spread (SS: some player actually wanted a -2/+4 spread for his KV)
- keyboard indicator on password screen, tank carousel selection in the garage and aim sights with timers and colour choices are not considered too important by SerB
- there are no plans to introduce a “cyclone filter” equivalent for German and American tanks
- Q: “There are too many KV-1S, will they get their 122mm removed?” A: “How terrible…”
- Q: “Will Hetzer lose its 105mm?” A: “How terrible…”
- it’s possible that when the hulls of the vehicles are interchangeable, the name of the tank will change with them, but for now this won’t be implemented (SS: there is a plan to introduce a feature that hulls will be unlockable as modules)
- the “bamboo canes” on Chinese maps provide no camo bonus at all
- more realistic tank destruction model will come
- SerB states that since this answering is not his duty but his free time, he considers it a relaxation
- MT-25 stats? “No comment on leaks, wait for patchnotes”
- your game settings are stored on your computer, not on the server, it’s impossible for now to do it serverside
- SerB confirms: E-79 is a fake tank, invented by the Japanese (modellers)
this situation is impossible in WoT, as the physical armor in the game is 0mm thick – armor thickness is just a number
- SerB states that while he had some threats with violence, noone never showed up
- no alternative turret designs for Indien-Panzer have been found, if some appear, the devs will add them to the game
- T-44 is moving worse than T-54 (despite having a powerful engine), because “the suspension is obsolete”
- SerB states that the implementation of Japanese tanks into the game goes slowly. Wargaming did get some data, but SerB is asking players – if anyone has any additional data on the Japanese heavies, send them
- SU-14-2 elevation angle won’t be buffed
- periodical map changes are based on Wargaming’s interpretation of map statistics, such as sides winrates, places where tanks die etc.
- the case where a new tank crew member is being added to a tank (the MT-25 case) has not happened before
- Japanese medium tanks won’t be commented for now, but SerB comments on the Japanese tanks in general: medium tanks are ready (SS: as in all found), there are some issues with the heavies (not enough credible info on the O-I variants and the T10 tank), there are still tier 4 and 5 holes (Type 91 and Type 95 are tier 3 max, while the Iwakuro heavy tank goes to tier 6). As for tank destroyers, those are theoretically all found, but the developers are looking for more credible info on them (not the one found on the internet).
- KV-1S will stay on tier 6 and will NOT lose its 122mm
- it’s possible, that the Japanese tree won’t come out with a heavy branch, but with TD’s and mediums only, or even with a light/medium branch, without TD’s and heavies.
- Sturmtiger is still planned
- Chi-He and Chi-Nu Japanese tanks will appear as mediums
- SerB confirms that the age of the tanks fighting each other is irrelevant, Leopard 1 fighting a T-44 is just fine
- SerB states that the lower penetration of wartime Soviet guns is caused not by low quality gunpowder (which was partially imported from USA, thus being of good quality), but by bad armor-piercing shell design

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