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The Youtube Dream Team - Part 3 - Serene Coast MLG Tactics

World of Tanks Watersports...

WG Logic Part 2


- apparently, the fact that The_Chieftain did measure the mantlet of the T29 to be thinner than what Hunnicutt suggests does not imply that the T29 mantlet will be nerfed, it will be re-checked eventually
- IS-4 (SS: frontal) armor was not nerfed in 8.6, according to Storm

- it is confirmed that there will be NO tier 5 Soviet light tank after 8.7: T-50 will remain at tier 4 (SS: it was leaked earlier that it will lead to T-34) and the MT-25 will move to tier 6 (SS: and will be unlockable from KV-1S, to which the T-50 experience will be transferred in 8.7 apparently)
- KV-1S 122mm gun nerf? “Penetration will stay, it’s historical. Other characteristics of the gun can be nerfed or buffed if needed. And we decide what’s needed.”
- Storm confirms that weight of the ammo does not count towards the tank weight (SS: ammo simply has no weight in WoT)
- the possibility of retraining crewmembers to different roles: when it’s done it’s done (but not soon)
- when considering what modules to take for a scout, the module weight does play a role in the vehicle’s maneuverability, so it is worth considering
- it is actually possible to shoot a tank straight thru (the shell penetrates, goes thru the tank, penetrates again and goes out on the other side) as long as the 10 caliber rule is observed (SS: a shell that enters the tank travels inside only the distance of its caliber*10, eg. a 150mm shell will travel 1500mm inside)
- when asked about a possibility to introduce Soviet tanks with improvised armor (skirts, for example), he stated that later tanks had overloaded frontal wheels even as it was, so any “normal” vehicles with screen armor are the late (postwar) ones
- VK4502P won’t become a T8 premium tank
- the prototype Maus design viable for T9 comes from one recently published German book

 actually, SerB states Wittman’s medal was removed at German request
- while camo factor for vehicles is assigned manually (and not automatically, based on their dimensions), width of the vehicle does play the biggest role
- Q: “Arties are overnerfed” A: “How terrible…”
- according to Storm, the piece of information that German Panther tanks lose their top engines in supertest is garbage, however – SerB later confirms it: Panthers will lose unhistorical top engines and possibly gain new historical ones, he states that overall the top configuration gameplay won’t change
- T92 lost its top engine, since “it doesn’t need it”
- developers don’t get free tanks for their personal accounts, they buy them – both SerB and V.Kisly (owner of WG) do. Only journalists do get free tanks for their accounts and only temporarily
- vehicle repair price is not tied to its performance, it’s set independently
- more detailed tank models? “when it’s done it’s done”, even object models will get improved
- the tank horn idea was scrapped
- unified account silver apparently won’t be shared between WoWp and WoT
- new tier 7 premium heavy tank? “Not anytime soon”
- the difference between 112 and WZ-111 is “hull shape”
- WZ-111 and Type 62 will most likely come to the shops (SS: the question is aimed at RU server, but I doubt it would be any different for other servers)
- the T-50-2 will not turn into a premium vehicle
- new tier 8 premium vehicles? “Will tell when the time is right”
- night battles are still planned, SerB will tell more (for example on how the lights will work) when the time is righ

Korean Hangar Mod 8.6

Premium Hangar For Free




Download THIS. Unzip and copy to "game location"\World Of Tanks\res\packages\. Then prompted to overwrite a file except. Start the game and enjoy. If You want to go fancy all the way download some hangar mod also.




XVM Updater 2.3 (one click install/update)

The Youtube Dream Team - "Choo choo motherf***er!" - KV-1S

The Youtube Dream Team - Part 2

Remodeling Marder II

Skin IS-3

Tactical Tablet 8.6 By Locastan

Version: 0.3.3322.10

Unzip to World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.8.6\gui\flash

Remodeling PzVI Tiger P