Tuesday, July 2, 2013


- T57 Heavy nerf? “Will nerf, if needed. If not needed, I won’t nerf.”
- there is exactly one difference between Chinese tanks 111 and 112
- according to SerB, auto loader tanks didn't break the battle balance
- Object 263 has sub caliber shells instead of HEAT shells, because the developers haven’t found historical HEAT shells.
- tier 8 heavies fighting too often in T9/10 battles? “How terrible…”
- SerB wants to have a close look at Churchill GC and reduce its tier by 1
- Japanese top arty will apparently have a short range 300mm caliber gun, Chinese top arty has not been found yet
- it’s possible that the VK4502 Ausf.A and B will be united as one tank in the future (specifically, both will become hull options for the VK4502), developers already started to work on this feature
- as a part of the aforementioned feature, it’s possible that the T-50-2 hull will return as a T-50 hull option, IS could recieve a streamlined frontal armor as its second hull option and the US T23 medium might appear as another tank’s hull option also
- removing of the top unhistorical Panther engines apparently does concern other vehicles on their bases (Jagdpanther I and II), they might get an improved terrain passability, “if needed”
- the fire damage is tied to the projectile it was caused with. In other words, if someone sets an enemy on fire and that tank is spotted by someone else, the fire damage that “ticks” while the vehicle is spotted will not count towards spotter’s XP
- regarding the hull module implementation (as mentioned above), Centurions and Panthers will most likely not be unified as one vehicle…

- there is an idea (SerB emphasizes, just an idea) to actually push the E-50 to tier 10 (and to unify its hull with E50M) and make the “Turbopanther” a new tier 9 (SS: apparently a GT101-equipped Panther is meant – for those who don’t know, GT101 is a JET turbine, hehe)
- one of the hull module variants for Panzer IV is one with additional side armor (“sch├╝rzen”)
- SerB is thinking about implementing visually different suspensions (for example narrower tracks)
- visual implementation of camo net is complicated, according to SerB, the developers haven’t figured out how to implement that yet
- premium tier 8 Centurion is highly unlikely
- apparently, the leaked tier 7 T-44-122 will be a Soviet medium tank in the 8.8 second medium branch (SS: interesting)
- Panzer 38H (“Micromaus”) at the bottom of the team all the time? “How terrible…”
- SU-152 152mm gun has higher damage than the KV-2′s one, because “it uses different shells in the game”
- Q: “How much money would I have to bribe you with to return the 122mm gun to SU-26?” A: “For that you don’t have enough”
- Q: “And if all the SU-26 drivers pooled their money together?” A: “Even so it’s not enough”
- the camo factor in 8.6 still does depend on whether you move or not, no matter how little you move
- Q: “M48A1 is under performing?” A: “Don’t see its pluses? Don’t play it.”
- limited MM spread is applied only to tanks with weak guns
- under equal conditions, fallen coniferous trees do not give better camo bonus than fallen trees with leaves, but under some circumstances, they might (if their silhouette is big enough)
- the developers considered a mode where each side would have more than one base, but it was rejected, because it’s too complicated for players
- 15 vs 15 random format was selected, because it was considered optimal, when it comes to server load
- basically, if I understood this comment correctly, SerB thinks that the Gaijin’s plan for War Thunder to unify ships, tanks and airplanes on one map is BS.
- the beginning of the shell trajectory curve lies in the axis point of the gun, the position of this axis can change, depending on the turret rotation
- the shell accuracy is not influenced by the level of zoom in the sniper mode
- SerB states that in this situation, there is no camo bonus difference between both cases, but if the tree is small and has a complicated shape, it’s easier to be spotted because one “tank visual checkpoint” (SS: for explanation, see wotwiki, spotting) might not be covered by the tree
- the above mentioned mechanism was not changed for ages, but it might change (not anytime soon), if the developers decide to implement bonuses for only partial vehicle cover
- Foch 155 needs nerf? “Don’t play Foch 155. Or vice versa – play it, noone will mind”
- T-44 needs buff? “Don’t play T-44″
- PVE content is not being worked on at this moment
- China is the only WoT region, in which it is required by law for the game to force players to take breaks (even by bans)
- if I understand this correctly, it’s theoretically possible to build a Maus branch with VK4502P and Maus prototypes on tiers 7-10, VK100.01 would be typical tier 9
- premium tanks will not be re balanced (as a whole category) and they won’t be hard capped per battle

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Airfield Map Mod

Changes the airplane to AH-1Z viper helicopter.

Low Settings Graphics

If you are already running low settings and still have low FPS this setup will increase FPS 20-30%. Basically this is allowing you to run the game below low settings that you have in game as default. Just unzip and copy to game folder. 

Battleship At Fjords Mod

Consumables Icon Mod