Thursday, July 4, 2013

New Premium Tank T-34-3

Frontal armor: 90mm (lower plate 70)
Side armor: 50mm
Turret front: 190mm
Turret side: 150/120mm
Maximum weight: 38 tons
Hitpoints: 1300
Ammorack hitpoints: 180 (just like on the T-44)
Maximum speed: 50km/h
Engine: 580hp Norinco 12150
Gun: D-25TA (with very bad depression, like 3 degrees)
Ammo carried: 40
Reload time: 14,4s
Aim time: 3,4s
Viewrange: 380
Turret turnrate: 46
Hull turnrate: 46


HARD Icons

Skin Type 62

E-25 Stats

T-50 Vs. MT-25

Compared to T-50-2 in top configuration, MT-25 has following changes:
- it uses the same top gun (57mm ZiS-4)
- +10 hitpoints (570)
- +50 engine hp (600hp)
- 25,72 ton (massive nerf, T-50-2 has 14,69)
- minor ROF buff (22,22 compared to earlier 20,69)
- traverse speed buff (48 from old 38)
- turret traverse buff (48, earlier 45)
- armor buff:
45/40/40 hull (earlier 37/37/37)
45/45/45 turret (earlier 45/40/40)
- same radio and viewrange

British Arty 8.7


- in 8.7, the gun accuracy will be the same as in 8.6
- 112 was removed from patch 8.7, because it needs further balancing
- since 0.8.6, the Fjords map winrate of both bases was 50 percent (no disbalance)
- there were rumors that the new Soviet branch will bring a Maus-style Soviet heavy tank (SS: no idea where the Russians got this from), those rumors are false
- the three most important factors for WoT’s rating system are winrate, average XP per battle and average kills per battle
- the IS-6 ingame has mechanical transmission. A player stated that the mechtrans IS-6 had historical maximum speed of 43km/h instead of current 35 km/h, SerB will investigate
- 8.8 patch tier 10 Object 430 will not have the 122mm gun (Object 430U)
- other premium vehicles in the past were not possible to sell for gold, because they were never changed seriously enough
- when counting cover, two fallen trees count as one (their camo bonuses don’t stack), but two bushes in one line do stack – however, one bush and one fallen tree don’t stack
- the VK100.01 is a real project, based on one German book, allegedly, Yuri Pasholok was one of the first people to get that book in the former USSR
- regarding the Panther changes: “Expect a small buff to tiers 7,8 and 9 of that branch”
- WoT won’t have for example completely destructible all objects, there would be a problem with server synchronisation and load
- in order to pay for itself (without no profit), WoT has to have at least 50 thousand players around the world
- during the hull unification, T-34 and T-34/85 apparently won’t be unified, T-34/85 and Type 58 will both stay on tier 6
- the reason various trees of various nations don’t have the same tech order (for example one tree has arty branch on the top, while another on the bottom) is to make transitions between branches better visible
- both 112 and 113 have 68 degrees frontal armor slope
- apparently, WoT Generals account will also be unified with WoT

Tank Icons By Druid

Load Screen Mod

121 new load screen pictures. Some pics just too give You an idea whats inside:

Unzip and copy res_mods folder to main game folder.