Friday, July 5, 2013

Sturmtiger On Belogorsk 19 Map

8.7 Model Change AMX 50B & M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo

Conqueror Gun Carriage


- WoT Generals account MIGHT be unified with the WoT one
- for now, the option to disable certain maps you don’t want to play won’t be implemented – on one hand, the developers have more serious matters to attend to, on the other hand, there are more variants how to solve this
- on the 8.7 matchmaker fixed: “No comment for now, because the final patchnotes aren’t written yet”
- SerB thinks that the most “esthetical” (prettiest) tank is T-44
- neither SerB nor Storm watch Golden League streams
- 112 was delayed till 0.8.8
- Superpershing changes were also delayed till 0.8.8
- KV-1S D-2-5T 122mm gun is historical
- SerB doesn’t fear that the British arty will be too unpopular
- the moving and shooting penalties to your camo do add up to one another
- in far future (when Wargaming does some other game), SerB will probably stick with new evolution of the BigWorld engine, he said that even now, the only thing left from the BigWorld WG started with is the rendering of dynamic objects
- World of Tanks doesn’t have (apart from China) the so-called “luxury segment” (SS: whatever that is in games), because (apart from China) it’s unprofitable
- Q: “Is it true that the T-50-2 was removed, because it was causing butthurt to one of the developers?” A: “No. Judging by your questions, one of the developers is obviously not the one with butthurt. I suggest you put a ventilator under your chair!”
- it’s theoretically possible that if one tier 10 tank tankes two tier 1 tanks into a platoon and those tier 1′s do nothing else but detrack, they will recieve a lot of XP due to the detrack assist bonus
- it’s not possible to show how much exactly XP you earned during the battle, because a part of the XP award is calculated after the battle itself
- Q: “Is the T-90AM equal to Leopard 2A6, or already 2A7?” A: “War will show”

At the Helm of the Tank

Pimp My Tank


How To Be Useless #5

Historical Realism Gun Sound And Engine Sound Mod 8.6 (Updated)

Updated version of historical realism gun's and engine sound mod 8.6 from Gnomefather. All files are ready for installation, just open (unzip) the GunEngineMod folder and copy res_mods folder to main game folder. If you have the older version just overwrite.

Remodeling VK 1602 Leopard

Remodeling VK2801

The Quicky Series #109

Youtube Dream Team - Part 4 - Overkill, Ramming, Hugging and more...

T71 Gameplay Review

T30 Tier 9 Tank Destroyer