Saturday, July 6, 2013

Remodeling Pz IV Ausf GH

Remodeling VK1602 Leopard

Remodeling VK2801



- in order for a little known (but real) tank to be implemented into the game, the developers need the photos and projections (drawings, blueprints). If there are no blueprints od drawings, developers will build it according to available data
- apparently, Russian players are moaning that they didn’t get some events/free stuff for the US Independence Day
- there was a rumor that as a part of “free-to-win” business concept, some premium tanks will be available for credits. It’s just a rumor, they won’t – SerB explains that the premium tanks are for farming, not for winning and the game model is “free to win”, not “free to farm”.
- dynamic tank characteristics in garage: “when it’s done it’s done”
- apparently, the T-44-122 indeed will be a part of the Soviet 2nd medium branch, its appearance does not mean the regular T-44 loses its 122mm gun
- apparently, SerB shares V.Putin’s idea that the breakup of USSR is nothing worth celebrating
- apparently, Chaffee will be rebalanced just like the other tier 5 scouts were (no guarantees about anything tho)
- the developers do have the idea to unify WoWp and WoT clanwars via clan consumables, such as “air strike”
- WoWp airplanes earn too little XP? “How terrible…”
- no plans to rebalance the WoT farming mechanism
- a player was complaining that when you train your crew for example from 75 skill to 100 skill for gold, the price is the same as if you train from 95 skill to 100 skill for gold and suggests the XP you pay for should transfer to perks. SerB answers: “It doesn’t matter how well you for example can drive – when you go to driving school, the price will be the same”
- if your T-50-2 crew had for example 75 skill, when it gets transferred, it won’t automatically recieve 100 skill on MT-25, only the new crewmember (radioman) is added with 100 skill
- althought the Ersatz Panther had the US stars painted on the front hull and on the turret roof, according to WW2 photos, those won’t be added to the WoT vehicle
- Ersatz Panther metal sheets (“fake armor”) don’t act as spaced armor, they are too thin for that
- the fact that Ersatz Panther doesn’t have a muzzle brake is historical
- the reason Ersatz Panther doesn’t have better camo factor than regular Panther (despite the “camouflage”) is that this “disguise” didn’t work in real life either, the tanks were spotted, recognized and destroyed
- new ingame soundtrack will slowly be added, according to the possibilities of WG sound department
- the intended Panther rebalance is made to make the game more historical, Panther mobility will remain the same, only unhistorical engines will be removed
- trollplatoons won’t be limited
- the WoWs multiturret mechanism has nothing to do with the WoT one (eg. WoWs multiturret development won’d influence the WoT one)
- the gold consumable reduced price (10k atm) is active only until 8.7 comes out
- SerB considers the situation where T10 mediums and TD’s penetrate T10 HT frontal armor “normal”
- the T-50-2 XP points will transfer to MT-25, T-50 XP points will transfer to KV-1S
- multiturret mechanism, bigger maps and historical battles are all planned and will eventually be introduced
- E-25 price 7000g? “If the price seems too high to you, it of course means the tank is not worth buying” (SS: in other words, it’s not just a test price, it will stay probably)
- on his T-44, SerB uses wet ammo rack, rammer and stabilizer
- no plans to reset player’s statistics
- after your tank is destroyed in battle, on the damage panel all modules appear as destroyed, even though ALL of them count as destroyed only during ammorack explosion or drowning. This is so that players aren’t confused, why some of their modules are not destroyed while their tank is dead
- new Soviet medium branch starting from 8.9? “No comment”
- for now, there is no candidate for tier 5 Soviet light tank
- ingame FV4202 does correspond to real life data the developers have, apparently there will be no FV4202 changes
- FV4201 won’t appear in British medium branch, because it wasn’t a medium tank
- WoT: Generals will probably be available for mobile platforms too
- you get a XP bonus by detracking the opponent, but not by destroying his engine
- SerB states that WoWp balancing is better than it was in WoT, when WoT was brand new
- SerB states not so many people play WoWp, because WG doesn’t need crowds of people to play WoWp at this stage, they are still testing stuff. When they desire crowds, they will put more emphasis on PR. Generally, WG expects only one fourth of players WoT have to play WoWp, because 3D space is more problematic than 2D
- fallen trees without leaves (on winter maps) don’t give any camo bonus

The Battle of Kursk - Operation Citadel

Main Auto-Tank Directorate Of Defense Ministry Of Russian Federation - “Kubinka”

Skin MS-1

Alpha & Omega Mod Pack 8.6

Skin Pz IV AusfGH