Sunday, July 7, 2013

Skin Tiger II

Remodeling Lowe

Remodeling E-100

Skin T26E4 SuperPerhing


- the Soviet Gavalov’s light tank project doesn’t fit tier 5, according to SerB it’s a tier 6/7 tank
- originally, clans were supposed to be named “brigades”, but the developers didn’t implement it in the end, because they didn’t want to explain all the time that a brigade = a clan
- the new tier 9 Batchat arty is called Battignoles Chatillon, even though it has nothing to do with the Batchat medium tank (it’s based on the M47 hull), since the name Battignoles Chattillon is the name of the company it was built by
- China tree was never planned to be built around one vehicle (SS: as in a minitree with several variants of one tank)
- Nahuel will be implemented apparently at some point (either as a premium tank, or as a part of the Argentine minibranch)
- crews get huge penalties for driving a tank they aren’t trained for, because “they get lost in the tank, that’s unknown to them”
- Q: “There are a lot of people noticing that the patches suck and the balance is bad” A: “There have been people noticing this ever since the game went public. The game is ‘dying’ for 3 years already, we can’t live like this anymore!”
- Q: “Some people think that premium tanks will be removed from the sales, because there are too many of them in battles and the balance goes to shit?” (SS: literally “to ass”) A: “I would tell you what to do with your ignorant (in many senses) opinion… but it would be very rude to refer you to the last word of you “question”. So I won’t do that.”
(SS: this is a bit difficult to translate, because “to go to ass” (literally) in Russian means “to go fuck yourself” – I am sure you get what SerB means…)
- apparently, Sentinel is also planned, just like Nahuel. Unlike Nahuel, Sentinel will probably be a part of the British tree
- there are no plans to introduce the “spectator” function for public to clanwars, due to espionage
- too much RNG in some vehicles’ damage spread? “How terrible…”

Youtube Dream Team - Part 5

Patch 8.7 Preview - First Impressions

Skin Indien Panzer

Skin M26 Pershing

AFR - Annoying Features Remover

AFR is just a simple collection of mods that get rid of some of the very annoying "features" this game has to offer.

Transparent Clan Logos:
This mod will make clan logos transparent for all tanks.
No more tiny icons messing up with your skins.

Transparent Nation Decals, Stickers & Inscriptions:
This mod will make all of the nation decals, stickers and inscriptions transparent.

Transparent Camouflage:
Plenty of these around, but have my own version, because why not.
Comes in both camo pattern varient, in case you want to make a particular camo pattern transparent, and in tank by tank format, in case you want to pick and choose what tanks have and don't have camo.

Silenced Spotting Sound:
This mod removes the "sonar" noise you get each time an enemy is spotted. (testing WOB content in WOT ftw)

Author "RelicShadow"

[0.8.6] Silenced Spotting Sound (v1.2)
[0.8.6] Transparent Camouflage (by camo pattern) (v1.1)
[0.8.6] Transparent Camouflage (by tank) (v1.1)
[0.8.6] Transparent Clan Logos (v1.6.5)
[0.8.6] Transparent Nation Decals, Stickers & Inscriptions (v1.3.1)

Improved Lighting Mod v2.4

lgfrbcsgo's Improved Lighting Mod v2.4

Author: "lgfrbcsgo"

Himmelsdorf, Sacred Valley, Airfield, Widepark, Live Oaks, Murovanka, El Hallouf, Cliff

With the introduction of patch 0.8.6 the lighting of the maps "Murovanka", "Airfield" and "Widepark" changed. Since I don't like the new dark looking of these maps, I decided to change the skyboxes and the lighting to create a new atmospheric looking.

Prehistoric’s Dirty No Chat Mod

Unzip to World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.8.6\gui\flash

Icon Mod 8.6 - Riskynet

[0.8.6.]Pogs contour icon mod 3.x Oxmaster

AMX50 120 Tier 9 Heavy Tank - Predator

Skin Lowe

WoT Players Through Eye's Of Wargaming