Monday, July 8, 2013

M4 Sherman Entry #3

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Jagdtiger Gameplay Review


- apparently, Wargaming actually did a survey to find out, where is the best location for the garage “battle” button (up or down)
- Skill MM: “There will be no skill MM. If you improve your skill, you will have the right to pwn”
- SerB explain the “free to win” Wargaming concept, compared to “free to farm”: “Free to win is a system, in which all the combat options (including gold ammo) are available to both paying and not paying players. Free to farm is a dream of noobs (SS: literally “freeloaders”), who don’t want to farm neither in the game, nor in real life. That won’t be implemented.”
- according to SerB, the autoloader tanks are not imbalanced. Although realistically in real life they actually had to stop to reload the shell magazine, this won’t be implemented because the game would become too static
- the tier 6 British arty size is correct (it’s not too small) – according to SerB, British designs were typically compact: “Take Matilda and Churchill as example. Everything is correct.”
- Q: “Will you introduce high penetrating premium tanks?” A: “How about a ‘pwn everyone’ button?”
- Superpershing sale for gold: “When it’s done it’s done”
- T54, T69 and VK3601 further gold ammo changes? “If needed, while taking historicity into account”
- Q: “Autoloader tanks are overpowered!” A: “How terrible. Get one autoloader too and pwn. Of course, skilled players will destroy you while you reload your drum and you will start whining again – too bad, in this case, medicine is powerless.”
- Foch 155 overpowered 1v1? “This game is not about 1v1 combat. Flank him, catch him when he’s reloading.”
- it is known that a newly researched (!, not bought) tank has a certain number of battles with preferential MM after its unlock (preferential as in – you have lower chance to drop to hightier battles), this also applies when for example the tank is bought one month after it is unlocked. It is however possible that during low server population hours, MM overrides this rule.
- Q: “I have too little FPS!” A: “Upgrade your abacus at least to calculator, clean it up inside, update drivers etc.”
- Foch 155 disadvantages accoding to SerB: “Long reload, thin side armor”
- if you have the elite status on KV-1S, it will stay elite even after MT-25 is introduced
- Q: “Arty was overnerfed…” A: “Oh my, we forgot to ask your opinion when we did it :( But yes, your opinion is very important to us.”
- T2LT nerfed MM? “Don’t play T2LT”
light Soviet assault tank with short 76mm on tier 5? “Short barrelled 76mm on T5? How terrible…”
- the plan is to remove unhistorical Panther/E-50 engines, while improving the terrain resistance, so the vehicle mobility will remain the same
- if your T-50-2 tank commander has radioman perks (since in T-50-2, commander was serving as a radioman also) and he gets transferred to MT-25, his radioman perks will stay (in other words, it will be possible to have TWO crewmembers on MT-25 with perks exclusive to radioman)
- the amount of arties after 8.6 was “reduced three times, compared to pre-8.6″
- no plans to limit the number of TD’s in battle
- according to SerB, there were attempts by players to sue WG, but none have made it to the court room: “Apparently, he who has enough time for a trial also has enough money for lawyers, who then advise him not to put this in front of a judge, because the whole claim is futile.”
- MT-25 getting a new crewmember, screwing up the T-50-2 4-man crew with Brothers in Arms perk? “How terrible” and “The switch was announced a year ago, you could have chosen another”
- it’s possible that grinding the E-50 to elite status will be easier, as the top engine to grind will be removed
- according to SerB it’s technically not possible to introduce free consumables and shells for training rooms
- new detracking sounds are planned apparently
- it’s theoretically possible that Object 430U (Object 430 with 122mm gun and other improvements) will appear as a tier 10 Soviet heavy, but there is a problem with the branch leading to it
- SerB is not aware of a player-mentioned Japanese “Type 100 Te-Re” tank, he states the name itself doesn’t fit the Japanese naming system
- it’s possible that free XP will be shareable between WoT, WoWp and WoWs