Tuesday, July 9, 2013


- Object 212 too expensive, when comparing it to S-51? “Don’t want it? Don’t pay” and “Most of the vehicle properties are published in vehicle description. It’s possible to test it on the test server. No need to whine about the price here.”
- SerB doesn’t like the Sixth Sense perk and wants it removed. Whether it will be nerfed or how, he will warn players in advance
- there will be no rule about balancing TD’s in teams (SS: the player probably means either a hardcap on TD’s, or the rule that both teams have to have the same amount of them), SerB states: “I predicted that the next whine target will be the TD’s :)”
- in 8.7, the MM will be modified so both teams have the same amount of scouts
- SerB doesn’t like “mirror teams” and is even against forcing MM to give the same amount of scouts to both teams, as it is possible that with the reduction of arties in the game, this rule will become pointless
- tier 6 heavies have roughly the same balancing weight as tier 7 meds and TD’s
- T-50-2 player statistics in 8.7 will remain on the MT-25, “because MT-25 is a direct replacement for the T-50-2″
- devs are not issuing FAQ posts, because noone reads them
- SerB says he doesn’t appear in public (in media) more (apart from the Wargaming business) because he’s not interested
- there is a developer idea to actually give each clan player some new points (as in currency), which could then be turned in for tanks. But no guarantees, promises or details.
- there will probably be more “special high level content” vehicles such as TD’s (SS: I think there will, SerB is unclear here), such special arties are not planned for now
- tier 4 light tanks too weak? “Don’t play light tanks”
- if you have FPS increase in 8.7, it’s probably because you updated your graphic card drivers, not because of game optimization
- the rule where HEAT shells lose penetration when penetrating (the first layer of) spaced armor, when traversing the gap between the spaced and main armor does not apply to other types of shells
- analysis of patch effects data usually starts after 2-3 weeks from its introduction
- Brummbär and Sturmtiger were considered as a part of new separate German branch
- SerB didn’t get any offers from (Russian) national TV (SerB: “Thanks Cthulhu!”), he appeared only once on Belarussian TV one and half year ago
- WoWp: there will be premium tier 8 planes, but not soon
- for now, Wargaming won’t disclose the configuration or pictures of WoT servers
- the engine sound, running on neutral gear (when you stop), has no influence on camo factor of your vehicle
- captured T-34 in German tree? “When it’s done it’s done”
- new pictures for crewmembers? “When it’s done it’s done”
- will the Panther changes influence all Panther-based vehicles? “That’s a question for Zlobny, he’s doing that”
- SerB himself is testing the Xbox WoT, he owns a Xbox360 Development Kit, but he’s generally not a console player
- actually, there is a (theoretical) possibility, that flamethrower tanks will make it to the game
- also, SerB was surprised to find out that thanks to some sort of Havok implementation, WoT could theoretically have wheeled vehicles
- it’s theoretically possible to implement minefields on some maps, but SerB doesn’t think it’s needed, because it’s stupid to die by a mine and not by enemy fire
- it’s possible that within a month or two, SerB will publish the data on tier 10 Japanese heavy
- currently, the developers are “pulling” one of the O-I Japanese heavy variants to tier 9
- SerB himself didn’t test the MT-25 yet, because he didn’t like its predecessor T-50-2 either
- SerB won’t buy consoles for his relatives (kids), because he thinks that PC is more versatile
- free camera in replays and other additional replay functions? “When it’s done it’s done”
- XboX WoT will probably not have its account integrated with WoT (due to some Microsoft conditions), mobile WoT (blitz) apparently has really easy gameplay

8 bit tales.Artillery is on the watch.

Remodeling For AMX12t, Bat chatillon25t, FV215b, FV215b_183, M6A2E1, Type 62, Type 59.

Dead White Tanks 8.7

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