Wednesday, July 10, 2013


- for now, there are no plans to introduce wheel-cum-track mechanism itself
- there actually was a Soviet artillery vehicle with autoloader, it was a competitor to the Msta design, but it won’t be implemented to the game (SS: too new I believe)
- the historical documents about the MT-25 mentioned a mysterious 47mm gun. There is no such gun on the ingame MT-25, as SerB thinks it’d definitely a typo, the drawings clearly show (specify) a 45mm gun, Soviets didn’t have ny native 47mm guns and trophy 47mm guns were not available in sufficient amounts
- the problem with the wheeled vehicles in WoT was the turning mechanism. Developers were working on one Havok option apparently (“pushing” static objects – namely trucks) and “accidentally” made a mechanism allowing the implementation of wheeled vehicles
- Q: “Mines, encounter – the upper spawn is closer to the target base!” A: “How terrible…”
- no plans to introduce consumables, that would increase crew gained XP (2x, 3x), but the developers are thinking of another, yet undisclosed, option
- Havok will bring more features to the game than previously announced (SS: which was turrets getting ripped by explosions, parts of tanks flying off, realistic detracks, destructable objects and houses), SerB will even demonstrate, but later

- Fixed the T-50-2 tank conversion error. Now the equipment from T-50-2 transferred to the depot and the remaining modules (turret, suspension) are sold by a purchasing price.
- Fixed some errors and mistakes on the “Belogorsk-19” and “Highway” maps.
- Changed the icon in the Battle Score Panel for the Bishop SPG
- Changed the price for the E-25 Premium TD. Now it costs 6700 gold.
- Switched off the Assault mode on the Westfield and Malinovka maps.
- Corrected errors in the ‘Sniper’ and ‘Lucky’ achievements receiving description.
- Fixed collision-models of some buildings and object.
- Reworked voiceovers. Some of the game actions received new voiceover texts. Now the sounding of the events will become more vivid. Also reworked the “radio effect”.

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