Thursday, July 11, 2013


- T-55-64 (SS: Ukraine-made hybrid with T-64 hull and T-55 turret) won’t be implemented into the game
- a new map takes roughly 3 months to develop
- Q: “How many maps will there be in WoT?” A: “Several (more than 4) dozen”
- more than 400 new vehicles are still planned for WoT
- old (as in, implemented early)tanks (Tiger, IS-3) properties will change “if needed”
- Weserhütte Tiger: “As soon as you provide vehicle drawings from a reputable source, we will implement it” (SS: ah well… let’s see what we can do :) )
- Jagdtiger 88 gets engine damaged/burns too much? “Don’t play Jagdtiger 88″
- Type 59 with a L7 105mm clone? “It’s kinda too new for WoT, but generally it would fit the tank generation (in WoT)”
- T54E2 as tier 9 medium? “No comment”
- Superpershing gold ammo too expensive? “Don’t buy Superpershing gold ammo” (SS: as in, it won’t get cheaper, this applies to other T8 prems as well)
- SerB states that when it comes to wheeled vehicles, there is a difference in shooting between them and tanks, as the wheeled suspension is softer and cannon recoil has more of an effect
- Q: “What’s the fate of RU251 T8 German LT?” A: “Its fate is beautiful”
- for now, WG won’t publish a book about Chinese tanks, as there isn’t enough info to fill a book yet, maybe in future (SS: for those who missed it, Wargaming actually publishes historical books too, but only in Russian)
- nations, which actually considered superheavy tanks before, during or even after WW2: France (Char 2C), Germany, Russia, Italy (some “Ansaldo”, presented in Russia as the T-39 superheavy tank) , USA, UK (if you count the Tortoise), Japan (O-I)
- WoT Havok is being implemented server-side too (some form of synchronization) in order to allow for server-side replays